Dating, Matchmaking &Relationship Support Groups

Please complete the following application before admission to any School of Tantra programs, events, dating groups, workshops, seminars, support groups or private sessions. Use a separate paper to answer the longer questions and write N/A on questions that are not applicable to you. If you’re a couple please complete a separate form for each of you. You’re not required to answer all the questions, however, the more you tell us about yourself, the better your we’ll be able to help you and the better your sessions and group experiences will be. We have groups for all relationship structures, styles and sexual orientations You must be single to attend Mingles for Singles. We have other groups for couples, polyamorous and lifestyle people such as Tantra Connection, Club Tantra, Hooking Up, Polyamory Connection..

First Name _______________________________ Last Name ______________________ Middle ____________

I am: (check all that apply)

___ male
___ female
___ couple
___ In a committed relationship
___ In a relationship but attending as a single
___ single
___ married

  I want to use:
 ___ my real name
 ___ my nickname      Choose a nickname or pseudonym _____________________

 If you’re in a relationship, how long have you been together? ______________

* Birth date: Month ________ Day ________ Year ______

Email _________________________________ Telephone: Home (____)_______________________

Work Phone: (____)_______________________ Cell Phone: (____)_______________________

Address: Street _______________________________ City: _________________________________

State/Province: ___________________________ Zip: ______________ Country: __________________
Occupation _______________________________

If visiting Maui, when did you arrive? _______ When will you depart? ___________

I live on Maui ______ full time, _____ months a year

I visit Maui ______ times every _______ years for _____ weeks or ______ months

______ I verify that I am at least 18 years of age*. Birth Date ___/___/ ________

*(You must be 18 or older. Positive ID showing proof of age is required).

I am (pick the ones that best describe you):

___ Bi-Curious
___ Bisexual
___ Curious about the lifestyles
___ Dom
___ Gay
___ Heterosexual
___ Lesbian
___ Lifestyler
___ Monogamous
___ Playcouple
___ Polyamorous
___ Sub
___ Switch
___ Straight
___ Transgendered
___ Transvestite
___ Other (Please describe)

1. Describe your existence - your qualities, traits, characteristics and challenges.

2. What would you like? (If more than one apply, number in order of preference).
_____ celibacy
_____ committed, exclusive, living together, primary relationship, one to one
_____ committed, exclusive, living together, primary relationship
_____ committed relationship polyamory (more than one)
_____ community - non sexual
_____ community - sexual
_____ discreet affair
_____ fetish (please describe _______________________)
_____ group marriage (many people committed to each another)
_____ group lovemaking
_____ intimate network (group of lovers that all know one another or know of one another)
_____ line marriage (committed group, all ages)
_____ living alone
_____ living together
_____ marriage
_____ menage a trois (three way lovemaking)
_____ monogamy (married to one person)
_____ mono-poly (polyamorous couple who live together, date others as a pair)
_____ no definition, decide what’’s right in the moment
_____ one on one sex
_____ playcouple (committed couple who play sexually with other singles and couples)
_____ polyandry (one woman, many men)
_____ polyamory (loving more than one in an intimate relationship)
_____ polygamy (one man, several women)
_____ polyfidelity (closed circle of sexual intimacy)
_____ open relationship
_____ open marriage (married to one person, dating outside of marriage)
_____ serial monogamy (dating one at a time, for a limited time)
_____ single and dating (one person at a time)
_____ single and dating (more than one person at a time)
_____ swinging/lifestyles (sexual episodes)
_____ tantra/tantric (sacred sexuality)
_____ triad (committed threesome)
_____ uncommitted
_____ other (please explain) _________________________

3. Do you have any experience with tantra? If so, please describe
3A.  Describe your first experience with mastubation.
3B.  Descibe your first orgasm.
3B.  Describe your first sexual experience with another person.
3C.  Describe your first experience with intercourse.
4. What attracts you to the School of Tantra events and classes?
5. Do you hope to find a date or connect with someone at this party, group, seminar or event?
I am seeking: ____ single man; _____ single woman; _____ couple; _____ triad; _____ foursome;
______ group
6. What is your current relationship status?
7. Are you happy? To what degree?
8. If you’re not happy, what do you seek?
9. Are you and your partner(s) sexually active? _______ If not, is there a reason? Please explain.
10. I want to be involved with my partner(s): _____ full time, ____ weeks or _____ months a year
11. What are your attitudes toward nudity?
12. Would you be a) comfortable or b) uncomfortable with optional nudity at a seminar or event you
might attend?
13. What are your attitudes towards sexual behavior, orientations or relationship structures different
than yours?
14. Describe your boundaries and limitations around sexual interactions with people you just meet (like, for instance, the people who come to the workshop).
15. Do you have children? ____ If so, how many? ______ Are they grown? _____
Do they live with you? _____
16. Do you want children _____ If so, how many children do you want?______
17. Do you have pets? _____ If so, how many? ______ What kinds of pets?
18. Do you want pets ? ______ What kind of pets do you want? _____________ How many? _____
19. Who was in charge of you when you were little?
20. If you were raised by a single parent, how did that affect you?
21. What did you lack in a parent that you would like to find in a lover?
22. How many siblings did you have?
23. What was your place in the birth order?
24. How did your place in the birth order affect you?
25. Describe the model of relating your parents showed you.
26. What did you think of your parents and the way they modeled relating?
27. Of what they showed you, what would you like to keep, discard or modify?
28. Describe two critical events in your growing up that affect you to this day.
29. What was the cumulative effect of your childhood on who you are now?
30. Describe two peak events from your past that affect you to this day?
31. What are the different roles or aspects of your personality that you must balance?
32. Imagine (or remember) a pastlife you had. What scripts from that life still run through your
current existence?
33. What were the religious or spiritual practices that you were taught when you were young?
34. Did you follow those practices or rebel against them?
35. What are your religious and spiritual beliefs and practices now?
36. How do you follow your religious and spiritual practices?
37 Describe your physical appearance. Attach photos, several if possible, to show your many moods.
38. Height ____________ Weight _____________ Body Type ____________
39. What else would you like to tell us about your physical self:
40. Do you have any physical challenges and if so, do you need any special considerations for these challenges?
41. Describe your Personality:
42. What are your best qualities?
43. What are your faults?
44. Are you a jealous person? If so, how do you handle jealousy?
45. Describe an incident where you were jealous
46. How did you resolve your jealousy?

47. What are your interests?
47. Describe your boundaries:
49. Describe your limitations:
50. Describe your expectations:
51. Describe your desires:
52. Describe your fantasies:
53. Do you have any fetishes? If so, please describe
54. Do you read? If so, what are your favorite books?
55. Do you watch television? If so, what are your favorite shows?
56. Do you like movies? If so, what are your favorite movies?
57. What kind of music do you like?
58. What do you seek in relationship?
59. What do they look like?
60. Describe their personality:
61 What do you do when you notice someone that you’’re attracted to?
62. What are the qualities of your ideal mate?
63. What are their interests?
64. If everything turned out the way you wanted, what would that look like?
65. Describe your current sexual or intimate relationships:
66. Please tell us anything else about yourself that you think would be relevant for us to know:
67. I’m interested in: Events, workshops, seminars or groups that meet:

___ Morning ____ Afternoon ___ Evening
___ All Day Events
___ Two Day Events
___ Weeklong Events
___ Certification Programs
___ Counseling/Coaching/Therapy
___ Group Events
___ Private Sessions

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: I would like to sponsor:
___ single woman
___ single man
___ couple
___ male partnered but attending as a single
___ female partnered but attending as a single
I want to help them with: ___ Tuition, ___ Transportation, ___ Meals, ____ Accommodations
I can contribute $__________ towards their expenses

___ I need a sponsor:
I need help with: ___ Tuition, ___ Transportation, ___ Meals, ____ Accommodations
I can contribute $__________ towards my own expenses

Are you a current School of Tantra Member? Y/N ____ If so, when did you register? ______________
Membership number ______ When does your membership expire? __________

An orientation interview is required before admission to any of our programs-groups, classes or events. The Annual School of Tantra Membership Fee is $150 per single or couple, $200 triad which includes your application review, orientation interview/Tantra Basic Class or private tutorial (see list below). The following private tutorials serve as substitutions for your orientation interview
(choose one)

___ Annual Life Review and Introspection
___ How to Really Love A Woman
___ How to Really Love A Man
___ Orientation Interview/Tantra Basic Class
___ Polyamory 101

Event Name 1) ________________________________ 2) _______________________________________

Dates Attending 1) ______________________________ 2) ______________________________________

Payment: Check ____ Money Order ___ Master Card ___ VISA ___

Credit Card Number _______________________ Expiration Date _________

Signature _____________________________________________ Name on Card __________________________

Master Card, VISA, check or money order accepted. Check must be received at least one week prior to the event you’re attending. Mail this form along with a copy of your ID showing proof of age and payment to the address below so that we may review it before your appointment. Call 808-244-4103 to schedule your appointment.

Send completed forms to the address at the end of this form. call and schedule your private orientation interview.
Allow sufficient time to schedule and complete your Orientation Interview/Tantra Basic Class so that you’ll be admitted to the group or class you wish to attend.
Date/Time I want my appointment _________________ AM/PM ____ Phone, ___ In Person

I want to attend my interview:
___ by myself
___ with __________________________________ (name of person)

Payment in full required before admission service, group, class or function.

1371 Malaihi Road, Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793
808-244-4103, www.schooloftantra.com, email: schooloftantra@aol.com