Club Tantra Frequently Asked Questions

CLUB TANTRA, a private, by invitation-only club, after 7years of operation, is changing our format to create optimal experiences for all.  Complete the following before you attend Club Tantra events.

1.  Complete
2.  Complete TANTR
3.  Register for CLUB TANTRA PARTIES

CLUB TANTRA Parties are Saturdays, 7-9 PM on Maui and occasional other venues in Hawaii.    

Complete this form, print out this form and mail it along with a copy of your identification as proof of age along with your payment to the address at the bottom of the form.  We will not process your party payment until we get enough people committed to the party.  

If more than two people are registering and you are sending by mail, copy this registration form for each additional person or couple and send forms in same envelope.    

CLUB TANTRA is gender balanced.  Single men and women are admitted as openings become available.  Registration as a single does not guarantee you admittance but does get you on the waiting list.  It's your responsibility as a member to inform us when you're available to attend a party.  Admissions Fee for the Club Tantra Party you wish to attend is not processed until the group is gender balanced and you are granted admission.  If you are part of a couple and want to attend as a single, you may, but you will be put in the singles pool and must wait till there's an opening.  Please try to gender balance yourselves as much as possible.   We encourage you to meet other singles or people who are attending as a single..  Go to and register for free to find your tantric partner (s) or post a message at:  

Select from the following: 

ANNUAL CLUB TANTRA MEMBERSHIP:   Cost: Annual Membership Fee: $150 per couple, $100 for single, Tantra Etiquette intake interview and instructional class (required) $150, Parties: $100 per couple, $100 single men, $50 single women.  Note: Annual Membership Fee is good for all our Friendfinder/Matchmaking Clubs: Mingles for Singles, Tantra Connection or Club Tantra. First year membership fee is applicable towards classes and events throughout the first year of membership.

 _______  $100 single man;  _______  $100 single woman:  ____ $150 couple,  _____  $200 triad
TANTRA ORIENTATION CLASS: (beginner's private class)  

$150 single man;  ______  $150 single woman

TANTRA CONNECTION CLUB MEETINGS: (intermediate level group, not gender balanced)

$250/10 weeks single man;  ______  $250/10 weeks single woman

CLUB TANTRA PRIVATE PARTIES: (advanced level party, gender balanced)

 ______  $100, single men;  ______  $50, single women   $100 couple, _____  

Are you a current member of Club Tantra?  _______   If so, when did you register as a Member of Club Tantra?  ______________

DATE (s) YOU WISH TO ATTEND Club Tantra _________________________ 

How many parties are you paying for?  ______ 

Hawaii Only:  Would you like to arrange to host a Club Tantra Party at your house and receive free admission?  Y/N ___  

Please indicate dates your place is available   ______________________

Location ________________________  City _____________________  


First Name _______________________________  Last Name  ______________________ 

I am male ____   female _____   *Birth date:  Month ________  Day ________  Year ______ 

Email  _________________________________  I wish to receive the newsletter?  Yes _____  No _____

Telephone:    Home  (____)_______________________ 

                    Work: (____)_______________________ 

                    Cell:   (____)_______________________

Address: Street _________________________________ City: _________________________________ 

State/Province: ___________________________  Zip: ______________  

Country: _______________________

Do you work for law enforcement or are you a police officer?   Yes _____   No _____

______  I verify that I am at least 18 years of age*.

*(You must be 18 or older. Positive ID showing proof of age is required)

What is your relationship status?  _______________________

I am (pick the one that best describes you) 
______ Monogamous
_____   Polyamorous
_____   Lifestyler
_____   Playcouple 

What is your sexual orientation?  ________________________

Do you have any experience with tantra?  _____________________

What attracts you to Club Tantra?  ___________________________

Do you hope to find a date at this party?  If so, indicate which of the below you are seeking:

____ single man     _____  single woman     _____ couple

Signature:  __________________________________________

Registration Options

___ Check  (Note: check must arrive by Wednesday before the event in order for you to be granted admittance).  

___ Money Order

___ Credit Card (CC number, name on credit card, expiration date, billing address, phone, email address (for electronic receipt). Fill out section below.

Waiting List for Singles   

___  I wish to come as a single and I am not yet gender balanced. Please put me on a waiting list and let me know if there is a person available to gender balance me.  I will let you know if I find someone to gender balance me.

Singles: If  you're having difficulty finding a partner or maintaining relationships, you may wish to schedule a private consultation. 

Private classes:

____  I want to have a private session during my visit.  I wish to reserve _____ hours at $150/hour.  


____  I need accommodations for these DATES _______________    

The party begins at 7PM and officially ends at 1AM.  If you intend to stay past 1AM, you must arrange for accommodations.  Please indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of accommodations.  You will be sent written confirmation of your reservation.  Accommodations are granted based on availability and location of the event.  Prices listed are approximations and availability may vary based on party location.  Please register in advance to secure your preference.

____ Dorm Space ($35/night per couple or single) Futons are available on a limited basis. Register early to guarantee a futon.  

____ Loft Room w/Futon ($50 night)  

___  Loft Room w/King Bed ($65 night)  

___ Private Room/Private Bath ($75 night)    

I plan to arrive on DATE __________   TIME _____

PAYMENT BY: _____ CHECK / _____ VISA* / ____MC* / ____ MONEY ORDER _____ 

If your check, credit card, or money order is covering anyone other than yourself, please say who you are paying for and give their e-mail address and phone number.


Credit Card payments will appear on your statements as paid to “World Tantra Association”

Name on Credit Card (including any middle initial): 

First  __________________________     Middle Initial _____  

Last ____________________________________

Complete Billing address on Credit Card: 

Street  ________________________________________________  City ______________________________

State/Providence _________________________________  Zip _______________________    

Country _________________                                                                                                                                                    

Credit Card Number: ___________________________________ Expiration date :_____/______/

Signature:  _________________________________________

(I hereby authorize this transaction and agree to the terms on this form).

TOTAL AMOUNT PAID: $ ________  (CLUB TANTRA Membership Fee and party admission must be paid in full.  Admission to additional parties, private instructions and accommodations require a 50% deposit to hold your time and space.  The balance is due by 3PM on the day of the event or appointment.  This document must be signed and delivered to us in order to process credit card transactions and secure your time and space at our events.  

* NOTE: Location varies weekly.  Club Tantra Members agree to keep the location of the party private.  You must provide an accurate email or phone number in order to get directions.  If you've not received directions by the day of the party, call 808-244-4103 by 4pm the day of the event to get directions.  

Please be on time.  Give yourself plenty of time to find the place.  Refund policy is strictly adhered to, so be sure you want to attend before registering.  The party begins promptly at 7pm.  The door closes at 7:30 with no further admittance that evening.  No exceptions.   

No refunds on the day of the event or 5 days prior to the event.  

90 days or more - 25% of price 
60 days or more - 40% of price 
31-59 days - 50% of price 
6-30 days - 75% of price

Mail registration form, copy of ID and with a check or money order payable, to:
World Tantra Association, 1371 Malaihi Road, Wailuku, Maui, HI  96793 (808) 244-4103
If you wish to fax your completed form and are paying by credit card, call 808-244-4103 and we'll switch over the phone to receive your fax.