Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.  &  Janet  Kira Lessin

Tantra is a spiritual practice that doesn't necessarily require a partner.  For those, however, who wish partners, you can prepare to call in your beloved as you study tantra solo.  There's a lot of work singles can do on their own to clear chakra blocks and eliminate the potential to create negative bonding patterns.  Many of the yogic practices to master energy and breath control can be done alone.  Many of the exercises to clear emotional, psychological and karmic issues can be completed with the aide of a highly trained tantric facilitator, and you don't need to be in relationship.

      Singles can master powerful tantic techniques, like ejaculatory control (for men) and ejaculatory release (for women).  When a man learns how to master his ejaculation, he learns how to orgasm without squirting.  He becomes more self-confident and a better lover.  He learns how to connect with his lovers emotionally, mentally and psychically as well as physically, which is essential for both partners to feel safe enough to merge consciousness and feel intimate.

When a woman learns how to ejaculate, she takes charge of her own orgasm, empowers herself and frees her sexual and emotional inhibitions which have held her back from her highest potential in life.  

Dr. Sasha and Janet teach the history, theory and techniques of tantra; this powerful, ancient high art form of sacred sexual loving.  As a single you prepare yourself for your tantric sweetheart.  You explore your personal history and discover energy blocks which restrain you from your full potential to love.  You eliminate programming that no longer serves you.  You become the beloved and your beloved comes to you.

       Learn how to communicate more consciously and kindly with your potential partners. Create healthy relationships - partnerships that are balanced and equal.  Create inter-dependent rather than co-dependent relationships.  Balance your own inner masculine and feminine.  Empower each other.  Encourage each other to do your best.

If you can't communicate clearly with lovers, sexual lovemaking's not going to flow.  If you're not connecting sexually with your beloved, your relationship may falter and fail or not get off the ground to begin with.  Sexual lovemaking's the glue that keeps us connected to our lovers.  While we may stay with partners because we've created commitments or become enmeshed with them, we may end up resenting them deep down.  With tantra you learn how to create conscious relationships that respect all your relations, not just your sexual ones.

With open, authentic, kind communicating, you can discuss difficult issues like infidelity, sexuality and how to get your needs met without breaking up or hurting one another. Or if you decide there's nothing to hold you together, you can learn how to move into a conscious friendship and not demonize or hurt each other in ways that inevitably come full circle and hurt yourself.

      Janet and Sasha help men achieve ejaculatory control.  Givers who like to pleasure the Goddess learn sacred sector stimulation using puppets, charts and demonstration (live or a video).  Train lovers to pleasure you.  Experience sweeter, deeper, more intense and intimate romantic connections.    Wake electro-sexual kundalini energy.  Send the kundalini through your body, out your crown and into your beloved.  Extend orgasms, create altered states of divine bliss.   Learn how to release the female ejaculate (amrita) and free her soul. 

     Tantra for Singles is for both men and women.  Attend alone or with a partner of either sex.  While there is no sexual touching between student and teacher, students have the option of practicing together in class.  

      Men:  Control breath, move energies, and awaken your kundalini in a highly educational, sensitive, sensual, caring and loving session where you learn about ejaculatory control and how to become a better lover.   Be there fully for your beloved.  Deepen your connections to each other and experience unity consciousness.  Harness untapped energies and learn how to be present all day and all night long.  Achieve extended,  intense, multiple orgasms without ejaculating.  Awaken to your true potential.   Learn tantra yoga to condition and tune your body.  Achieve your highest potential and become the beloved your lady seeks.

 Women:  Release pent-up emotions, express, cathart, reprogram and prepare for your tantric beloved.   Awaken your kundalini.  Create the bliss that you deserve.  Free the female ejaculate.  Develop communication skills to attract and maintain that dream  relationship.  Free the female ejaculate. Learn how you can experience your full sexual potential with multiple and extended orgasms.  Reclaim your internal Goddess power as you unleash long repressed energies.  Learn how to help men transcend their patriarchical programming and join you as you lovingly lead them back to equality and true partnership.  Educational, informative, sensitive sessions customized to meet your needs.  

  Private Singles tantra classes are $150/hour.  There's no sexual touching between teachers and students during any of our classes.  Our singles classes are excellent preparation for our tantra events. If you wish to meet other wonderful, open-minded and spiritual singles who may possibly want to study tantra with you, join us at Mingles for Singles.

 Healing or Counseling Sessions $150 hour
Phone Consultations: $150 hour
Yoga Instruction:  $75 hour
Add transport costs for outcalls

Call 808-244-4921
for more information or to register for your sessions.  
The Lessins are available for private intensives, seminars, counseling, coaching or speaking engagements for individuals, couples or groups in your city. 
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