Synergy Newsletter February 14, 2002

On January 26, 2002, three of our dearest friends, Jim Elliott, Claudia Lenore and Anthea Bond, were killed in a flash flood while crossing a gully a short distance down the road on the way to a party that was being held at our home. Sasha and I have spent the last few weeks in shock and deep mourning. Their deaths affected not only our Maui community, but the global community as well, being reported across the world, making CNN and the wire services. Personally I am deeply affected. Jim, dear neighbor, beloved father, husband and friend, brought smiles everywhere he went with his infectious grin and joyful music. Anthea, soft and gentle, met each with deep, soulful eyes. Claudia, the comic, sexy, eternally youthful, ever present, met full on, eye to eye, with an infectious giggle that permeated every cell of your being. They all are sorely missed.

They have forever changed the world for the better. Thank you, Jim, Claudia and Anthea, for gracing us with your presence. 

In Peace and Love, 
Janet Kira Lessin

This issue contains the following: 
1. Tantra School 
2. Valentine Seminar - Satisfy Sweetheart 
3. Club Kama Sutra Tantra Parties - Oahu & Maui 

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4. Report on Zecharia Sitchin Seminar 
5. The Lessins, Tony Robbins and Vegas 
6. Divine Pleasure - Los Angeles 
7. New Community and School of Tantra Staff Member - Vinny Moreno 
8. New East Coast and Colorado Coordinator - Virginia Kallal 
9. Article - Skydancing Tantricas by Janet Kira Lessin 

TANTRA SCHOOL - Our first Tantra School was held January 25-February 3, 2002 and was a phenomenal success. I had originally envisioned participants being here for all ten days, but when that wasn't happening, I surrendered to what the universe was sending me and stumbled upon a format that was excellent. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect the divine plan truly is. We had a core group that was with us for the entire ten days and others who came and went. Like a group gestalt, we used the interruptions of the moment to propel us forward and unravel parts of ourselves. And did we ever have the "interruptions". There is a saying that "God never gives us more than we can handle", and I guess if that's true, I can really handle a lot. Three friends died, we were besieged with reporters, questions, phone calls and funeral preparations. Both my computers crashed, the roof leaked, the rains continued forcing me to cancel parts of my classes. The rains washed out our dam, so we had to use bottled water. My car stopped working. It seemed as if I would burst, my plate was so full, yet I didn't seem to lose it until the very last day. Tragedy creates community. We propelled forward, continuing for them and despite all. I think it brought us all closer and allowed us to burn our karmic fire faster and brighter. We did a lot of work on ourselves, for us, our friends, community and the planet. 

Module Two begins Feb, 15 and ends Feb. 24, 2002. Classes covered: CTA 102 Physiology & Anatomy of Sex, Contraception and Disease Prevention CTA 103 White Tantra: Intro to Bija YogaCTA 104 Teaching Tantra: Individual, Relationship & Workshop Facilitation CTA 105 Gestalt Process & Dream Analysis CTA 106 Life Chapters & Growth Diary Students co-facilitate Satisfy Sweetheart: A Valentine's Day Adoration - February 15-17, 2002 Kama Sutra Tantra Intro - February 16 & 23, 2002 see for more details. 

VALENTINE SEMINAR: SATISFY SWEETHEART - February 15-17, 2002 - Maui, HI - Celebrate your love with the Lessins' All-Chakra Tantra: satisfying security, sacred sexuality, purposeful empowerment, heart- opening love, clear communication, intuitive/intellectual understanding and soul-mating. Sasha and Janet help you recognize, accept, coordinate, integrate and synergize the inner voices concerned with your bodily and energetic security, sexuality, power, love, communication, thought/intuition and spiritual centers. Share your voices and concerns with your partner and learn how to keep your interaction sweet, loving and sexy. Singles are welcome; an equal number of male and female participants will be admitted. Same sex couples also admitted. $450 pair, $300 single men, $150 single women. 

CLUB KAMA SUTRA TANTRA PARTIES - These exciting introductory one-night seminars and tantra parties are held weekly in Maui. We've had two parties in Oahu and hope to do more. We are working on bringing a longer event to Oahu and possibly separating the Kama Sutra Parties to beginner and advanced levels. We had incredible response to both our Oahu events with a full house of approximately 40 attendees at each.

Next Kama Sutra Party is in Maui on Saturday February 16, from 7-? pm. Tantra School attendees help co-facilitate the Kama Sutra Parties. Register early as we need to gender balance these events. $100 pair, $100 single men, $50 single women. Some scholarships available for single women based on economic need.

REPORT ON ZECHARIA SEMINAR - January 18-20, 2002 - Los Angeles - Zecharia Sitchin, author of the 12th Planet, Cosmic Code and 7 other books translating the writings of humanity's first civilization, Sumer, and volumes of other ancient texts, reported on the impending return of Niburu, the implications of its return and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Topics covered in four sessions over a three-day certification seminar included The Earth Chronicles: Landing on Planet Earth; the First Civilization, Of Gods and Men: Sharing the Earth; The Nuclear Desolation, The Age of the Ram: The Gods of Nations; The Day of the Lord and Prophecy: The End of Days. Sitchin, 80+ and sharp as a whip, deserves the Puhlitzer Prize for Literature for his latest novel, The Lost Books of Enki. Thought provoking, stimulating, controversial. I highly recommend you attend one or more of these conferences while you still can. Janet and Sasha received their second Certificate of Sitchin Studies. 

THE LESSINS, TONY ROBBINS AND VEGAS - Janet and Sasha will be presenting at a Tony Robbins conference in Vegas March 4-7, 2002 and are available for limited private instruction and counseling during that time. Contact Janet at 808-244-4103 to schedule your appointment. 

THE LESSINS, DIVINE PLEASURE AND LOS ANGELES - We (Janet and Sasha) spent 10 delightful days in LA with Scott Catamas, Lumina and the Goddesses thanks Tashina and Nadina at Divine Pleasure ( in January. We were delighted to be on on three separate occasions during that time for a total of 7 hours. The show was available for live viewing on the web as well as live chat. The folks at Divine Pleasure host two awesome shows a week: Tuesday and Sunday nights. We did a photo shoot which Scott put up on We loved it there so much, we're going back for more! We'll be in LA and available for a few sessions from March 7-11, 2002. Please contact Janet or Vinny at 808- 244-4103 to schedule your appointment. 

WELCOME NEW STAFF AND COMMUNITY MEMBER - VINNY MORENO - We are delighted to welcome the newest member of our tribe, Vinny Moreno, 25, who joins us all the way from Kileen, Texas. He has taken over as office manager and will be the primary coordinator of all of our Hawaii and California events. Vinny is also taking part in our ongoing experiment on community. We've asked him to keep a journal and share some of his adventures in our tantric/polyamorous/psychospiritual community here in Maui. If you wish to write to him, you may contact him at Or, when you call us at our toll free number or office, he may be the one to answer the phone. Just say "howdy ya'll" and he'll know I sent ya. - Janet 

NEW EAST COAST AND COLORADO COORDINATOR - VIRGINIA KALLAL - We here at the School of Tantra are delighted to welcome our newest coordinator, Virginia, who is currently living in Kauai, Hawaii. She is very familiar with the Colorado and East Coast markets and is interested in hearing from you if you have leads on venues or are interested in attending one or more of the events she is putting together. You may contact her at 808-338-1504, PO Box 841, Waimea, HI 96796 or email her at 

SKYDANCING TANTRICAS by Janet Kira Lessin I think I've gone past the deaths of my friends, Jim, Claudia and Anthea, then I drive through the creek past the three crosses and waves of grief sweep over me. I stare at the creek bed, now dry, and see the river rage, the jeep overturned. Part of my soul wanders the banks eternally hoping to my friends washed ashore, alive and easy to revive. Maybe in an alternative universe this happens. I return to everyday, wipe eyes, choke back emotion and carry on, just as Jim, Claudia and Anthea would have wanted me to. How precious is life, each moment a treasure. 

With new-found appreciation, I cherish every moment I get to look into the face of my beloved husband, Sasha. Perhaps that's the blessing of tragedy, that we may stop taking one another for granted and enjoy the moment. There's a richness now in our lovemaking, a knowingness that the dance is brief. Often in our counseling practice, Sasha and I help departed souls attached to the living move on and into the light. The departed souls take the hands of their loved ones who wait for them on the other side, and ascend with them into the light. Sometimes I channel. 

Sasha and I kept "feeling" Claudia. Was she still here? For several days in a row my electronic toothbrush would leap out of it's holder and dance around for Sasha. When he'd yell for one of us to come see, it would stop, so he never could get a witness to the phenomena. We joked it was Claudia, high energy as usual, trying to communicate to him. Perhaps she was. After reporters stopped coming, memorials completed and guests were safely put on planes homeward bound, Sasha, Vinny and I did a meditation to help our friends transition, just in case that's what they needed. In the meditation, I allowed the story to unfold. 

As I lay on the futon, with Sasha and Vinny holding space, I propelled my soul down the country dirt road to the gully while simultaneously journeying back in time to the day my friends died and the river raged. I was there, in the jeep being tossed in the rapids. I identified with Claudia, felt her terror the last moment of life, her last breaths, then breathing water. I screamed as I realized I'd die now. Images and thoughts of Claudia's life, family, friends, all that she created, enjoyed, loved, cherished and its impending "loss" flashed before my/her eyes. I, Janet, screamed and cried as I relived those moments until suddenly, pop, I was out of body. Peace. 

I stood on the shore. I held Jim and Anthea's hands. They'd died seconds before me. We sighed a sigh of relief. Ah, here again. Home again. It was familiar. We watched the jeep tip over. We saw our bodies continue downstream to the ocean, no longer attached to them. Silently, we witnessed. We stood on the bank and at the same time zoomed overhead and saw those searching for us. Janet and Sasha were yelling to Harold that we were lost. A reporter took their photo for the front page of the Maui News that would appear the next day. A helicopter circled overhead and my/Claudia's was in the cockpit as the pilot responded to the radio. I was there with loved ones as one by one the news of our deaths reached them. I saw them cry, respond. Felt their pain while simultaneously, I was Jim, Claudia and Anthea and we were elated with joy. Our hearts full of love. 

My consciousness left Claudia, Jim and Anthea and returned to Janet. As Janet, I held them in my heart. Sasha continued the ritual for them to transition. "Look up and see who's reaching out a hand for you", He said. "Take it and go into the light." Later, alone in the bathroom, a small voice spoke in my head. Claudia, faint yet clear thanked me for helping her. She said she understood my good intention in bidding her leave this plane, but she said she is not going to leave.... yet. She'll stay here on the property to help Charles and me and Sasha and the tantra movement. Claudia said she can do her work much faster now, and can help even more than before. 

Was it my imagination? Was I making it up? Sure, perhaps I'm crazy. But then again, who knows? I've had eight near-death experiences and have always been able to see ghosts. I've had dozens of eyewitnesses and shared episodes which add up to "proof" to me. I realize that one man's science "fact" is another man's science "fiction", so there's not really much I can do to prove things one way or another. We live on in so many ways after we die. Our genes carry on through our children, our memories through those who knew us and hopefully, our souls continue in other dimensions and perhaps even returning in future lifetimes. 

I'm at a loss how to end this article because I feel the story has only just begun. Somehow in the "ascension" of these three incredible souls, many have moved past the cliche that "they are always with you" to the actualization that they really are. It has been prophesied that humanity would someday be able to pierce the veil between life and death and for me, it feels that Jim, Anthea and Claudia have indeed done so. It would be so appropriate for them to be the pioneers to show humanity that we need not be only "here" or "there" but are indeed multi-dimensional beings consciously choosing to exist simultaneously in many dimensions. I wish to end by thanking Jim, Claudia and Anthea and saying that we anxiously await your next transmission, should you decide to send one and appreciate the love you generate, wherever you are.










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