Synergy Newsletter December 2002/January 2003
Published by Janet Kira Lessin, C.T.I. and Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D.

Kira's Intro for a Bright New Year,

A recent article appeared in my inbox based on an interview revealing Al Quedaís plan and logic about how and why the USA will be destroyed and needless to say, really caught my eye. This article, detailed and lengthy explained that seven nuclear devices, some five times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb are set to go off and probably soon. I wondered if it was true. If true, which cities? And if so, I thought, we lightworkers better get our asses in gear and accelerate our efforts if weíre going to affect the morphogenic field, activate the 100th Monkey technique, move us into the timeline of love and light and alter our universe to the one of utopia. Then I went back to work. I mean, really, what more can we actually do?

Me and mine are focused on bliss. Weíre paying attention to whatís really important, and thatís love, and by zeroing in on our own creative energy, are bringing into the material world that which we desire; peace. When you look closely, our realityís pretty darn juicy. In fact, I believe itís way juicier than war. My theory, based on the old hippie adage, make love not war, is that humanity will get peace on this planet, not by protesting, peace talks or politics, but by showing that loving our fellow man is much juicier than killing them. The stories that follow outlining our communityís journey to consciousness illustrate that point precisely. I think weíre doing it. Weíre creating a world of peace and love, where we all live as one. Maybe weíre only doing it, for a moment. And maybe itís only in our imagination. But itís real to us who experience it. And yes, maybe that moment wonít last. Doesnít matter. For all we ever have is right now. This is as good as it gets. Enjoy!

Janet Kira Lessin

This issue contains:

5. AFTER THE LOVE-IN Janet Kira Lessin
9. MANAGE YOUR IMAGO: Do-It-Yourself Relationship Bettering Exercise by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.
10. COSMIC ORGASM Shiva Phre
11. THE BIG "A" - January 4, 11, 18th Seminar by Renťť LaverdiŤre
12. LIVE YOUR DREAM: An All Chakra Tantric Gestalt Adventure with Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. & Ed Jor-El Elkin, Ph.D.
14. EROTIC COMMUNICATIONS AND THE LOST LANGUAGE OF LOVE - January 25 & 26, 2003 - led by Melanie Sears
19. YOGA - January 13-24, February 10-21, 2003 (Sasha leads)

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1. MORE LOVING LOVING MORE by Janet Kira Lessin

"In times of war, fathers bury their sons. In times of peace, sons bury their fathers."

"The next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community; a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the Earth."

-- Thich Nhat Hanh

Synchronicity. The universe delivered these two quotes into my email inbox today and I believe they summarize, perhaps more eloquently than anything else ever written, the main problem for humanity; war, and its solution; community. Originally humans lived in tribes, face-to-face small groups where we knew everybody. We experienced our commonality and treasured that each is different from, similar to, and, at the core, just like us.

As the saying goes, "To know me is to love me", and in tribe we could not help but know each other. If humans were to live more closely to one another in community, breathe together, look deeply into each othersí eyes, work, play, share right livelihood, support each othersí survival as if it were our own, weíd really get to know each other and consequently, love each other. The more we know and love others, the more love comes full circle and we know and love ourselves.

I continue to expand outside my box and embrace community. I realize I have a lot of cultural conditioning. I know it will take a lot of conscious effort for me to purge myself of my societal programming to get to the real me underneath. Itís been extremely difficult for me to know what I actually want vs. what Iíve been told to want, believe, do, and say. The bombardment of media propaganda promoting fear-based lack consciousness, greed, limitations, expectations, materialism, etc. is quite profound and has gone in deep on many levels. Iím surprised Iím awake at all. I sometimes feel as if Iíve emerged from a deep slumber. Sleepers still clog my eyes. I wipe, the fog clears and I smile as I look into the eyes of my dear community mates and friends. We hold hands out to one another and pull ourselves out of the quagmire when one of us stumbles and falls. We look at our emotions; examine what we react to in others, both positively and negatively and see these triggers, our "buttons" as blessings; keys to help us unlock the secret mystery of ourselves.

Our new full-time community mates, SP and Melanie have arrived. Life is grand, our community is evolving and it feels really good to me. Since their arrival, weíve been very busy attending to business and daily life. We find we do work together well and despite a couple of bumps, I think weíre off to a good start with our communication. However, we havenít taken the time to slow down and discover who we are to one another as sexual beings, despite the fact weíve had two very sexy events at the house.

At todayís community meeting we discussed when and where to have our first sensual date. We also discussed who would participate. Currently we have four residential members of our poly family; Janet Kira, Sasha, SP and Melanie and one on-island, extended family mate, Jor-El. Jor-El recently met a new love, Pali, at one of the sexy events mentioned earlier. We opted to invite Pali and Jor-El.

We decided to journal before and after our experience and examine our thoughts and feelings. I immediately started having emotions. I liked the challenge of the project and decided to get to it immediately, find my creative self; write, while simultaneously going within and check with myself to see what would emerge.

I look at what motivates me and I find I am driven most frequently by fear and its variations. Fear manifests itself in emotions such as anxiety, depression, jealousy, insecurity and stress. I recognize that the four main emotions; mad, glad, sad and afraid operate within me simultaneously in almost every waking moment, but in varying degrees and intensity. They joggle for front position in my psyche.

My community mates, my family, help me gain perspective. They give me my necessary reality check. Each one of us operates in our own perceptions and sometimes our realities clash. We have daily meetings where we often clear issues. Sometimes I buy what theyíre telling me and other times I judge what they say as "bullshit". Life is interesting to say the least. Never a dull moment.

I noticed I feel the most discomfort around sexual issues that involve me. Itís great when I do sexual therapy for others. No problem. For me itís one of those buttons; a blessing in disguise. Often, with great reluctance, I decide to take a look at my sexual triggers since I realize this is where I can experience my highest growth.

In our community we deal with a lot of sexual issues. Not only are there wants, needs and demands from our community members on each other, there are also "sexpectations" as I call them, from those who come to visit or attend our tantra school. Many times I hear from a new visitor, "You must have sex with me." I respond, "How is that?" They reply, "Well youíre poly, arenít you?" I answer, "Yes, I am polyamorous, meaning I love more than one in an intimate relationship. However, Iím not poly-promiscuous. I only have sex with those I chose. I appreciate that you find me attractive and desire to merge with me. Thankyou."

Another issue I often encounter in the debates surrounding polyamory is the concept of what is "real" or "true" polyamory. Once again this is an area where one encounters many reality clashes with those of varying viewpoints. My version of true polyamory that is very real for me is called Mono-Poly which I practice with my husband, Sasha. This system honors both our Inner Monogamist and Inner Polyamorist. In our model of polyamory, Sasha and I only make love with others together, in the same room. We operate from total consensus when making decisions about those we open our relationship to. Two thumbs up. We are very close, pair-bonded and extremely intimate, much like monogamous couples. We are best friends, lovers and confidants, totally open with each other, authentic and without secrets.

With this model, Sash and I have the best of both worlds. We have the intimacy and depth of a one on one relationship as well as the diversity and excitement of many loves. We have our cake and eat it too. When we make love with others, we bring that turn-on back home to our lovemaking when weíre alone again.

As we continue the journey on our high-spiritual path of polyamory and tantra, delightfully, we discover our ability to share intimacy expands out to many. Not only do we have our community mates, those who live on our property, we also have our extended family, those on Maui or neighbor islands, with whom we share love and great intimacy. However, we find, regardless of whether or not we share sexually with those we love, our hearts are huge and we love all our community members very much.

I like to go slow. I like to honor what IS in the moment. I like to flow with the energy that is real and respond from a true yes that comes from deep within rather than a yes I impose upon myself and ultimately inflict on others by coming from my Pleaser.

Pleaser is a subpersonality that I developed when I was a child who was born out of necessity in response to a violent environment to prevent me from getting clobbered. I learned to look outside myself at those who were in my life because many were dangerous to me and threatened my survival. I needed to anticipate their needs and respond in ways they desired in order to remain safe. Sexual predators with their own agendas and those who were emotionally ill did not respect my consciousness and sought to overwhelm me and deny me my free will. Since they were bigger than me and could easily overpower me, there was little I could do except dissolve into myself or send pieces of my soul out to the universe.


Having a Pleaser is a common phenomenon. Many people have Pleasers. Pleasers operate from reaction rather than proaction. They come from fear, ingrained from issues of abuse, both personal and societal. They tend to give too much to the point that they drain themselves. They canít take very often and after a while, begin to feel depleted, hopeless and often resentful which, if not checked and balanced, can come out as anger and rage.

Iím learning how to love. Iím learning how to not only give, which I do enjoy, but also to take, which is delightful as well. Because of my history, I like to take my time with new lovers, look at each moment, check inside of me and see if it feels right. I donít have to have sex with someone just because they want me to. Even if weíve had sex before, I donít have to do it unless I feel like it in that moment. Operating from this perspective, I feel much more empowered. I now realize Iím not responsible for anyoneís erection or wet pussy. I am a biofeedback system responding to the energies around me with total authenticity and truth. If the intention of the person coming at me is from anything less than pure or from an overt sense of neediness, I donít have to do anything with them. I can relax now. I can breathe. Phew.

For me, love grows gently, like a rosebud that slowly opens to the warm, soft rays of the sun, morning dew glistening on her petals. Forced, she dissolves. Caressed she blossoms.

Our love-in with the family will be interesting. I love regardless of what I do or donít do and with whom. I know Iíll connect with Sasha, my foundation, my Rock of Gibralter and together weíll test the waters, explore and find love. The journey is exciting, titillating and intense. I know Itís almost impossible to look deeply into eyes and not fall in love with the soul behind them. As souls, our natural state is loving oneness. While the journey to love often feels like itís new, each episode is actually a return to love which is ancient. I intend to do a lot of eye-gazing.

When I was a child growing up in the 1950s and 60s, I lived in a community. While old men tried to shove their tongues down the throats of children, we simultaneously lived in a Beaver Cleaver world where we knew all our neighbors, every pet and child. Incredibly, despite our dysfunctions, we loved each other on some level. We felt our oneness, shared life together, cared for one another. As times changed and life became more about jobs and success during the yuppie years, we lost contact with one another as we dispersed across the globe. Many passed on.

None of them are to blame. We suffered from multi-generational dysfunction. They attempted to do what they did to us children because it was done to them. Itís time to eliminate the vicious cycle of abuse. First step, forgiveness. I forgive them, all of them. I forgive myself.

While my childhood community was not a community that practiced understanding and loving kindness, a community that was even aware of the concept of mindful living, we did have our moments. Since Iíve done my therapy and have cleared most of the issues from those times, I now look back on them and smile. I embrace those moments and feel grateful for the good ones as well as the trials and tribulations. I realize that had I not lived the life I had, exactly as I did, I would not be on the path I am on now. And I do love my life. With my husband, I not only run the School of Tantra where we teach people how to be healers, but have created a community with a huge focus on psychological healing for our members. Each time I counsel and facilitate healing for others, I heal yet another part of myself. Each time my community mates lovingly mirror back to me my own stuff, I clear it and heal some more. As I heal my own demons; my own internal, personal wars, I affect the outside and create peace and tranquility around me. As each person does the same for themselves, we move the entire world to peace.

My new community is one that is mindful of those whoíve gone before us and lovingly works, in their memory, to become more conscious every day. Humanityís survival depends on it. The Buddah awaits. Her time will come.


I moved to Maui to be part of this polyamorous community on Dec. 27, 2002. I was seeking adventure and wanted to explore deep and loving connections with a family group. I have been single since 1984 and have become increasingly dissatisfied with dating dynamics and was tired of living alone. I was hoping that living in community would meet many of my needs including contribution, connection, interdependence, and sensuality. The idea of polyamory was tantalizing and I imagined that it would present quite a challenge emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. I wondered if my tools were strong enough to deal with such a potentially volatile situation. I have noticed that when people become sexually involved with each other all kinds of issues arise. The veil of the unhealed past creates blindness. Instead of seeing the beloved for who they are, they see the wicked mother, or the abusive uncle. Projections can be intense. I wondered if my wounds were healed enough to deal with otherís projections. Would I be able to open my heart and still stay centered in the face of blame, judgment and criticism?

The first week in the community was rocky. There was no sexual energy exchanged and the family spent hours every day processing, getting to know each other and taking care of business. I began to feel weary about the amount of empathy some members in the family needed and began to doubt that my needs would be met. I gave myself empathy and came to a place of surrender. I decided to use my Nonviolent Communication (NVC) tools and accept whatever showed up.

NVC helps me to be present in the moment and to stay in the flow. It provides an accurate, loving mirror for others. Using the tools, I can own my own reality and stay out of blame judgment and criticism. I can also focus on the loving heart of others when they are blaming, or attacking without taking it personally. This adventure in polyamory would be impossible for me to attempt without having these tools. I plan on sharing these tools with the community so that we all know how to develop the deepest intimacy that the planet has ever known. This level of love can heal the world.

3. LOVE-IN AT THE LESSINS' by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Last night, January 3, Janet and I share a sensual evening with in our love nest, a mountain lodge overlooking Maui's North Shore. Jor-El, a delightfully playful little clown-savant with a trim moustache and round belly and Pali, his tall, powerful lovely short-haired blond girlfriend lounge with the four of us who live together here--Janet, Melanie, Shiva Phre and me. We stretch out on cushions and watch Renee and Brian demonstrate the fine points of anal sex and show us double penetrations options. Brian, a young, muscular blond hero, and Renee (a bright-eyed brunette), gently merge. Jor-El and Pali giggle and fondle. Melanie, fit and statuesque, flows into varied embraces with Pali and Jor-El. Renee and and Brian enter the play with Jor-El, Pali and Melanie. Janet and I make love all our favorite ways with each other next to Melanie. Shiva, our 75 year-old resident guru ( psychiatrist, Fred Weaver III, M.D.) moves slowly among the lovers, sharing touch and kisses. Soon all writhe into in an erotic ever-moving, pleasure-moaning ecstacy knot.


The love-in Saturday night fulfilled my childhood fantasy of playful sensuality and sexuality. All of us nude with nothing but beautiful sounds, colorful environment and soft music, sounds of LOVE everywhere, the atmosphere was charged with vibrations of our human evolutionary energy, I experienced a universal mantra.

I remember as a child wondering what itíd be like for me and all my playmates to explore each other nude from head to toe. I explored some with some of my friends on a one-to-one basis when we played house and doctor. But I always wanted do it with all of them at once. I got my chance to completely fill my childhood desire at our love-in Saturday; it was every thing I could imagine. All of us are already relating on other levels, fighting to correct the failings of our guilt-ridden upbringings and escape to freedom. Weíre on the road.

Our goal in our tantric community is creative relationships that engage all our chakras (our security, sexuality, power, love, communication, clarity and spirituality centers) with each otherís and the worldís. The evening addressed our sexual chakra, which we in society learn very early to hide and repress. Here at the Lessinsí weíre exploring things we couldíve done in childhood if we had the unconditional love and permission of our families. Although many of us did do some exploring, it was usually hidden and in secret and most of us have forgotten. Sexual expressionís the main route to rid our society of violence and many of the inhuman things we do to each other. The tantric path may well be the road to universal LOVE.

5. AFTER THE LOVE-IN by Janet Kira Lessin

I was nervous going into the evening. I knew there were many who were showing up for the double penetration demo and the party that followed who had sexual expectations of me and/or my beloved husband, Sasha. I felt shut-down rather than sexually excited and my Inner Critic was beating me up because she judged that I SHOULD be feeling sexy. After all, I had agreed to this love-in, hadnít I?

I noticed the mind-fuck I was beginning to play with myself. I was well on my way to my own personal hell. Typical Aquarian style, I began to analyze everything. "I always do better with chemistry", I thought, and I noticed I didnít have any chemistry with anyone there other than Sasha. Well maybe. I just wasnít sure. What I did notice is that I didnít have any uncontrollable impulse to jump anyoneís bones. I thought maybe it was me. After all, I am almost 49 and becoming menopausal. Perhaps my desires are changing. I thought about that and said to myself, "Well, thatís not true because Sasha and I have tons of chemistry." Pause. Think. "Maybe thatís the problem", I said to me, "Do I have expectations of matching the intensity Sash and I share?"

Iíve done alchemy before. What I mean by alchemy is that when two people lack the traditional chemistry between them and they desire to enter a relationship, they consciously decide to open their chakras to each other and move into love, rather than fall IN love as is the traditional method. Itís delightful loving alchemically, and Iíve done that several times before in relationships which were quite successful for their run. I noticed the love I grew to experience in the alchemical relationships Iíve had was every bit as deep and profound as the love I felt in my traditional chemical relationships.

I began to relax when I gave myself permission to move slowly and allow my real feelings in the moment to present themselves and unfold as they happened. The demo was lovely. Renee and Brian are extraordinary presenters whose warm demeanors allow everyone to relax. The ambiance they created was incredible. Very loving. I felt free to engage how I chose.

Sasha and Iíve not had much one on one intimate time lately as weíve been so busy with students. As strange as it may sound, we simultaneously, non-verbally agreed to reconnect with each in the middle of the crowd. The audience appealed to our sense of voyeurism, and besides, everyone else was otherwise engaged. The group flowed touching each other sexually and sensuously according to personal permission and expressed desires based on individual choice while honoring partnership agreements.

We experienced a few bumps in the road but heck, donít bumps make the ride fun? Mel noticed the energy wasnít flowing quite as smoothly as she liked and she sensed the energy block coming from me and Sasha. When I looked inside and got real with myself, I discovered an issue I had suppressed in the interest of "not disturbing the fun" and admitted I had a withhold that Iíd not expressed to one of the members of the group. Mel invited the others to join us if they wanted and they paused what they were doing to listen. Using the Compassionate Communication methods Melís been teaching us we discussed the issue and the energy cleared almost immediately. As a result, we quickly returned to our fun and the group was able to connect more deeply.

Bottom line, a good time was had by all. Thereís something divinely perfect about a group of adults who engage in adult play. We had lots of fun as we shared sensuality and explored sexuality in our small group. When you honor your own agreements with yourself, respect boundaries, take responsibility for your own turn-on, let everyone take responsibility for their own turn-ons, youíll discover incredible things about yourself from the process and evolve spiritually in leaps and bounds. For me, each day I spend living in community, more issues pop out of me, seemingly from the blue. Is there no end? Yes, I still have much to clear. Iím consciousness evolving, a real work of art. I wonder what Iíll look like next week and whoíll I be? To be continued.


There are a few moments that were particularly rich for me during the evening. One was when I was returning from a bathroom trip to find Brian, the blond God, standing in the center of the room like the statue of David. Surrounding him were four of his devoted subjects paying homage to his beautiful erection. The only space left around him was his back so I hugged him from behind. Then I became curious about what was happing in front of him so I stuck my head around his side to get a view of the action. Just at that moment someone withdrew their mouth from his cock and it was standing there glistening in the candle light inviting my mouth to it. I have never given head with half of my body behind someone and the other half in front. I was literally wrapped around him. The feeling to merge inside someoneís skin was strong. Someone said, "Maybe we should lie him down," so we took this beautiful being and laid him gently on the futon.

I am learning to be true to the flow of energy in my body. This is a great laboratory for me to experiment with the ebb and flow of the wisdom of my body. The night of the Love In, my erotic energy was not high so I did not force it. Instead, I enjoyed being sensual without expectations from myself or others. I did not feel obligated to meet anyoneís needs. I experimented with sensing what my body needed moment to moment and asked for what I wanted. At one point, I asked Pali to lie on top of me. She said, "Iím awfully heavy," and I reassured her that I wanted to feel some weight. She covered my body in her soft motherly energy. I sense that playing with others in this way is healing me on a non verbal, physic level.

The intimacy of the tribe is deepening. We are all healing our conditioning and learning to be authentic. I am very sensitive to the group energy. When there are unspoken issues, I sense them in my body. When Janet was withholding an issue from Jor-El, I felt distress in my chest. I noticed her energy was not meshing with the group so I asked her about it. This allowed a clearing to happen so the energy could flow. There were other blocks to the energy in the group including those within me. My issues around belonging and inclusion were stimulated among others. I dream of a day when all our blocks are healed and we can merge and play with totally open hearts.



I am so pleased to have been invited to participate in the first Maui workshop presented by my beloved Renee. Our hosts provided a naturally lush and dramatically beautiful setting with a jungle and ocean view and the attendees comprised the most emotionally and spiritually evolved group I have ever enjoyed. (three doctors, one nurse, a publisher, a spiritual leader, fashion designer and yoga master.....and artists, actors, healers, dancers, musicians, trainers, trapezeists, clowns, therapists, authors and many more if I include ALL of each individuals credentials and gifts. The potential to be impressed by this massive convergence of experience and talent was quickly dismissed as I observed the awareness and empathy flowing freely in the room during Renee's loving demonstration of one of her favorite topics and activities. I discovered wonderful new lovers and techniques and reconnected with the joy of Renee's presence as the pleasure of each moment cascaded upon the next. What a glorious memory I hold as we anticipate the upcoming sessions and Love-ins.


I feel my life is unfolding definitely as it should, the blessings of being in a such a wonderful collage of people in paradise has me in tears of happiness as write this. I could never imagine that I would be captured by the beauty of Maui like I have, I love the jungle, and it is as if I am home. The atmosphere of love was in the room, feeling so supported by everyone there, so many wonderful talents surround my as I begin my talk. Brian connecting with me as I felt more and more relaxed and started feeling the flow...watching in wonder the lovely group continue moving in a dance of love and ecstasy. It almost feels like a dream to watch the beauty unfold, to watch the love of Sasha and Janet, as they look into each otherís eyes. Watching my beloved Brian move through the group with tenderness and love. My love for him grows as I watch how he loves everyone with such sweetness. My true gift is to discover such sweetness can be part of life in a daily way and I believe that in this mountain top nest the love will pour out and bless this world just being as it is, in itís perfection of love and beauty. Namaste

9. MANAGE YOUR IMAGO Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Sources: Haville Hendrix's Getting The Love You Want, and Hal and Sidra Stone's Embracing Each Other

Your imago is part of you that makes you feel madly attracted to someone.

This imago (the inner self that tells you who to love) acts like an inner nurturer--Mom, Dad, Sis and Good Teacher combined. Your imago makes you seek a lover like it, so she or he has what you loved about your caregivers. She or he also has what you hated about them. If you become lovers, this sweetheart can also hurt you like Mom and Dad did.

Still, your imago hopes, when it gets you and your lover to create scenes where she or he could hurt you again, she or he will do better than your parents. Then you'd start to heal.

Speed your healing with the exercise below. Have your sweetheart take you through it. The exercise begins by having you experience your Inner Child. This inner, ever-vulnerable Child carries your emotional reality. The Child remembers every experience that touched or hurt you deeply. The Child also remembers times of love.

The exercise lets your sweetheart know how you were wounded and what he or she can do to start healing those wounds. She or he will symbolically give you what you needed but didn't get from your caregivers.

Read your partner the cues aloud. Read anything enclosed in square brackets silently. Give your partner a few breaths' time to respond aloud where you see asterisks (***). If your partner doesn't respond to a cue-sentence, pause several breaths and read the cue again. Where you need to respond, you'll see this symbol ###.

Lie on my lap, facing my chest. Nestle your hands under your chin; tuck your knees toward your chest, so you're in a fetus-like position.

Close your eyes. Relax. Breath deeply, each exhale relaxes you more. Imagine, with each breath, you get smaller and younger.

Imagine you go back to WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE, perhaps 5 years old, but it could be younger or older. Wake up in the bed or place where you slept. Wake into the awareness of your inner, feeling Child, the vulnerable one under whatever protective roles you've already learned.

Notice the room from your Child's perspective. Notice the decorations, toys, other people in the room in which you waken.

Wander through your house and yard. As you do, meet each person and animal--Mom, Dad, stepparents, Gramps, siblings, nannies, Kitty and Rover, as well as imaginary playmates and ghosts (if you felt them) who influenced you deeply as a child. See each of them more clearly than ever before. Tell me who you see and HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT EACH of them. ***

Tell me what you LIKED AND DISLIKED about being with each of them. ***

Say what you wanted but DIDN'T GET from each of them when you were growing up. ***

Tell me, from the perspective of your Inner Child, what you ENJOYED with each of them as you were growing up. ***

Say what SCARED, HURT AND MADE YOU ANGRY when you were growing up. You may cry if you wish. *** [Silently empathize with the feelings your partner shares, as though they were your own experiences. Allow plenty of time.]

What else scared or hurt you? ***

[If you're your partner's mate, read this sentence (if not, read the alternate sentence below.)] Tell me what I can do to help you start healing the hurts you shared. Say what you want and specific THINGS I CAN DO as a gift to you to

help you heal. ***

[Alternate sentence, if you're not your partner's mate] What can your mate(s)/future mate(s) [Choose one] do to help you heal?" ***

[Everyone read this sentence to partner] Let me know if I'm getting you right. You're saying ... ###

Correct me, if I didn't get you exactly right. *** [Finish the sentence, paraphrasing (saying in your own words) what your partner's been saying.] [Paraphrase again ###, if you're corrected.]

[Sentences for mates only to read:] I'll do it this week; I'LL GIFT YOU WITH ... ### [say what you'll do; or, if the behaviors your partner asks of you are impossible for you now, say,] Give me other options that'll make you inner Child start healing the hurts. *** [Say which option you'll take. ###]

[Everyone read the rest of the sentences to your partner] Now imagine, you return to your childhood sleeping place and fall asleep there. Dream you're grown up, and doing an exercise from the Lessins' Relationship & Tantra Therapy course, where I'm holding you as you explore your inner Child. Gradually wake up, make eye contact with me.

Let my arms represent your Ideal Mother/Father's capacity to love and encourage you. My voice'll speak for her/him--telling you what you need to hear, words to help heal old hurts that limit you more than you want. [Gently hold partner]

Imagine you're small--you're [partner's name]'s Inner Child--and I'm your Ideal Mother/Father. Absorb these sentences in your child psyche* ( Based on Rosenberg, J., Body, Self & Soul: Sustaining Integration, Atlanta: Humanics, 1985).

"I love you. I want and cherish you; you're special to me.

"I feel, hear and see you.

"You're safe; I'll protect you.

"I'll look after you, take good care of you.

"My love makes you well.

"I sometimes, from love, I say, `No'.

"Trust me.

"I'm always here for you.

"I love who you are. And I'm proud of who you are, whatever you do.

"I love your looks.

"I enjoy your intelligence.

"I want you to enjoy your body. I want you to savor your sexuality and enjoy touching your genitals.

[for women] "Menstruating is a joyous miracle.

[for all] "I love you whether you're like me or different.

"You can love many.

"Follow your inner voice.

"Do it. You can."

Tell me anything else you'd like me, as your Ideal Mom\Dad to say? *** [Say it.]

Now open your eyes. See me, your partner.

Tell me what I, your partner, can do to encourage and nurture your inner child right now.

10. THE BIG "A" - Saturdays January 4th, January 11th, and January 18th - 7-10PM - with Renťť LaverdiŤre

Renťťe LaverdiŤŤre, 36, French-Canadian business trainer and self confessed promoter of anal pleasure for women is visiting Maui to present a series of informative and lively workshops on the benefits of anal sex and double penetration for adventurous women and couples. "I had my first orgasm from anal stimulation and six years later here I am leading the way for women like myself who want to know more" she states forthrightly. Renee is a swinger, nudist, parent, lover and business woman based in Vancouver B.C., Canada. The series is designed by a woman for women but men are welcome to attend the program with their partners. All of this experience and knowledge is put to good personal practice as she often attends private parties or visits New Horizons, America 's Top Lifestyle premises, located in Seattle, Washington.

. "I feel the time is right to present my new informal workshop. I have years of positive healthy experience in the matter and I have put all of this into a fun, informative and pleasurable program that answers all the questions and lovingly shows the way." says Renee. The initial public session runs about seventy minutes, including a short break. Topics include "never too much preparation", "safety", "why?","good health","is this taboo for you?", "it's different for girls","the "A" spot VS the "G" spot", "how is this possible?", "trust, power exchange and intimacy" and "what's next" . The information session is followed by a q and a and a demonstration of a double penetration (if suitable volunteer partners are available). This is a lively, warm, fun, straightforward, factual and exciting forum that promises to spark up the bedroom activity of all attendees.

For the first time in Maui there will be three public sessions on Saturdays January 4th, January 11th, and January 18th. Each session will build upon the information presented in the previous one. It is suggested that participants attend all three for maximum benefit but it is not mandatory. Renee is also available for private educational coaching appointments. These entertaining sessions are being co-presented by SCHOOL OF TANTRA, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 96793(808) 244-4103 (Maui office) , (808) 242-7021 (fax) 1-(877) 244-4103 (toll free voice mail) or Contact Renee directly at

11. COSMIC ORGASM by Shiva Phre (Fred Weaver III, M.D.

Our connection to cosmic consciousness is the orgasm. Orgasm is the highest, most intense joy available to human beings. Itís an open secret that all know is true. Words alone cannot begin to communicate the intensity at the many levels; the connection to creating life, the root of the family that makes us commit to marriage, the implosion of sensorial ecstasy. The path to higher levels transcending life and death trough the system of tantra.

Contained in the nucleus of life is the orgasm the evolutionary potential energy of all subsequent life. It has a direct route back to the first flash of light that exploded into the big bang and was transferred to us in the here and now, transcending, spacetime. Tantra teaches how to slow the vibration of the energy, transforming it through kundalini (electro-spiritual energy that travels up the human spine) so it can be lived and becomes a spiritual experience. Bliss is our connection to our parents from the past and our progeny into the future while we are caught up in the existential power of the life force.

Orgasm is the grand motivator of all that lives. It has it's own mantra (chant), yantra (written symbol) and creates it's own ritual of worship. Examining orgasm up close is difficult if not impossible, much like looking directly at the sun without shades. There is something almost sacrilegious attempting to look into the eye of this cyclone. Itís like seeing god, as it mirrors ourselves. Orgasmís intensity flashes us into another dimension. Our senses all come together suddenly as our nervous system races to keep up with the sudden influx of all that pent up, coiled, evolutionary, energy waiting to flood our sensorium with the power of the kinetic horses breaking free at the starting gate.

Each orgasm takes us right back to the beginning of creation of the universe. The fiery blinding light, the roaring unstruck sound, the mysteries of life and all therein are contained in this intense indescribable experience that is available to each and everyone of us, separately and together takes us right to the threshold of pain with an intensity like nothing else in this world. Weíre totally at its mercy at the exact moment of senorimotor release. It returns again and again with undiminished intensity and it can also remain dormant forever.

Orgasmís the generative source of all fantasy that leads to startling pleasure. It gives us the will to suffer trough difficult times and withstand the disappointments that may come our way. Orgasmís the generator of love and for us against the stormy emotional seas we may encounter in marriage. The invisible hopes for our children ride the waves of joy that comes in our ... coming. Orgasm brings together all tmespace into the now and at the same time hurls us against limitless boundaries of the self.

God speaks to us trough the orgasm, as we tremble before it's power weíre dependant upon it's completion cycle. At the mercy of it's rhythm, in tune with the universal moment that makes everything one. The chakras and the DNA are all one continuous flow. Tantra teaches us to bear the voice of our creator more clearly through our soul. It teaches us that all the "higher" things in life are equal and valuable to the extent we find joy and bliss.... agape and truth are searched for in the arts, science and spirit.


Our very cells are rejuvenated as we recharge with the electrifying energy of the big O. Orgasmís immortality persists forever and never-diminishing, never-ending. Defying all rationality. Requiring a holy, total, cosmic view to gain a glimpse of it's metmoic path as it ignites our being. Orgasm contains the fountain of youth and universal secrets weíve yet to discover. The tantric path has opened the gate to the palace and the door that separates it from it's biological twin, ejaculation. Orgasm shows us how the two are different should we learn, through introspection, meditation, pranayanma (breathing exercise), mantra, yantra, kundalini and many variations on these themes. Each new master brings forth a unique stream from tins cosmic sea.

Science shows us how the cycles and epicycles have created many levels of understanding shedding light on unraveling this, one of natureís deep mysteries.

The creative process has spawned many bodies of knowledge in our veiled attempts to understand this lye centering experience. We have spawned many joyful creative expressions in our attempt to reflect upon and duplicate this divine mystical power. Emotions such as love and compassion can be traced back to this force. It is possible to have an orgasm from intense stimulus from music and dancing, a little more difficult with visual and dramatic arts. There are many forms of religious ecstacy that are orgastic equivalents. In fact it is possible to eroticize anything in the human experience, arts, science and spirituality. (Right hand tantra takes this into account while left hand tantra relates directly to sexual interaction).

The orgasm has been the bouncing ball that has hit every level of evolution and its energy spreads out across the width and breath of all spacetime and will continue to expand throughout the present cosmic era as the most Intense human experience by witch all other life experiences are anemic. This is the best kept open secret of all times: the ultimate bliss of human existence that can be achieved by anyone is what the various spiritual masters have pointed out as being live's goal. The *cosnogasm bliss is available to anyone who discovers the secrets of tantra.

When we have a new creative idea, it often comes with a flash what we call the "aha" phenomenon we usually experience in our total being. With various introspective practices we could enjoy the pleasure thatís also there. The many forms of creativity are subtly connected to our orgasm and a way of sharing with others, a way of coming together. If you have followed me so far, you can begin to see that the orgasm is not only a metaphor for life, it is life it self and all else comes from this expression of spirit.

Cosmogenic bliss--perpetual, total living orgasm without having sexual intercourse and at the same time maintaining the connection with the pleasure energyĖwhere the orgasm satisfies all the criteria of synthesis of spirituality and science. 1) It is objecttve and subjecttve 2) It is detached, although attachment can lead to the exoerience, 3) It condenses all the senses in implosion, 4) itís part of the birth-rebirth process, 5) itís intense bliss, 6)Itís universal, 7)Itís immortal, 8) one can learn to reproduce it at will, 9) Itís available to anyone who discovers the secrets of tantra.

12. LIVING YOUR DREAM: An All Chakra Tantric Gestalt Adventure with Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. & Ed Jor-El Elkin, Ph.D. Four Friday Evenings exploring the theory and practice of connecting with self and others in the seven chakra system: First: perineum/security; second, genital/sexual; third, solar plexus/power; fourth, heart/love; fifth, throat/expression; sixth, "third eye," intellect/psychic; seventh, crown/ spiritual

January 10th - INTRODUCTION TO ALL-CHAKRA GESTALT - (Sasha & Jor-El )

An overview in the theory and practice of All-Chakra Gestalt work and play

January 17th - Real Talk (Sasha)

In a playful and powerful intimate group, Dr. Lessin teaches you to transcend your own and others' manipulation by questioning, use words that overcome linguistic biases for avoidance of present awareness in sexual loving, give therapeutic immediacy to past situations, future projections and unfinished expression people invoked in tantra, dialogue internal conflicts to integrate conflicting voices each chakra, accept in yourself traits you perceive and dislike in others and explore the function of information you withhold from others.


Spiritual Gestalt provides a sensitive, gentle introduction to self-healing, empowerment, and manifesting full potential, emphasizing connection of spirit and psyche to creatvity and expression.


Gestalt games and pleasures. Finishing unfinished business in life and love.

Locations for Gestalt Evenings

Friday, JAN. 10: International Maui Mystery School. 111 Kane St., Kahului (park in lot between Kaahumanu and Kamehameha, next to 112 Kane St.) If lost, call Jor-El (298-5071)

Fridays, Jan. 17, 24, 31 School of Tantra Retreat Center: Waiehu. Maps will be made available at the Jan. 10 intro. or Call 244-4103 to register.

Fees: Introduction Jan. 10:$10 suggested donation; no one turned away for lack of funds. Assisting welcomed.

Jan. 17,24, 31: Fees: $20/evening suggested donation .


Creative Self-Discovery I (Self and Society) - This seminar is designed to support your awareness of how the "creative process" is expressed in our lives and various ways to understand how the society and self become enmeshed. We will explore many creative ways to develop clarity and focus.

Creative Self-Discovery II (Sexuality and Aggression) - This seminar is designed to explore the connection of sexuality to our behavior, values and culture. Once we are open and honest with ourselves about this, we can use the drama in our lives with greater joy. Insights on aggression and violence will be explored.

Creative Self-Discovery III (Science and Spirituality) - We will explore how these two principles interact and clarify how prayer and meditation can be or may be used to keep culture evolving and our values as guideposts on our "common path" and unique, individual paths. What is cosmic consciousness...?

Tuesday, January 14, 11:30AM-1: 30PM: Creativity, Sensuality& Transcendence $25

Tuesday, January 21, 2 - 4PM Cosmic Orgasm & The Creative Urge $25

Free Introduction to Creative Self-Discovery Seminar - Saturday January 18, 2002 - 2-5 PM

Weekend Seminar - Saturday February 8, 9-5PM & Sunday, February 9 - 9-6PM - $250

Five-Day Seminar: February 24-28, 2002 - $450

Maximum 20 people, minimum 5 people

14. EROTIC COMMUNICATION THE LOST LANGUAGE OF LOVE led by Melanie Sears, January 25 & 26, 2003

Melanie Sears teaches how to talk so your lover will listen, to hear into anyoneís heart, to quit taking things personally, to heal emotional reactions, to be present to yourself and others, to resolve any conflict, and to get out of the rut and into the flow. Melanie says, "Communicating from the heart is an aphrodisiac. Without communication, sex becomes monotonous. This workshop will give your sex life fuel that will turn sex into love and eroticism. It will give you tools to transform painful, lifeless relationships into healing connections."

Monday, January 13, 7-9 PM Erotic Communication, Part 1: Listening with Love $25

Tuesday, January 21, 7-9 PM Erotic Communication, Part 2: Observation, Emotion, Needs & Requests $25

Saturday, January 25: Free Introduction to Non-Violent (Giraffe) Communications: 2:30-:4:30 pm

Sunday, January 26, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm: Daylong Non-Violent Communication Seminar: $100


Learn how to consciously connect and communicate clearly at this weekly event ideal for beginners to advanced students. This group functions as a relationship class and support group for singles, couples and polys. Each week we feature one of our talented staff members who present a mini-workshop where youíll learn the latest methods of kind communications and enjoy experiential exercises that transform you . Find new loves, enhance your current relationship or expand your horizons to loving more. Join the choice movement which honors all relationship forms and come meet that person you've been waiting for or that special couple of your dreams. Dance into the night or engage in stimulating conversation. Join the magical mix of the Conscious Connection where adults of all ages, preferences and persuasions meet to enjoy the music and company of other like-minded people. Let your hair down and allow the Maui moon atmosphere transform the evening into an unforgettable moment in time. $50 week or save by registering and prepaying $250/10 weeks. For more details see our web site or call 808-244-4103.


Merge romance and fantasy in the surroundings of a safe and sensual environment at this advanced experiential parties for singles, couples, polys or playcouples. Join us at our clothes-optional, private home with seminar space and vacation rental suites in the West Maui Mountains (minutes from the Airport) for Tantra Connection--structured parties for adults of all ages, preferences and persuasions. Beginners, seasoned practitioners and singles enjoy Tantra Connection Parties, where you meet to enjoy the music and company of other like-minded people. Tantra Connection acts as both a dating service and support groups for singles, polys and lifestyle couples exploring tantra and alternative relations. A typical Saturday-night party starts with ice-breakers: friendly, playful conversations, boundary-setting techniques and light energy exchanging opportunities. You get to know others as people and connect in delightful ways at your comfort level. You learn sacred sector massage and allow your Goddess to free her ejaculate (amrita). Practice with others makes the energy in the room electric, exiting and erotic. Flow freely, come together to talk, give and receive massages, both tantric and regular. Say your desires and wants, give feedback, share thoughts, express yourself, relax in the hot tub smelling night-blooming jasmine under starlit skies or move into one of our private nests for more intimate experiences. Most importantly, come from choice as you honor your desires while respecting the boundaries of others. Our mix of tantra, swinging and polyamory lets you experience fun, love and eroticism. $50.


17. TANTRA SCHOOL January 13-24, February 10 - 22, 2003 on Maui - led by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., Janet Kira Lessin, C.T.I., Shiva Phre (Fred Weaver III, M.D., and Melanie Sears, R.N.

Tantra School teaches you (whether you're beginner, seasoned tantrica, single or part of a couple) how to be an experienced lover, sexual healer, attractive date or perfect life mate. The Lessins demonstrate and you practice the art of conscious loving. You learn techniques of All-Chakra Tantra, client-centered therapy, voice dialogue, gestalt therapy, holotropic breathing and tantra and vini yoga so you feel strong, stretched and centered.

You also:
Explore your own life history to heal old wounds, expand consciousness, and grow spiritually.
Emotionally distinguish your lovers from fathers and mothers and stop projecting inner conflicts outward onto beloveds
Experience (then lead fellow students through) imago exercises to heal one another's hurts.
Rate and better your relationships
Honor your own inner voices and the voices of others
Unhook from former lovers
Mutually uplift yourself and those you love
Free your inner child
Delve dreams for messages
Liberate yourself from parental and societal programs and slave mentality,
Upload addictions to preferences
Evoke the female ejaculate
Create full-bodied (kundalini) orgasms
Master ejaculatory control
Communicate clearly and authentically; share straight-talk
Understand more about yourself, others and life
Increase your levels of empathy, become self-assured and autonomous
Learn how to turn sexual encounters into transcendent experiences,
portals to experiencing oneness with beloveds and the Universe.


Classes taught by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin, Certified Tantra Instructor, unless specified otherwise

January 13 - Monday
9AM -10AM CTA 30 Intro to White Tantra Yoga & Viniyoga
10:30AM-12 noon CTA 20 Roleplaying and Active Listening
2 PM - 5 PM CTA 10 Chakras & Bija Mantra

7 -9PM CTA 28 Erotic Communication Part 1: Loving Listening (Melanie Sears)

January 14 - Tuesday
11 AM - 12:15PM CTA 30 Yoga: Breath, Inner Holds, Posture Sequencing
12:15 - 1:45 AM Visualization & Check-in

1:45 - 3PMCTA 304 Creativity, Sensuality & Transcendence, Part 1 (Shiva Phre)

3 - 4:30 PM CTA 70 Remember Mom's Mistakes
6 - 7:30PM CTA 71 Deal with Dad's Defects

January 15 - Wednesday
9 -10AM CTA 30 Yoga: forward, backward bends, twists, lateral bends
10:30 - 11 Visualization & Check-in

11 AM - 1 PM CTA 28 Erotic Communication Part 1: Loving Listening (Melanie Sears)
2 - 4 CTA CTA 24 Imago Healing 1: Heal Her Hurts & Yoni Talks
6 - 7:30 PM CTA CTA 11 Tantra Date 1: Female Sacred Sector Stimulation

January 16 - Thursday

9 -10AM CTA 32 Yoga
10:30 - 11 Visualization & Check-in

10:30AM-12 noon CTA 21 Choreograph Your Voices
3 - 5 PM CTA 22 Voices in Tantra, CTA 23 Voice of Relating, Benefit from Bonding
6 - 9 PM CTA 12 Body Image, CTA 25 Voice of the Body, CTA 18 Self-Pleasuring and CTA 32 Ejaculatory Control

January 17 - Friday
9 -10AM CTA 30 Yoga: Breath, Posture, Sequencing
10:30 - 11 Visualization & Check-in

11 AM - 12 noon CTA 73 Intro to Holotropics, CTA 75 Pastlives & Soul Dramas
1PM -4 PM Holotropic Breathing
7 - 9 PM CTA 14 Tantra Ritual

January 18 - Saturday
7 -11 PM - CTA 92 Anal Eroticism and Double Penetration (Renťť LaverdiŤre)
January 19 - Sunday
Sundown: Celebration of the Body, Little Beach, Makena

January 20 - Monday
9 -10AM CTA 30 Yoga: Bandha Practice
10:30 - 11 Visualization & Check-in

11 AM - 12 noon CTA 40 Gestalt Ideals
6PM-7:30 CTA 42 Gestalt Experiments

January 21 - Tuesday

9 -10AM CTA 30 Yoga: Bandha Practice
10:30 - 11 Visualization & Check-in

11 - 12:30 PM CTA 44 Dreamwork

2- 4 Creativity, Sensuality & Transcendence, Part 2 (Shiva Phre)

4 -6 Erotic Communication Part 2:Observation, Emotion, Needs & Requests (Melanie Sears)

January 22 - Wednesday
9 -10AM CTA 30 Yoga
10:30 - 11 Visualization & Check-in

11 AM - 1 PM CTA 27 Imago Healing 2: Heal His Hurts & Lingam Talks

6:30 - 8 PM CTA 13 Tantra Date 2: Love His Lingam, Bless His Base

January 23 - Thursday
9-10AM CTA 32 Yoga

10:30 - 11 AM Visualization & Check-in

1- 3 PM CTA 26 Relationship Fitness Training
6PM-7:30 PM CTA 91 Supervised Tantra

January 24 - Friday
9 -10AM CTA 30 Yoga: Review
10:30 - 11 AM Visualization & Check-in

10:30 AM - 12 noon CTA 53 Gestalt Group in Nature
2 - 5 PM Retrospective and Parting Puja

January 25 - Saturday
7 -11 PM - CTA 92 Facilitate Tantra Connection Party

Tantra School Prices: $100 per day or register and prepay for a week of Tantra School, $495 per week (Monday-Friday). and receive free admission to Conscious Connections Friday night and Tantra Connection Saturday night, $100 value).

9 -10AM CTA 30 Yoga: Breath, Posture, Sequencing
10:30 AM- 12:00 noon CTA 70 Remember Mom's Mistakes
6PM-7:30 CTA 71 Deal with Dad's Defects

You may attend for a day, the entire week, two weeks or some individual classes. Tantra School Prices: $495 per week (Monday-Sunday includes Conscious Connections and Tantra Connection groups). $100 per day. Individual class: 1 hour class: $25, 1.5 hour class = $35, 2 hour class - $50, 2.5 hour class = $65, 3 hour class = $75

* Free classes

19. YOGA January 13-24, 2003, 9-10:30 AM on Maui - Led by Sasha, who's a Certified Viniyoga Instructor. 90 minutes nearly continuous slow-motion stretching, strengthening, breathing and meditation. Beginners & seasoned students welcome. Learn movements, postures and counterpostures to activate each chakra.. $10 each class. Call 244-4103

Janet & Sasha lead. In this class, you learn how to help a women open all chakras as you communicate kindly and effectively, heal their wounds, remove their (and your) limits to loving in connected lovemaking rituals that bring
consciousness to lovemaking, where lovemaking heightens your spiritual awareness. The Lessins demonstrate how to give women the mind-blowing amrita (female ejaculate) orgasm. 11AM - 8:00 PM. $100 per person. See

21. FACULTY BIOGRAPHIES Kira Lessin, with her husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin, owns the School of Tantra, an educational, healing & spiritual growth center in Maui, HI. Janet, tantrica, author, counselor and web guru, frequently contributes to Loving More and has appeared on John Walsh, Leeza, Talk or Walk, Time Zone International, Inside Edition, Extra and in Time, Hustler & Penthouse discussing tantra and polyamory. She lives in a polyamorous/tantric community, an experiment in consciousness with a strong focus on kind communication and psychospiritual healing which she hopes will create more loving paradigms for family and relationships. She's the co-author of How to Really Love a Woman and the PolyTantra Puja and is currently writing book one of a three-part auto-biographical novel, The Dance of the Souls. She's working on two new web sites: and which will be completed Winter 2003. You may contact her at or 808-244-4103.

SASHA LESSIN, PH.D. (U.C.L.A.), Dean, School of Tantra: a psychotherapist and relationship counselor since the 1970s, helps people agree, compromise and work out their differences. He's studied counseling with Drs. Irv Katz and David Quigley (Hypnotherapy), Stan Grof (Holotropic Breathing), Roger Woolger (Jungian Past Life Regression), William Baldwin (Spirit Releasement) and Hal and Sidra Stone (Voice Dialogue) Heís certified as a yoga instructor by Gary Kraftsow, M.A. (Viniyoga). Sasha helps lovers resolve their differences, work things out, compromise, create win-win scenarios and re-connect emotionally. Heís studied tantra/sacred loving with Lori Grace and Charles and Caroline Muir from whom he learned how to teach people to connect sexually. He lives and loves with his wonderful wife, Janet Kira Lessin and their extended family in their home/school/community/spiritual growth center in Maui. You may contact him at 808-244-4103.

ED JOR-EL ELKIN , PH.D. (Psychology, Tufts University ,1961), was a founding member of the Gestalt Institute of Washington, D.C..He trained in 1969 with Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy. He has been a trainer and psychotherapist since 1970 when he founded "Transpersonal Gestalt" as an explicitly spiritual variation on traditional Gestalt. In private practice on Maui since 1989, he combines Gestalt with Expressive Arts Therapies.Ed Jor-El Elkin , Ph.D. (Psychology, Tufts University ,1961), was a founding member of the Gestalt Institute of Washington, D.C..He trained in 1969 with Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy. He has been a trainer and psychotherapist since 1970 when he founded "Transpersonal Gestalt" as an explicitly spiritual variation on traditional Gestalt. In private practice on Maui since 1989, he combines Gestalt with Expressive Arts Therapies. Website: < >

MELANIE SEARS has been studying Compassionate Communications since 1991. She is an official trainer for the Center For Nonviolent Communication. Melanie has been a speaker at the National Montessori Convention (1998), The California Drop Out Prevention Convention (1999), The San Diego ICU Nurses Convention (2000), the California Hospice Convention (2002) and Building Latina Success conference. She has given workshops at hospitals, nursing agencies, hospices, doctor offices, businesses and churches. Melanie coaches individuals and couples in the process of Compassionate Communications. Melanie has published an article in Home Health Nurse magazine and a dialogue in the book, Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Compassion. Melanieís classes have been described as entertaining, enlightening, and essential for a fulfilling life. Melanie teaches how to talk so your lover will listen, to hear into anyone's heart, to quit taking things personally, to heal emotional reactions, to be present to yourself and others, to resolve any conflict, and to get out of the rut and into the flow. Melanie says, "Communicating from the heart is an aphrodisiac. Without communication, sex becomes monotonous." You may contact her at

FRED WEAVER III, M.D.(SHIVA PHRE) S.P. - It is with great pride that we welcome S.P. He is indeed a blessing and has made himself right at home. He moved here with two bags from Marina Del Rey, CA and is 75 years young. Has a rich and unusual history. He retired from psychiatry in 1995 and devoted his time since then writing and meditating on the tantric path. He completed his psychiatric residency at UCLA in 1959 and was in the Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute from 1958 until 1962.

He founded the Institute for Creative Living in Los Angeles in 1963 and saw a number of creative people in music, the visual and dramatic arts writers and film producers. He has won many awards for his work and theories about the creative process. He was awarded a medal for his theory " The Natural and Human Creative Process" at the Seventh International Congress of Social Psychiatry in Lisbon, Portugal, Oct 8, 1978.

He has been appointed Professor of Tantric Studies and founding Director of Creative Studies for the School of Tantra and assistant Director of our polyamarous community. Dr. Weaver has a vast background in teaching, having taught at five medical colleges and was an adjunct professor at union, graduate school west in San Francisco, CA. He has also been studying and using tantra in his life since 1973, when he was initiated by Siva Ananda on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. He has attended workshops with Muktiananda, Satichida-Nanda and Krishnamurti.

He has authored four books and a fifth one is being edited: a book of poetry to creators, creative self-discovery, Vols I, II, III, (a trilogy) and creative cosmic consciousness is being edited. He has written poetry and many articles on creativity and spirituality for professional and lay magazines. He created the creative self-discovery seminars in La Jolla, CA in 1. And in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1989. We are indeed fortunate he has chosen to live with us.
He was married twice and has four creative, adult, loving, children by his first wife and one granddaughter. He had a Shakti, Karma, for the last seventeen years. His website is and you may reach him at

All the counselors listed in this newsletter are available for private sessions. Please contact them at their email addresses or private phone numbers listed above to schedule an appointment. To register for any of our seminars, playshops, parties or programs, contact our office at 808-244-4103.


Coming Soon:

World Tantra Association:

Tantra Theosophical Society:

Tantra Connection:

Tantra School Prices: $100 per day or register and prepay for a week of Tantra School, $495 per week (Monday-Friday) and receive free admission to Conscious Connections Friday night and Tantra Connection Saturday night, $100 value).

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School of Tantra, 1371 Malaihi Road, Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793
Janet Kira & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.
808-244-4103 (office), 877-244-4103 (voice mail)

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