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Treat yourself and your beloved to All-Chakra Total Tantra, a system created by Dr. Sasha and Janet which combines tantra, yoga and Tantric Psychology.  

Not only do you learn the history, theory and techniques of tantra; an ancient high art form of sacred sexual loving, but you are masterfully guided to levels of deeper intimacy by the Lessins utilizing their special brand of Tantric Psychology. 

     Tantric Psychology is a combination of a myriad of psychological methodologies (mastered by Dr. Lessin in over 30 years of intense study and implementation in his practice), consciousness raising practices, spiritual growth techniques, psychic intuition, yoga, human sexuality exploration, relationship studies, anthropology revisited and tantra.

All Chakra Total Tantra is a system that blends ancient, shamanic, and modern consciousness-growth practices to help you lovingly connect with each of each others's energy centers, your chakras.  Supporting each other on all levels creates a tantric life which carries into every-day life, activates all chakras, not just the sexual ones, and makes your entire life sweet and blissful.   

With this system you'll prepare yourself for your tantric sweetheart as you explore your personal history and discover energy blocks which restrain you from your full potential to love.  Eliminate programming that no longer serves you.  Become the beloved and your beloved will come to you.

   Sasha, a true tantra master, teaches sacred loving, connecting on all levels of your own and others' consciousness along with his beautiful and loving wife, Janet, a Certified Tantra Instructor.  Together they facilitate individuals, pairs, triads and groups.

Aloha, I'm Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin. I begin this thread with my own experience; share yours on this site too.

Back in the 60s, I read an article by Ragneesh that said if you sat in yab/yum with a lover, and neither of you moved too much you'd have mutual, simultaneous spontaneous orgasms; both of you would climax together. For years I tried this unsuccessfully--in the sense of simultaneous--with a succession of lovers. But I sure had lots of fun trying.

In the 70s, I studied with Dr. Jack Annon in Honolulu and taught Human Sexuality for the University of Hawaii School of Medicine on Oahu. I read all the available books and applied what I learned in my lovelife. I taught Human Sexuality at Leeward College near Pearl City. I studied Gestalt Therapy with Dick Price, Alchemical Hypnotherapy with Dr. David Quigley and Voice Dialogue with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, Psychosynthesis with Jame Fadiman, and Bioenergetics with various teachers and incorporated techniques I learned from these teachers as well as methods I developed as I studied, into the tantra I taught.

I moved to Maui and with Joan Kelly Lessin, taught tantra at Celebrations of Love in Tiburon and in Tiburan, shared info and moves with Lori Grace and Robert Frey. I became a certified Viniyoga Instructor, and learned the secrets of kundalini mastery from Gary and Mirka Kraftsow, as well as Professor Desachar himself.

On my own and with Carla Tara, I taught Tantra for Polys at the various Loving More Polyamory Conferences at Harbin, Berkely, the Catskills and in Maryland. I taught tantra also at Sexy Spirits in NYC and in Left Hand Canyon in Boulder and at Steven and Anastas's place in Carlsbad, California.

I became a Holotropic Breathworker, certified by Dr.Stan Grof himself and a Jungian Pastlife therapist, certified by Dr. Roger Woolger, and incorporated Holotropic and Pastlife therapy, as well as Spirit Releasement therapy (which I studies with Dr. William Baldwin) into the yoni massage techniques I was practicing.

In the 80s, I apprenticed to Charles and Caroline Muir, taught couples-communication and yoga with them and with Mair Simone at Rio Caliente, Jalisco, Boulder CO, L.A., San Rafael. Joan moved out and Charles moved in with me in Maui and I continued learning from him and the many tantricas who studied with him.

In the 90s, I hooked up with my beloved, Janet Kira Lessin and together we facilitated, and still run, Club Tantra at various venues--Honolulu, NYC and Maui.

Janet and I developed All-Chakra Tantra and began certifying students in our School of Tantra on Maui as well as by correspondence. We've written books, appeared on Penn and Teller, Lisa Gibbons, Love Phones (with Dr. Judy Kuriansky)and oodles of radio and webcast shows. We've taught tantra at the Daka and Dakini Conference in Sedona, as well.

We've developed wonderful group tantra rituals for polys, swingers and tantric experiencers, healed hundreds of their sexual limitations and had a most fulfilling relationship with each other and our poly lovers.

Janet and I teach teleseminars on The Psychology of Tantric Healing on

OneTantra: http://onetantra.com and http://www.1shoppingcart/app/?af=991404.com; click and learn how to join us and participate.

   Dr. Sasha and Janet teach you how to uncover the sources of your  jealousy to reveal your insecurities and overcome your limitations to empathy, joy and bliss.  

   Singles: Prepare yourself emotionally and psychologically for multiple partner relating.  Overcome character flaws and foster attributes which will make you more attractive and desirable.

   Couples: Learn ways to relate empathetically so you both can fully enjoy your experience.  Honor, at all times, the integrity of your relationship.   Maintain linkage and always feel connected.  Come from fullness instead of lack.

   Classes are for all forms of relating: Single Experience, Lifestyles, Polyamorous Relationships, Swingers, Monogamous, Gay, Bisexual or Live-In Lover.

Sessions: $150 hour, Phone sessions singles:  $75 (30-45 min)
Phone sessions couples: $150/hr (60-90 min)
REGISTER HERE or call toll free 808-244-4103 office or email name, address, phone, email address, dates, times, location (Maui or your town) 

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