Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. &  Janet Kira Lessin, P.T.S *

      The Lessins establish dialogues and exorcize discarnate, demonic and alien attachments and the subpersonalities within you that resonate with spirits attached in this and former lives. You resolve the distortions in your inner ecology from attached deceased, evil and extraterrestrial entities. 

Spirit Releasement Therapy has been used by shamans throughout human history.  Even Jesus exorcised attachments as documented in the Bible.

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As an anthropologist, before Dr. Lessin specialized in consciousness growth, he studied Spirit Releasement in primitive and folk societies as well as among modern healers.  He studied and attended a workshop on the methods of Bill Baldwin (author of Spirit Releasement Therapy).  Baldwin's method involves sending discarnate entities to the light and extraterrestrial attached spirits to the light of their particular star system.   Dr. Lessin has expanded Baldwin's work to include release of pastlife attachments, interventions and "miracles" by the so-called Gods of Old, their part-Earthling descendants and the gods of the so-called gods.

Janet became aware of spirit attachments when dealing with her schizophrenic mother who muttered allowed to the entities attached to her.  Her childhood home was haunted.  The house contained a inter-dimensional vortex much like the one in Spielberg's Poltergeist.  As a child, Janet learned to confront and shield herself from discarnate and demonic entities who had designs oh her.    When she partnered with Sasha she learned his and Baldwin's exorcism techniques

Sasha and Janet deal also with alien and black project abduction experiences and implants from these experiences.


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* Professor of Tantric Studies