Synergy Newsletter July 2003
Published by Janet Kira Lessin, C.T.I. and Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D.

Janet’s Intro:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I think this past month has been the wildest ride yet that I’ve had with poly community. Keep in mind, polyamory’s way different and much easier (in my opinion) than poly community. While I’m still holding the sacred vision for my divine, poly, utopian community, I think I need to set firmer boundaries about who I invite into my home to break bread and share quarters. I’ve felt a lot of pain, sure, but I’ve learned a lot. I’m optimistic and excited to the point I’m about to burst as Sasha and I begin our summer tour, confident that I’ve refined my poly recipe and will bring home the perfect ingredients to complete my poly mixture (maybe just in time for World Orgasm Day!).

Polyamory Blossoms is an article written by me that chronicles my most recent adventures in polyamory. Many of you have been following my story for years. I appreciate your support, for while I may not see you or speak to your personally, I feel your love, for which I am grateful. I feel as though I have a thousand midwives helping me as I prepare to give birth to a new paradigm for relationships and you support me as I experience each contraction. Bear down hard now as I think it’s coming out, feet first!

What makes my life especially interesting is not only am I living the experiment, but as counselors who specialize in polyamory, Sasha and I hear all the stories. We work with high drama on many fronts, both personal and professional. Sometimes I feel a bit burned out, but I keep on keeping on as I recognize polyamory is a high spiritual path and a perfect way to reach enlightenment.

Hang onto your hats. This summer’s promising to be incredible. I read on the cover of one of those zines at the grocery checkout that Nostradamous predicts WWIII begins the end of this August. Seems like we’re all being called upon to be a bunch of Luke Skywalkers fighting the Death Star who’s assumed the shape of the New World Order. I’ve always known on a deep soul level that there’s a strong connection between tantra, polyamory and metaphysics, especially UFO’s. For years I’ve been trying to verbalize the logic of that link and it just seems to be stuck in my throat. Lately I’ve been connecting with some of the most enlightened people on the planet who’ve done the research and are ready to reveal all. The connection between tantra, time travel, synchronicity and UFO’s is eloquently revealed in "Synchronicity and the Tao" an astonishing article by world-renown author, Peter Moon. Read Peter’s books and you’ll never be the same.

One of the Montauk boys that Peter writes about is Stewart Swerdlow. Stewart’s responded to our pleas and is coming to Maui July 11-13 to wake us up fully in a weekend seminar called "The Language of Hyperspace and DNA Level 1". This is one I’m sure you’ll never forget. Don’t miss it.

This week’s Newsweek focuses on the breakdown of sexuality in marriages. Anyone who reads our newsletter knows those folks just haven’t discovered tantra and polyamory! Sasha explores healthy options in his article, "Tantra, Rx For Limp Sex Life".

Join us this summer and I share our secrets to bliss. We’ve been together six years now and Sasha’s almost 63. Statistically our lovelife should be limp and almost dead. But anyone who’s visited us lately will attest that the Lessins have an incredibly deep, full, happy and healthy sex life, full of intense love, intimacy and romance. Sasha and I counsel thousands annually on how to keep your life juicy in private sessions, in groups, seminars and tantra school, here in Maui and around the globe. We help people find love and once found, keep their relationships alive, sexy, healthy and most important, make them last. We’d love to help you. See you this summer.

Mahalo and Blessings,
Janet Kira Lessin

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This issue contains:

1. POLYAMORY BLOSSOMS - Janet Kira Lessin
2. TANTRA, Rx FOR LIMP SEX LIFE Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.
5. TANTRA, HEART TALK & FUN FOR POLYS Loving More Pre-conference Intensive July 24 -25 - HARBIN, CA
8 WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS CONFERENCE - Celebrate World Peace Win For All first 14 days of every August
9. WORLD ORGASM DAY - August 12, 2003
10. TANTRACONNECTION.COM Janet’s Synergistic Dating, Mating, Relating, Co-Creating Networking Site
17. SPARK GROUP, MINGLES FOR SINGLES & TANTRA CONNECTION - Weekly groups at the School of Tantra, Maui, HI


1.  POLYAMORY BLOSSOMS by Janet Kira Lessin

"Don’t should all over yourself", I added as my favorite saying on my AOL profile in 1995. The wisdom and power of not "shoulding" has followed me ever since. For me "shoulds" personify judgments, evaluations and the "need to fix" what is most often not broken in the first place. I cringe when I hear shoulds, either directed towards me or coming out of my own mouth.

I witnessed the pain of shoulds in a relationship between a housemate (Marsha) and her new lover (Lionel). I saw the difference between the kind and loving treatment I received from my husband, Sasha when I was learning the ropes of polyamory and the shoulds bouncing between Marsha and Lionel when Lionel, the supposed poly expert, attempted to teach Marsha the "rules of polyamory".

Marsha, in reaction to Lionel’s rules, shoulded all over herself. She proclaimed she shouldn’t be jealous, controlling, manipulating, petty, childish, impatient, cruel, unkind. Then she violated every one of the shoulds. I thought she "should" be kinder to herself, as she’s human and a pioneer overcoming centuries of cultural programming.

I saw Lionel with his attitude of superiority, shoulding all over Marsha. He bragged he’s more evolved, free of jealousy, limitations and conditioning of society. Marsha should get off of it, grow up and be more evolved like him. "After all, Marsha, you’re poly, aren’t you?". If she expressed jealousy, he judged her.

Nine weeks ago Marsha and Lionel met at a School of Tantra communication class. Lionel’s the most polyamorous person you’ll ever met. He’s tall, handsome, brilliant, self-confident. He enters a room larger than life and all eyes focus on him. Most women drool over him, wish they were his next lover.

Marsha and Lionel immediately connected, made love, moved in together. They pledged a no-holds-barred, open, polyamorous relationship with no limits on who, when and where they loved. Many couples in open relationships make similar pledges but most have a "tell me first before you make love" policy. But not Lionel and Marsha. Theirs was the most radical poly pledge I’ve heard–especially since they’d just moved in together. They promised to clear the crap from their psyches and relate consciously. However Marsha’s jealous fears soon emerged. The clash between the attitudes and emotions of her cultural conditioning and the reality of her watching Lionel in bed with Jacqueline without Marsha’s prior knowledge caused Marsha’s green-eyed monster of jealousy to rear its ugly head in Marsha.

Things began to rapidly disintegrate between Marsha and Lionel when Lionel watched the movie Gandhi and launched himself on a quest for spiritual purity and pledged celibacy until he created world peace. He remained celibate for three weeks. But then as Marsha--crushed–watched in horror mixed with frustrated lust as Lionel chased and temporarily snared Jacqueline.

Jacqueline, a new Tantra School student who also came to explore joining our polyamorous community, was recovering from the realization that she was in love with her ex, Kevin, and Kevin didn’t care. She wasn’t in love with Lionel; she was curious, mysteriously entranced by his charisma and charm. Their tryst created trauma for everyone around them. Wistful Walter, a visiting student obviously in love with Jacqueline, watched silently whining, pining, broken-hearted as he witnessed her wanton ways. Each person, in love with another who was in love with someone else an endless circle of unrequited love which twisted, turned and sickeningly twined into one huge knot. Paradise’s Peyton Place ended like some sick, silly soap-opera, no one getting what they needed.

Everyone except me.

I lovingly recalled how my husband helped me blossom like a flower, gently kissed by morning dew unfolds petals to embrace the sun. With love, compassion and understanding, Sasha never made me wrong for my hesitancy, reluctance and fear. He allowed my emotions full expression, all voiced in total authenticity even if they were loud or angry. He held sacred space for me as I released deeply repressed pain in furious, explosive bursts of movement and sound, crying and screaming until pain lost all power over my being. Like a mother writhing in contraction Sasha acted as my midwife as I gave birth to a new, free, alive, joyous me.

Not everyone’s blessed to have a husband who’s a psychological counselor, highly trained and prepared for a wounded child like me--a spouse who’s both a tantra master and has been polyamorous all his life. Sasha knew how to lead me, with the love, patience and kindness I needed to give birth to the me I always wanted to be without going crazy or suiciding. Thank God I had the wisdom to follow his gentle guidance.

Sasha brought me back from the deepest depth of despair. He helped me recover from two long-term, failed monogamous marriages and a four-year, extremely dysfunctional live-in relationship with an alcoholic. I’d given up on love and life. I decided to become celibate. I felt I could not endure the pain of love even one moment more. I believed I was simply too screwed up to ever have a successful relationship. Maybe next lifetime, but this one was surely over, especially in the arena of love. All I had to do was coast on through death’s door gently held open by my parent’s who were preparing to proceed me. I was ready. I thought I was going home.

The Universe had other plans. When I least expected it, I met Sasha. I am in awe, truly blessed by the miracle that God and the forces of divine love brought to me in the dark night of my soul.

Almost two weeks later living with the results of Lionel and Jacqueline’s tryst, I think I would have lost it but luckily I can observe from a place where I’m firmly grounded, securely rooted by the love of my life. After six years of loving intentions and intensive therapy, I’m home, in my sweet husband’s arms, his loving embrace comforts me while all around me stormy relationships rage.

I feel such pain around love’s process when I see people project onto one another models of the "way to be" then suffer when no one can possibly be it. I despair when I see the horrid games they play on one another, with shoulds, judgments, analysis and attempts to fix one another, pointing fingers when the best place to look is within oneself.

For two weeks I’ve listened, counseled and consoled. Enough!

Okay, to each his own. Laisse faire, Laisse passe. Each path is perfect for the progress of each soul, each moment. Who am I to rob someone of the richness they must feel with the full expression of their emotions and the melodrama that results?

I, outside of it all, witness and prepare for adventures ahead. Sasha and I are off to see the wonderful, wise wizard of love as we begin our odyssey in the wild world of poly dating, mating, relating and co-creating. This summer we plan to date four couples we’ve been flirting with. We’ve pruned our list to these pairs and remain open to other possibilities. I’m excited.

I think Sash and I’ve stumbled into the most fun and exciting formula for love, bliss, joy and passion. We stumbled onto it or we’re pure geniuses. Together we play, laugh and cry tears of bliss and joy. We bring home to each other the energy and excitement we feel with others. Sasha and I stay together, connect next to each other. We titillate and tantrically touch as one as we move energies. We ride the passions of the sacred geometry of our group gestalt. Sometimes I’m afraid someone may pinch me and I’ll wake up, it’s all so juicy, rich and downright good.

Armed with creams and condoms, STD test results and HIV saliva test kits, We’re ready to sit down face-to-face, eye-to-eye, cheek-to-cheek in sacred rituals, look deep into hearts, minds and souls, merge, meld and become one with many. Super-charged unified chakras awaken kundalini. Blood pulses, bodies pulsate. Breath shared; synchronized, syncopated. Energy streams, rushes, races simultaneously through all bodies. Crown chakras unite, explode over our heads as a giant lotus blossom rains a thousand white petals upon us. Showered in golden white light, waves of orgiastic pleasure consume and caress us. We awaken fully, pierce the veil and witness the meta-cosmic void. Unity consciousness here we come. Free at last, Lord Almighty, free at last. Gee it’s good to be back home again.

2. TANTRA, Rx FOR LIMP SEX LIFE Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

"Too tired to make love," according to NEWSWEEK (June 30), is how evenings usually end for most American live-in couples, 20% of whom have intercourse less than 10 times a year. This "bed death" is a major cause of relationship demise. Daily Double Tantra Connects offer a delightful alternative to the tragedy of weakening libido and breakups.

DAILY DOUBLE TANTRA CONNECTS Wife Janet and I make love at least twice a day. We work at home and create our own schedule, so scheduling's easy for us. But you and your live-in can adapt the principle of touching souls and genitals two times daily to any schedule.

3AM: I feel a gentle kiss on the lips. But then I feel tickly whiskers and hear purring and realize it's my cat, Cleo. Cleo wants me to feed her and put her outside to pee. This accomplished, I work at my computer till 7, do yoga till 8, then make breakfast for Janet.

FOREPLAY FROM THE GETGO I fix tea, toast and turkey bacon as part of our foreplay. Then, also foreplay, I listen to and expand her dreams, hear her twilight imaging and help her formulate plans for the day. Focusing attention on her and serving her make her receptive to lovemaking in the afternoon.

About 10AM, I ride my bike to the beach or gym, swim or lift weights, and pedal home. We eat, talk, shower and prepare for our afternoon delight-Honoring the Shakti Shrine ( and Embracing the Bucking Bull.

AFTERNOON DELIGHT: START WITH DEDICATING TOUCH TO PERSONAL AND UNIVERSAL HEALING I ask Janet if I can undress her. I tell her what I admire about her body as I remove her clothes. I invite her to lie on her back, touch my right palm to her heart and put her right hand on my heart. Resting my left hand on the back of her right, I tell her to put her left on my right and look deeply into my left eye as I gaze into hers. I say, "To serve you delights me, my Shakti. I love relating this intimately. May my adoration heal hurts I and others caused you. I pray our hearts unite. Meet me, your devotee, at the Shrine of the Yoni Nadi. There, together, we transcend our separate self-senses and join the divine dance of the cosmos." Then I ask, "What words have you to consecrate the worship I offer?"

RUB HER RIGHT I ask if she'd like a massage; she rolls onto her belly and I gently tug her toes, rub her soles and the backs of each leg, massage her fingers, palms, arms, then back and bottom. I help her turn over on her back. I keep eye-contact with her as I massage the newly presented sides of feet, hands, arms and legs. I glide my hands over her torso, barely brush labia and nipples and gently massage her belly--pulling the rectus muscles from side to side and tracing the ascending, transverse and descending colon clockwise. Then I massage her face and head. Finally, I stroke and knead the muscles inside the leg (especially the gracillus muscles, where the roots of the clitoris insert into the pelvis). I press my fingers deeply into the muscles above her pubic bone.

ASK TO TOUCH HER TEMPLE, CONNECT HER ENERGY CENTERS (chakras) "May I touch your Temple of Love?" If she consents, I connect all her chakras with sacred sector energy. Resting my left hand gently on her heart and holding my right hand over her yoni (vulva). I imagine beaming love from my eyes into her left eye. We breathe together three times, then I settle my hand gently on her mons and say, "I love you. Feel our hearts connect, energy vibrates between us. I send you love as I breathe out; inhale it." I exhale, draw my navel back toward my spine and up, tighten my pubococcygeal and anal sphincter muscles and imagine energy fountains up my spine from tailbone, through my heart and out my right hand into her
yoni. Inhaling, I feel energy I sent her move through her heart into my left hand. Keeping my right hand on her yoni, my eyes on hers, I slowly move my left hand to her crown and invite the Goddess of Love to enter her crown and move through her central channel to her yoni-shrine. I move my left hand to her brow chakra. Successively I move my left hand to her throat, belly and rectal chakras. For each, we take three breaths, eye-gaze and imagine we connect energetically.

I say, "I'd like to stroke your drapes and the skin over your pearl." When she says, "Oh, yes; please," I tell her to make sounds and direct me with words; give me feedback. I gently stroke her outer labia, roll the clitoral hood around the clitoral crown avoiding directly touching the crown yet. When her outer vaginal lips swell, revealing the inner lips, I softly trace circles, spirals, horizonals, verticals, diagonals, and figure-eights on the lips. I alternate long, short, inventive, sensitive and playful strokes, softly tap, knead and pinch the hood and labia, then brush the crown.

POLISH HER PEARL, LICK HER LABIA When inner labia engorge, I ask, "Would you like me to polish your pearl?" (pearl = clitoral crown). As we maintain our gaze, I blow on her outer genitals, plant baby kisses and twill my tongue round on her crown, lick her labia, flick my tongue into her yoni. My mouth envelops her clitoral hood and, through the hood, my lips stroke internal shaft of her clit. I salivate generously; lubricate her orifice.

STROKE HER SACRED SECTOR After thirty minutes, I say, "I'd like to enter your sacred cave with my finger." If she’s ready, I moisten my finger in my mouth and place the tip of my ring finger pad on her vaginal opening and say, "Pull my finger in." When I feel her vaginal muscles pulse on my finger, I ease my finger into her cave and curl it inside toward her navel, so it rests gently against her sacred sector/G-spot/yoni nadi/transom. We breathe together, my finger unmoving for ten deep breaths while I imagine an energy-extension of the finger reaching up inside to her heart.

With the finger inside her, I trace a light "come here" motion, caress her G-spot, slowly and softly trace the inner surface of the top of her cave from cervix to orifice as I kiss her pearl, lap her labia, wet her with saliva. I turn my wrist from side to side which moves the finger inside her in a crescent-pattern on the urethral sponge atop the ceiling of her yoni.

After fifteen minutes, I ask, "Would you like two fingers inside?" She nods and I curl the underside of my right middle and ring fingers together along ceiling of her yoni. I move these two fingers and down the transom over the door and out the yoni, with a "come here" motion. My left hand rests gently on her belly and I press the ring and index fingers of this hand into her abdomen just above the pubic bone until I can feel the fingers inside her yoni pushing up to meet the fingers pressing her abdomen. I create dances through the ceiling of the yoni, dances for the fingers inside and the ones outside her. I feel her sacred sector swell between the fingers on her abdomen and those in her vagina. I memorize which internal locations give Janet pleasure.

COACH CATHARSIS If, while I touch inside, she tenses, numbs or burns, I say, "Free associate–say whatever comes." She remembers touch, sex and times that traumatized or closed her down emotionally and sexually. She relives and relates childhood events, pastlives, fantasies, abductions, spirit attachments. She screams, cries, laughs, makes strange sounds.

"Let your feelings out, Sweetheart." I hold her as she sobs and speaks to each person who hurt or neglected her. If she tells me she’s angry at me, I say, "Louder. Let me know how mad I make you." When she’s let all her feelings out, I ask her to fantasize and roleplay a rewrite of the situation. I keep my fingers inside on the spot that triggered her catharsis as I enact her parent or lover the way she wished they’d been. When she relaxes, I move my fingers back and forth from the area that stimulated the painful memories and an area that felt good when touched until she enjoys both places.

ENCOURAGE EJACULATION When Janet recognizes, releases and creates alternative outcomes and we have paired the trigger areas--areas that initially burned, hurt or felt numb–with pleasure, she orgasms (spasmodically contracts her vagina). I make sounds with her. As she orgasms, she simultaneously ejaculates--dribbles or squirts (a few cubic centimeters to several ounces) divine nectar (amrita)--clear or slightly milky, sweet- tasting, alkaline fluid from her urethra into my mouth. I croon, "You're beautiful," "I love you," "You're coming into your power," and other affirmations. These affirmations imprint powerfully as she ejaculates. I keep my right hand in her yoni and hold her close. After several minutes, with added lubricant, very carefully (to prevent tearing the now-desiccated tissue), I withdraw my fingers. I lie next to her, holding her tight, my hand on her yoni.

FEEL FINE WITH 69, THEN RIDE THE WAND. I lie back and we move into mutual oral-genital loving. Janet then turns about, kisses my lips, looks in my eyes, slips my wand into her yoni, rotates and pumps her pelvis around the wand. I avoid ejaculating, I pull my belly toward my spine then up (belly hold-uddiyana bandha) and tighten pc muscles (mula bandha) when I feel prostate and seminal versicles nearing discharge. I save my seed for our evening tryst.

If you don't have time for this full afternoon connect, at least spend fifteen minutes sitting with your legs over each others' hips or lying on one another, gazing in each other's eyes. Let your genitals touch. If you're a man-woman pair, stuff the man's wand into the woman's cave, even if he's limp. If the man has an erection, insert but don't move. That's your preview of coming attractions; save yourenergy for evening.

After our afternoon connect, Janet and I work a few hours, then walk through the woods to the mailbox. I make dinner, we share our news, then go upstairs.

BLESS YOUR EVENING LOVEMAKING At night Janet lies on me. We breath together, then syncopate breath-take turns, exhaling through the mouth into the other's nostrils, saying, "Take in my love, hold it in." and, inhaling, "I take in and hold in your love." I Imagine running energy from the front of my perineum, genitals, belly, throat, heart, brow and crown--chakras into Janet's. We take three such syncopated breaths for each chakra, bless each as follows. We pulse our anal sphincters and say, "I love you. Feel your base and enjoy health, safety and security." Pressing our genitals together, we say, "I love you at your genitals, and bless your sensuality, creativity and sexuality." We touch bellies and say, "I love you in your power chakra; take what's yours." Placing right hands on each others' hearts we say "I send you love from the heart." With our hands on the back of each others' necks: "May you speak honestly and sing your true songs." We join brows and look up into each others' eyes till they appear to merge, then say, " I celebrate how you understand and intuit." Finally, we flow energy between our crowns and say, "I merge with you. May you experience unity with the Universe."

ENGAGE IN EXTENDED LOVEMAKING, EMPLOY HAND-ASSISTED TECHNIQUES In positions that suit our particular bodies (I'm 6'1", she's 5'2"), we make love. When Janet’s on top of me and my wand’s in her yoni I reach my hand behind her buttocks and press the base of my wand and direct the shaft inside Janet to churn, rub and stroke the inside of her yoni in ways she likes.

I insert a finger into rosebud and move the finger in a dance through the intervening tissue with the wand in the adjoining vaginal wall. After Janet's had as many orgasms as she wishes and drenched me in amrita, she asks me to roll over on her and release my seed as I look in her eyes. We make ever-louder exclamations then roar like lions as I squirt. I remain inserted several minutes, then kiss her lips, whisper words of love, invite Cleo the cat onto the bed, read a little Zecharia Sitchin, then sleep.


Many years ago, in the 1970's, there was a magician (meaning he practiced the Western Tradition of Tantra) by the name of Kenneth Grant who predicted the unveiling of the "space-time projects." He stated that a considerable amount of machinery would be found to be associated with these.

What exactly is a space-time project? It has everything to do with the idea that space and time are not only constructs of consciousness but that there are entire bodies of "personnel" or creatures who are dedicated toward keeping this universe in tact as we know it. While you all might be familiar with gnomes and aethyric spirits who keep the clouds and ecostructure in tact, we are talking about something very different here.

Due to various circumstances, and much to my surprise, I found myself thrust into the middle of Kenneth Grant's prediction when I became involved with a few gentlemen who have claimed to have been involved in two space-time projects that have now become a part of the mythos of our culture: the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the role of telling these incredible tales was thrust upon me, and I became an author literally over night.

The Montauk Project is a blend of incredible legend and archetypal mythology mixed with certain irrefutable documented facts. The legend primarily concerns the experiences of Preston Nichols, but it revolves around the idea that the Navy conducted invisibility experiments aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge in 1943 by utilizing degaussing coils in such a way as to

cancel the magnetic field around the ship. The experiment, which is now known as The Philadelphia Experiment because it occurred in the Philadelphia Naval Yard, was wildly successful. It not only cancelled the magnetic field, but it cancelled out the entire electromagnetic spectrum as well. The ship became invisible but it also caused bizarre disturbances in the space-time continuum. The primary casualties were the sailors. Some suffered spontaneous combustion and some became amalgamated within the bulkheads of the vessel. Others experienced extreme horror and psychic trauma.

The study of this phenomena was carried on in secret at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island where scientists, headed by Dr. John von Neumann, painstakingly recorded empirical observations of how human beings react to all aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum. A particular emphasis was placed on the amplification of radio frequency microwaves and how they interelated with the psychic nature of the mind. The successful construction of a time chamber at Brookhaven led to more exotic experiments at Montauk Point, New York where a portal was allegedly opened up between August 12, 1943 and August 12, 1983. From this time tunnel, countless side tunnels were opened up which involved multiple experiments of time travel.

The Montauk Project legend is wild and goes off in many directions, but the basic thesis of it rests on a firm bedrock of irregular and sometimes outrageous behavior by certain government authorities with regard to the defunct Air Force Station at Montauk Point. There are other anomolomies associated with the area that include excess kilowatts being pumped into the defunct base and ostensible traces of a massive underground facility. The more sensational aspects of time travel are legend for the most part, but traceable phenomena exists in that area, too.

Much of this information is summated in my first book, The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time where I served as the ghost writer for Preston Nichols, a man who is unparalleled on the planet for his understanding and competence in the field of electromagnetics. As I became personally involved with the investigation of this phenomena, I began to experience the principle of synchronicity in a rather unparalleled fashion. It soon led me to the door of Marjorie Cameron, the last living participant in what was known as the Babalon Working, a 1946 ritual which has been hailed by some as the greatest sex magick working of the century. This ritual was devised by Jack Parsons, one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and was devised to incarnate the Goddess Babalon so as to overthrow the rapacious patriarchal structure that his existed on Earth for millenia. This is just one example of how the machineries of hard physics have found their way to be in sympathy with sexual energies. Unfortunately, much of what was done in these space-time projects concerned abuse of the tantric energies. It is not always a pretty story. These synchronicities, coupled with my own efforts to verify aspects of the Montauk Project comprised my second book: Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity.

Soon after this work was done, I discovered that the area where the Montauk Project existed was located on sacred Native American ground which had been confiscated from the Natives after they had been declared extinct as a race and had suffered attempted genocide via blankets infected with small pox. Still, the Montauk tribe existed, but the state of New York declared them extinct anyway. To this day, professional attorneys consider it to be one of the gravest legal injustices ever committed against a people in our nation. Additionally, I discovered pictures of pyramids that once stood on this ground and that these Montauk Natives, known as Montaukettes, were the royal tribe of Long Island and their ruling family were known as Phaoraohs.

In order to understand and explain all these various connections, I had to write a third book with Preston Nichols and entitled it Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness. Although I have authored and edited other books, this article is not supposed to be a commercial but an introduction to myself and my work. Perhaps the greatest gift I could share with you in this regard is my own personal understanding of synchronicity.

When people consult an oracle or divination machine like the tarot or I-Ching, they are invoking synchronicity. They are looking at the moment of NOW and as they look at the cards, coins, or yarrow sticks, they are trying to connect all the pathways in their unconscious mind. In this guise, synchronicity is an oracular tool. It is your connection to the divine. We all experience it, but when we focus on it, we experience it even more and it gives yet great meaning.

The person who originally coined the word "synchronicity" was Carl Jung, the famous psychologist. Although it is not very well known, he equated synchronicity with the Tao and said, "Tao can be anything, I use another word to designate it, but it is poor enough. I call it synchronicity."

The Tao is an ancient Chinese word for the mysterious principle underlying creation, yet it cannot be confined to that definition because it is, by definition, without definition. In other words, "the Tao that can be defined is not the true Tao." More constructively, it could be defined as the phenomena that one expects to encounter when one reaches the Tao. So, when you are experiencing synchronicity, you are moving toward the Tao. I think that if you can grasp that last sentence that you can grasp anything.

Editor's Note:[Peter Moon's current efforts are dedicated to stepping up the process of synchronicity even more and this is being chronicled in a work in progress which is called Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal which is expected to be released this Autumn].

4. STEWART SWERDLOW: Ex-Government Psychic & Montauk Project Survivor presents: The Language Of Hyperspace & DNA Level I - MAUI, HI - Friday, July 11, 2003, 7-9pm - $10 suggested donation (applicable towards weekend seminar) - Two Day Seminar - Saturday, July 12, 9am - 5pm & Sunday, July 13, 2003 - 9am - 3pm - $195 in advance, $225 at the door.

The Language of Hyperspace is the Original Language that emanates from the Mind of God consisting of color, tone and archetype. It is an interspecies and inter-universal language used by all beings. With proper training, you can consciously learn to access and interpret this language. During this seminar we’ll cover the following topics and you’ll learn how to:

* Activate DNA protein codes * Activate DNA protein codes
* Understand messages from God-Mind * Access the 90% "unused" portion of your brain
* Understand basic archetypes * Synchronize, harmonize & balance your chakra system
* Expand your intuitive abilities * Balance left and right brain hemispheres
* Contact dolphin frequency * Use new meditation & visualization techniques
* Find your personal antenna * Gain clarity in your mental work
* Circumvent uncontrolled Kundalini activation * Unlock hidden DNA information
* Activate your dream stage * Receive/understand DNA sentences
* Release blockages on all levels * Open new pathways on all levels
* Find the true purpose of your existence * Use basic color codes

You'll learn about:

* Delta-T antennas & spirituality * Personal Galactic Origins
* Walk-ins and mergers * Deep space travel
* Unlock mind patterns * Out of body experiences
* Intermediate color codes * Simultaneous existence
* Layer color codes for healing * Dreaming & astral travel
* DNA & bleedthroughs * True Galactic History

About Stewart Swerdlow: A gifted mentalist, Stewart is a medical intuitive who was born clairvoyant and has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind patterns. He worked as a psychic, mentalist and hyperspace specialist for over 25 years with top secret government parapsychology programs, such as the Montauk Project, that were part of the Philadelphia Experiment. Montauk Project Survivor Stewart Swerdlow was known as "Stan Campell" in the Montauk Project series by Sky Books. Internationally renown, he now teaches and consults for a wide variety of clientele, including medical doctors and holistic practitioners, business people and celebrities. A linguist who speaks over ten languages, Stewart says that the often considered "unused" 90% of your brain is actually in constant communication with the Mind of God, receiving information in the Language of Hyperspace. Because people are not taught to understand this language, only a small amount of this information is able to filter through to the conscious mind, mostly in the dream state. With proper training, you can consciously learn to access this language as well as unlock DNA sequences preprogrammed within you since the beginning of existence. This information will allow you to learn who and what you are, as well as your reason for being.

Stewart is the author of three books: The Language of Hyperspace, Blue Blood, True Blood and Montauk: The Alien Connection.

PERSONAL CONSULTATIONS : Stewart moves his consciousness into hyperspace to look at your chakra system, auric field and the personal archetypes that emanate from it. He then reads the mind-pattern that creates the archetypes and discusses your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. He gives detailed information on health, career, finances, relationships, residence, DNA and simultaneous lives that influence you now. He also gives you meditations and visualizations for correction and balance. In addition, he uses Universal Mind energies to facilitate healing by utilizing archetypes, tones and colors that enable you to remove causative mind-patterns. $125/hour. For further info visit To register for preview, seminar or to book a personal consultation: Call (808) 244-4103 or email

5. TANTRA, HEART TALK & FUN FOR POLYS Loving More Pre-conference Intensive July 24 -25 HARBIN CA

Learn to love and play in fun ways that make you feel secure, sensual, empowered, open-hearted, heard, supported and spiritually encouraged. Enjoy supportive encounters, tantric energy exchanges, visualizations and communications. Compersion and linkage exercises. Celebrate and build a core community for the weekend conference. Register at 1 800 424-9561 or

GESTALT FUN & STRAIGHT TALK: HARBIN HOT SPRINGS, CA - July 26, Morning Led by Sasha and Janet. Communications exercises and intimacy games from gestalt therapy (see"Talk Straight, A Gestalt Model for POLYS" Loving More, 26)--a system of direct, authentic communication and creative play. Register at 1 800 424-9561 or

6. CHOREOGRAPH THE VOICES OF LOVE : PAIR DATES, TRIADS, LOVE NESTS, LOVER NETWORKS: a seminar on loving the ones you're with, others too at the Loving More Conference, RAMBLEWOOD, MD., August 2. Led by Sasha and Janet. Learning to center ourselves, we recognize, accept, coordinate and synergize our own varied inner voices that react to relationships and love. Practicing with each other, we learn how to convert our interactions from sour to sweet, sharing vulnerabilities. We see how aspects of other people that sour us do so because they resonate our own underdeveloped voices. As we accept these voices in us, we simultaneously enjoy their appearance in others. Accepting our varied inner selves helps us celebrate diversity in others and builds cohesiveness among participant .

7. NEW YORK CITY TANTRA RITUALS, HOW TO LOVE WOMEN, DELIGHT MEN - Dr. Sasha & Janet at Sexyspirits, 301 W, 55th St, NY, NY 212-581-2640,

LOVE A WOMAN Tuesday, July 29, 7:30-10pm (

Sasha and Janet lead. Learn how to help a woman open all chakras as you communicate kindly and effectively, to help he heal her hurts and heighten consciousness, expands spiritual awareness.

DELIGHT DIONYSUS: HOW TO REALLY LOVE A MAN Wednesday, July 30, 2003 7:30-10pm

Delight Dionysus experiences, led by Sasha and Janet, give a man the support and emotional access he needs for integrated sexual and spiritual connection in lovemaking. The class has six parts: Put Him in the Mudra awakens all his chakras. Heal His Hurts teaches him how to meet his love-needs. Look at His Love Life extracts the lessons of his relations. Suppress His Squirt teaches him mastery of his own orgasm. Work His Wand and Bless His Base facilitate both catharsis and ecstacy.


TANTRA RITUAL Thursday, July 31 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Enjoy a fun evening of All-Chakra Tantra, Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin’s system of relating to lovers. In Tantra Ceremony (Puja) rites, we send, receive and blend with seven partners. As we rotate among partners, we exchange energy from our seven energy centers--chakras (members of a couple can, alternatively, do all the rites with each other).

The rite we do with each successive partner flows from a syllable of the Bija Mantra, where each syllable awakens a different chakra. One partner, one chakra: security, sensuality, power, love communication, insight and spirituality awaken. Then we return to our initial partner for the entire, kundalini-charged Mantra, expand your consciousness to one shared with your partner, with the group.

For further information, contact , see website,, or call 808 244-4103. The Lessins are available for private sessions on the mainland in August. Call 808-244-4103 to make reservations.


8. WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS CONFERENCE - August 1-14, Every year. Janet Kira Lessin

The time has come for each of us to take personal responsibility and become proactive to save our own lives. Government and Big Brother won’t do it, have proven that to us over and over. They have shown without a shadow of a doubt they really don’t care about the average Joe. The time is now for us to show we care about one another and create a new paradigm of love, freedom, peace, happiness, creativity and win-for-all. Here’s how I see we can accomplish this.

The World Peace Association (WPA) presents the World Consciousness Conference (WCC to be held the first 14 days of August every year until world peace, win-for-all is accomplished on beloved planet Earth.

August 12, 2003 is perhaps the most crucial time ever in the history of the planet. The biorhythms of Mother Gaia herself are in alignment for the first time in 20 years. Global forces have been utilizing this rhythm for their sinister agenda and as a result, we are poised for Armageddon and the New World Order (Big Brother). We who are awake have an opportunity to show Mother Gaia that she was wise when she chose humanity as her primary symbiotic relationship. We are linked to one another, we now feel our oneness and our very survival’s dependant on one another. We’re becoming conscious and are in alignment, aware and ready to support her and she us. Mother Earth’s ready to receive us, to hear our positive affirmations and loving intentions towards her when she’s wide open on August 12, 2003. Together, we use this sacred opportunity to shift the morphogenic field and heal all on the planet.

CONCEPT: The World Consciousness Conference features speakers, presenters, artists, entertainers, products and information presented in speeches, workshops. discussion panels, conferences and artistic interpretations representing the full range of knowledge encompassing mind, body, spirit and human sexuality. Each day features a wide variety of workshops and seminars round the clock since we are including the world and affecting those in every time zone. Events are held in various locations around the planet.

A plenary session meets daily from 11am - 3pm HST. A panel discussion meets daily from 3-5pm HST which features 8-15 live presenters. Workshops, movies, talks, entertainment and other events are scheduled opposite each other but not during the plenary and panel discussion time. They's an opening and closing ceremony.

LOCATION: There’s a central location where the main conference is held for the plenary sessions and vendor tables. The conference location is not limited to one place (much like Film Festival have several locations for viewing movies), but may be held in various locations, simultaneously in Maui, Hawaii and around the world.

PARTICIPATION: WCC Members can participate in person or via web cam, internet chat or phone conferences. They may come to Maui and be here in person or participate in local seminars or conferences that are sponsored by the WCC during the 14 days of the conference or participate wherever they are by tuning into the web site, register for and channeling through to the presentation they wish to view.

WHO'S INVITED: The invitation goes out globally to everyone. Everyone is included. We intend to reach all 6.5 billion people on this planet through email, phone, personal invitations, word of mouth, carrier pigeon or whatever form it takes tp reach them all and invite them to participate in whatever way they can. Some may chose to be presenters or entertainers. Some may chose to participate by attending. However they contribute, all are important, vital to the co-creation of this vision of unanimous world peace, win-for-all. Attendees may come to Maui, be here in person and experience the high as we raise global consciousness. Or they may participate via phone calls, web chats, emails. whatever. Some may chose to participate by simply meditate where they are and join us energetically.

PURPOSE: The World Consciousness Conference role is activate the energy necessary to to achieve world peace in our lifetime with the conscious, complete removal and disposal of all mass weapons of destruction. We invite all peacemakers to unite, create solutions that honor every soul, not just the elite few. We see the world unifying in consensus, recognizing in doing so we are saving our own lives.

FORMAT: The conference is a joint venture. Proceeds generated by the presenter’s presentation are split 50/50.

VENDORS: Vendor tables are available at all locations and rented to vendors. Vendors are approved by the organizing committee. The WCC has a primary table at all major locations managed by a major local bookstore and featuring products, CD's, Videos, DVDs and Books that represent our featured speakers. The WCC receives a percentage (10%-20%) of gross sales made during the conference by the WCC sponsored vendor. Vendor tables cost $875 and must be approved by the WCC board.

SPONSORS: Sponsors donate services and products: money, audiovisual technologies, technical support, venues, products, flowers, food, water, transport, air, hotel, venues, etc. in exchange for being featured as a sponsor of the WCC and the WPA. Venues are in various locations and allow participants to gather in seminars wherever they live. Large screens and cameras are installed and we switch to WTA locations around the world so they may see what others around the rest of the world is doing to support the world becoming conscious - NOW.


GLOBAL SETUP: Presenters and seminar/event leaders need a webcam type of camera (small firewire or USB) that can connect to a laptop or computer that can be setup in your location. You may also use a larger digital camera if you know how to hook up to a computer for video conferencing. Headset microphones are an asset as well.

VOLUNTEERS: During the conference we need volunteers at all locations. Volunteers are given attendance scholarships where they may participate in person, via phone, web or at simulcast locations. Ratio is 1 hour work equals 1 hour free participation in the conference. We also need volunteers year long management, administration, computer, technical support and management.

COST TO ATTEND: The cost to attend is $10 per hour (either in person or via other communications media). The conference runs from August 1-14th of each year for 24 hours each day for a total of 3,360 hours which means a pass for the entire conference would be valued at $3360.

PRESENTERS: Presenter applications are reviewed and approved by the WCC organization committee. Presenters who are selected for the main conference room plenary session presentations receive a conference pass (value $3360) and split the proceeds from their presentation or workshop 50/50 with the World Consciousness Conference.

DONATIONS: The WCC exists for and because of the support of its participants, volunteers, staff and members. The WCC conference is for everyone and exists for the benefit and is intended as a service for all human society, not just a select few. All proceeds and donations are used to support the WCC web site and annual conference. The WCC needs your donations of equipment, time, services, goods.

We need donations of the following: large screens and all the latest audio/visual and computer equipment and the professionals necessary to maintain, operate, record, edit and duplicate all the conference presentations events for future resale and distribution. We also need donations of venues, hotel space, transportation, food, flowers and more.

The WCC needs ongoing, round the clock world-wide volunteers for web site design, maintenance, update, revision, administration and staff to answer phones and coordinate logistics. If you wish to volunteer your service to this service for humanity write to us at or call 808-244-4103. mailto:WTA@schooloftantra.comWe’d be delighted to hear from you.

9. WORLD ORGASM DAY, AUGUST 12, 2003 Janet Kira Lessin

August 12, 2003 the biorhythms of the planet align and mother Earth has a huge orgasm. This is a truly magical time when we can join Gaia in her ecstatic state, activate the hundredth monkey phenomena, affect the morphogenic field with positive affirmations and return to the Christed Consciousness Timeline of God away from Big Brother’s New World Order. It’s simply a matter of focus and intention. August 12, 2003 enjoy your orgasm (whatever that means to you, as long as it gets you high and happy on life), enjoy our simultaneous orgasms in whatever way turns you on. If you're not comfortable with sexuality, activate your own ideosyncratic epiphany that day, all day. Join us, wherever you are, in sacred ritual, meditation, prayer, dance, song on August 12 and create magic, shift the morphogenic field, return back to a world of love, light, peace, freedom and happiness, win for all.

10.. TANTRA CONNECTION: More Loving -Janet’s Synergistic Network for Dating, Mating, Relating and Co-Creating (

I’m thrilled to announce that our new web site, is UP! Go online and fill out a free profile. If I can figure out how to do it, I’m going to give everyone one month free.

I created this site in response to the many pleas we've received from School of Tantra students who wanted me to find dates and mates for them. Not only was I being asked to be a matchmaker, I also had to keep track dozens of stats on these people; location, height, hair color, etc. It became quite apparent that in order for me to keep the facts straight and be the ultimate matchmaker, I'd need either a super-huge memory or an incredible database. I knew my memory wasn't going to work, so I began searching for the ultimate web guru and the money to finance it. The more I looked into it, the more I realized It was also pretty obvious that the existing dating sites out there weren't going to work, because they didn't take all the relationship structures into play and if they did, the sites were too pornographic to suit my taste. No, I had to start from scratch in order to take everyone into consideration; monogamous, polyamorous, playcouples, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, etc. Besides, there were also those who just wanted to be friends or those who didn’t necessarily want a long-term relationship, but just wanted someone to go with to a seminar, party or cruise.

This site is unique in that it also is an affiliate program. You can now advertise you, yourself, your business or products in one central location where others can locate your information, descriptions and banners which they can download and feature on their sites. You give them a commission (either click, lead or sale) for promoting you and you receive the sales dollars right in your account. Members generate millions of storefronts for themselves literally all over the world. Now each of us can earn right-livelihood doing precisely what we want and not working for "the man"! Now that’s what I call paradise.

It's been a long, rocky road but after one false start where the web guru absconded with my money and didn't deliver (it’s always something), I think we've arrived.

If you feel so moved, fill out a free profile. Sign up for our free newsletter. Make yourself known. Help us support you and all the lonely hearts out there. Pass our link around. At the very least, become a friend to someone. I welcome your feedback as I imagine the site may have some bugs at first. I desire to improve it in order to best serve you. This site, ultimately, is for you. My global vision is that we find each other, synergize, connect, help each other heal, promote love and wellness, create happiness and wholeness.

Besides the dating and affiliate aspects of our site, you may advertise your products and services directly on our site. I have experts monitoring this and the other sites in this web ring, keeping them at the tops of the search engines. New links and connections constantly accelerate this web ring higher and higher in search engines. So remember, one of the meanings of tantra is weave? Together we are weaving a huge internet web of love, spidering out to embrace everyone.

I'm also looking for quality articles to feature. I'd love to hear about your life and how you make it work for you. Write up your experiences and share your spiritual path. We’d like to hear about you.

The fees we charge for the various services on the site are minimal. All excess is put right back into the project to accelerate healing for all of us. We envision a networked system of trained facilitators. We plan on hosting seminars, workshops and annual conferences held around the world. is part of a global web ring of sites supporting one another in the path to planetary consciousness. United we create a world where peace is the norm and war is a myth of the past. We see the golden age, it's easy to envision. Together we bring heaven to Earth.


In 1997 Sasha and I got married in a public ceremony at the Celebration of Eros conference, held at Harbin Hot Springs, CA which was the last large gathering of tantric practitioners and blossoming tantricas in modern times that I’m aware of. It was awesome! The primary organizer of that magnificent event, Dr, Deborah Anapol passed on the baton to a committee and it seems the baton was dropped as we’ve not seen another conference of that magnitude since then. I’d like to see another tantra conference in my lifetime so in response Sasha and I have created a new corporation, the World Tantra Association (WTA).

The WTA web site is up and ready to go. Not all the pages are up and running yet, but let’s break out the champagne. We’re ready to Christen this ship and launch her on her maiden voyage. What you see is but the beginning. More pages will be activated as proceed. This is only phase I and we plan on adding new features, such as an affiliate system. The dating section is up and we do hope you’ll join. You may search for friends, lovers, associates and companions, the choice is yours.

The World Tantra Association is an humanitarian organization, here to serve all of us. We envision WTA will exist as an ongoing entity existing long into tomorrow and managed by our children and children’s children. However, since Sasha and I plan to uncover the secret of physical immortality, we’ll be there to watch!

We hope you're inspired to join with us. Help this organization grow and create a web of light that ‘ll embrace the world and heal Gaia’s soul. The web site is a synergizing/networking/affiliate system that allows each of us to support and empower each other, and create right livelihood for all by referring us, our products, businesses, services and ideas.

If you wish to volunteer time or resources for creating and presenting the conference, please write to me at



Maybe tantra’s not your cup of tea but you sure could get behind the peace movement. We certainly have a huge archive of information on the history of war on this planet, but how about the peace movement? I see this web site as a place where we can tell stories and gather information on the concept of peace. The more we can concretize peace as a viable alternative, make it an archetype that’s easily accessible by the psyche, the more we’ll be able to create real and lasting peace in our lifetime.

The World Peace Association (WPA) has been created to sponsor events that promote peace and works towards ethical, responsible and viable solutions for creating peace: personally, interpersonally, in families, groups, countries and worlds. The WPA is for creating a civilized civilization. I’m reminded of the reporter who asked Gandhi, "What do you think of Western Civilization" and he replied, "I think it’s a good idea."

Together we can find ways to create world peace, honor all consciousness, promote creativity and expression, respect diversity and individuality and discover avenues of win-for-all, consensus agreement and universal, unconditional love.

The World Peace Association needs volunteers and donations of resources. To join our planetary peace movement write to janet at The WPA web site is under construction.


At the School of Tantra you recognize and consciously synergize seven levels of consciousness: belonging, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, vision and spirituality. Then you help individuals, couples, groups and humanity accept, coordinate and integrate the seven levels.  The School of Tantra offers five certification programs, programs for practicing and teaching tantra, uplifting relating, ancient anthropology, existential reflection, childhood regression and pastlife rescripting.   

Each level has a one-week seminar and thirty to forty hours of what's called confluent homework assignments. The homework directs you into deeper levels of self-knowing and ability to encourage others. You practice guiding others in tantra, compassionate communication, existential analysis, Bija Yoga practice, regression therapy and integrating knowledge of Sumer.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS Earn certification in one or more of the professional fields we offer.  

Tantra Certification Program - Practitioner, Coach, Instructor, Lecturer & Professor

Relationship Certification Program - Practitioner, Tutor, Coach

Existential Certification Program - Practitioner

Pastlife & Childhood Regression Certification Program - Practitioner & Coach

Ancient Anthropology Certification Program - Reader, Tutor, Lecturer, Instructor

Take charge of your life. Get on a positive career track: graduate from a School of Tantra Program. Earn, in the shortest time possible, right-livelihood in a field that genuinely interests you.

The School of Tantra offers courses on a request basis to fit your schedule. If, for example, you reserve a specific week in October for certification as an Existential Practitioner, the school will teach classes you need toward this certification course that week.  

Each program--tantra teaching, relationship counseling, confluent educating, yoga guiding, regression healing and ancient anthropology lecturing--has distinct requirements which must be successfully passed for certification. Most of these programs require 4-6 weeks of experience, study and conscientious homework. Within each program there are 1- 5 certification levels. The Tantra Certification Program, for example, has five levels: Practitioner, Coach, Instructor, Teacher and Professor. Certification at most levels--Practitioner, Coach, etc., requires 30 hours of satisfactory participation each week in class and tutorials, 30 hours homework (which must be mastered to the instructor's satisfaction), and an hour ethics interview with the instructor. Students receive a Certificate of Level Completion for each level and Certificate of Program Completion for an entire program. Students receive a Certificate of Attendance for each week successfully completed within a level. Tuition is $1000 a week. Economically challenged students may be eligible for volunteer work in exchange for part of their tuition.

TANTRA PRACTITIONER, COACH, INSTRUCTOR, LECTURER & PROFESSOR Learn to teach All-Chakra Tantra, a path of consciousness expansion in which you learn principles to facilitate security, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, shared vision and spirituality within yourself and between lovers. Understand the principles of confluent education for teaching tantra. Learn to create and facilitate for individuals, couples and groups, tantra lessons that simultaneously teach the ideas, provide behaviors and access emotions. Practice facilitating Active Listening, Imago Management, Better Bonding, Relationship Fitness Training, Straight Talk, Tantric Lovemaking and Dreamwork Facilitation.

CERTIFIED RELATIONSHIP PRACTIONER, TUTOR & COACH: Learn how to listen to clients in a way that lets them feel felt and hear, understand and empathize with each other. Teach them to hold each other and find out what hurt and what they can do to make it better now. Show them how to practice kind yet authentic confrontation and grow from feedback. Help them experience inner voices and watch how they trigger complementary voices as they relate. Assist them in choreographing the dance of their subpersonalities. Prepare to teach Relationship Fitness Training, where lovers balance roles, feelings, expression, understanding and touching and talking. Learn to teach clients tantra and how to bring all levels of their consciousness into relations, open all energetic centers (chakras)–health, sex, power, love, talk, intelligence, intuition and spirituality.

CERTIFIED EXISTENTIAL PRACTIONER:  Relate existential philosophy to personal and interpersonal counseling. Learn to help clients reflect upon their being-in-the-world in terms of the subjective/objective and universal/individual continua (bipolar personality theory) and in terms of field theory, centering, and the hierarchy of levels of consciousness derived from phenomenological reduction. Help clients live from the existential ideals derived from field theory and reflection, constitution responsibility, self-disclosure, negation, anxiety and pain, finitude, non-being and death, reflection and epoche, inwardness, subjectivity and self-reliance, uniqueness and individuality, eternity and unity consciousness, freedom from guilt, affirmation of life, commitment and cathexis, reality, encounter and love, flexibility and adaptability, the flowing existential moment and futurity, growth and self-transcendence, and polarity, dialectic and contradiction. Apply techniques of clinical philosophy, logotherapy, gestalt to yourself and your clients. 

CERTIFIED PASTLIFE & CHILDHOOD REGRESSION PRACTITIONER & COACH: Teach those you counsel how imprints--from life history, womb-life, pastlife imagry and archetypal scripts--influence their lives now, dictate the ecology of their inner voices, dominate their bodies, project into their dreams and direct their spiritual aspirations. Learn how to direct them to modify imprints and scripts to suit their life today and tomorrow. Apply the reprogramming technologies–holotropic breathing, pastlife hypnodrama, primal and Fischer-Hoffman processes, psychosynthesis, voice dialogue centering and existential analysis to their emotional and spiritual growth. 

CERTIFIED ANCIENT ANTHROPOLOGY READER, TUTOR, LECTURER, INSTRUCTOR: Learn to teach the dynamic new Ancient Anthropology of Zecharia Sitchin, as interpreted by Dr. Lessin and Dr. Neil Freer. Zecharia Sitchin archeologically documents events, from the atmospheric crisis on Niburu--(the solar system's far-orbiting tenth planet), which propels the noble Enki and 600 miners and 300 shuttle crewmen to Earth 445,000 years ago for gold for Niburu's atmospheric shield--to the withdrawal of the Niburans from Earth after a nuclear disaster, 4,000 years ago.  In this program, you learn to clearnly communicate the evidence and facilitate students' creation of a new paradigm unfettered by the"godspell", the yearning for the return of our overlords.  

For more information write or call 808-244-4103 to register. To see more on our programs, go to and click on Education.


The Lessins seek six to twelve adults to join us in paradise in a conscious, tantric, naturist, polyamorist, meditative,

psychospiritual community nestled a Maui jungle. You must be kind, honest, loving, open-minded, spiritual, neat, clean,

tidy, quiet, reliable, responsible, financially-secure, non-tobacco smoking, environmentally-conscious, sex-positive and committed to work on and heal your family of origin hangups to join this experimental community and create a new model for extended family. We base our new-paradigm community on love and support for one another, kind, open and

authentic communication, tantra, intentional family and intimate friendships.

Accommodations vary from private bedroom with shared bath and kitchen to small, private apartments. Members work weekly in community garden and grounds. Community activities include emotional support groups, workshops, parties and hosting. Applicants trained in healing arts, music, construction and gardening would help lots. Your advance of $15-20K enables us to build a new bedroom to house your advance is credited to you as prepaid rent. Adults only. No new pets (we already have many). For application call 808/242-5921: leave name, address, phone and fax.

15. PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH THE LESSINS - Maui or in your home town. We’ll be in San Francisco, New York City, Ramblewood, MD and possibly Seattle, WA in July and August. The Lessins offer private counseling, counseling and classes at $150/hour. Call 808-244-4103 to reserve your time.


Join us for Tantra School which resumes in September. We hold Tantra School whenever YOU sign up. Allow yourself seven days to transform yourself forever. Tantra School students work with a wide variety of students that come through the school for the various events, groups, seminars, school and private sessions. Tantra School tuition is $1000 a week. The School of Tantra offers five types of certification with 1-6 levels per type.

See: for more details.

17. WEEKLY GROUPS AT THE SCHOOL OF TANTRA - MAUI, HI - Join us Wednesdays for the Spark Group (7-9 pm - by donation), Fridays for Mingles Mixers (7-9pm - $25) and Saturdays for Tantra Connection Parties (7pm - $25). Call 808-244-4103 to register. July 5th will be our last Tantra Connection group in Maui until mid to late August. Fill out a free profile at and find your tantric connections.

School of Tantra:

Tantra Connection:

World Tantra Association:

Tantra Theosophical Society:

1st Principle: all important and guiding; Nudity Principle

2nd Principle: Spirit of Tantra Principle

3rd Principle: Bisexuality & Sexual Equality Principle

4th Principle: Tantra Meditation Principle

5th Principle; Intentional Community Principle

6th Principle: Honoring Gaia Principle

7th Principle: Island of Maui Principle

8th Principle: Native Polynesian People Principle

9th Principle: Symbiotic Physical, Social, Spiritual Principle

10th Principle: Absolute Freedom of Conscience Principle

11th Principle: Continuing Lives & Abundance Principle

12th Principle: Sacred Sacrament Principle

13th Principle: Divine Human Family Principle

Thank you all for your support by passing along this message to your personal email list and to your member lists and groups. If you are not subscribed to this newsletter but received it through another party, you may SUBSCRIBE by sending an email to or click the following link to join one of our newsletters featuring subjects like polyamory, tantra, yoga, community, spirituality, UFOlogy and Sumerian Studies: Back issues of Synergy are also available online.

School of Tantra, 1371 Malaihi Road, Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793
Janet Kira & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.
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