Synergy Newsletter June 2003
Published by Janet Kira Lessin, C.T.I. and Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D.

I mustíve been a professional matchmaker in a previous incarnation, for I love to see lovers find one another. I answer most phone calls at the School and hear lots of lonely hearts stories. The calls are increasing. With the acceleration of violence, our worldís over-ripe for love. My callers long for connection in a wide variety of ways. I love helping people find incredible depth and intensity of love, romance and sexual-loving. Iíve created a dating web site to do this:

Iíve also included a dating section in my other new site, I hope to help you make contacts that lead to more connection. We honor all relationship structures and orientations. Be specific what you want and you manifest it for yourself. We get 20 men to every woman that responds to our ads, so I especially encourage single ladies to apply. Iíve talked to many men who are ready for conscious relations. Ladies, thereís never been a better time to call in that beloved. The men are waking up at an accelerated rate. Donít let them leave you behind and miss this boat! Click on the link and fill out a free profile..

Speaking of dating, Summerís an especially busy dating time for me and Sasha. Since we are a polyamorous pair, we accelerate our dating as we meet hundreds of new prospects in about 3 weeks time during our annual mainland tour. Eccentrics are encouraged to apply. What a rush! The initial phase of dating, when you meet, size each other up and check each other out can be quite fun and titillating. More often than not we may not pass the audition or get past first base with one another, but itís sure fun trying out for the team.

This issue of Synergy has two main focuses: dating and the evolution of consciousness, which reflect my energy right now. Iíve always been very emotional and feel everything quite intensely, so the state of the Union has been very upsetting to me. Iím an old hippie forever on the side of peace, so war affects me on a very deep and personal level. The planetary situation and my feelings about it are rather polarized from the joy of my personal life, for personally Iím experiencing the greatest sense of peace Iíve ever had. Iím finally in an awesome relationship with an incredible man. After spending over 25 years of my life in extremely dysfunctional, physically, emotionally and psychologically abusive relationships, I can certainly relate to the numerous cries I get for help. The pain saddens me. The stories bring me to tears. It took me a lifetime for me to climb out from under that emotionally abusive haze. I empathize for others as I see so many repeating the same horrendous patterns that create disharmony and pain in their relationships. I guess thatís why this planet is in such a state of war, for we lack models; personal, interpersonal and planetary, for peaceful relating. You may wonder how the articles in this issue correlate, but I think youíll uncover the connection as you read through them and discover some interesting concepts along the way.

Blessings, Janet Kira Lessin

This issue contains:

2. PAIR DATING - Janet
6. TANTRACONNECTION.COM Janetís Synergistic Networking Site
7. TANTRA, HEART TALK & FUN FOR POLYS Loving More Pre conference intensive July 27 -28 HARBIN CA

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1. LIVING A TANTRIC LIFE - Janet Kira Lessin

Ever since I met Sasha, my life has been tantric: full, complete, blissful, orgasmic. We connect on all chakra levels. We share a spiritual connection (crown chakra), meet one another intellectually and share a common vision (third-eye), exercise strong communication skills where we are open and honest with one another (throat), give and get love (heart), empower one another to do our best in life (belly), have an incredible sexual connection (genital) and live, work together and share a home and resources (base chakra).

Am I saying that we have no problems? That every day is easy, pleasant and simple? No, not at all. There may be upsets and disagreements, we may not always be happy. In fact, we sometimes get into arguments and I even yell! So how can I say that we live a tantric life?

What I mean by an tantric life is that we have at last found an inner peace. From this peace, we can experience all life. Sasha and I are devoted and committed to one another and to the process of relationship. From within that process, we experience the full range of emotions, spanning the entire spectrum.

Weíre family to one another; more than husband and wife; weíre a combination of husband, wife, mother, father, friend, lover, sister and brother. We have both married and adopted one another. We are committed to be there throughout life, heal each other; overcome wounds from our childhood and adult relations. And believe me, some of those wounds are deep.

We hold the space in the center for our beloved to return when one becomes destablized and experiences that temporary insanity that takes place when they are out of balance. If we both become destabilized at the same time, we ride the wave and remember the love, use all our tools that we have learned, and hold fast until the storm has passed.

When we canít "figure it out," we "finger it out" and make love (digital and otherwise) even when one or both of us may not "feel" like it. For the body remembers the love on a cellular level. When we put aside our stubborn egos and just hold one another for dear life, then the defenses and anger melt away; and once again weíre in love. Bottom line, our loveís what really matters.

We recognize that we are "home," that our souls have found one another after all these centuries. We stop and count our blessings; and from this space of appreciation, everything becomes a blessing.

Chores become a blessing. "I thank God/Goddess that I have a toilet to scrub. I thank you Universe that I have dishes to clean, for that means I have food to eat and beloved ones to feed".

In a tantric life, everything around you is a divine prayer. I love the birds, the sky, the water, the air, the plants, the ocean, my friends, my cats, my car. God is within everything, every molecule, every being, every thing.

This perspective lets you honor all the craftsmanship in the car that you drive. Look at the buildings and imagine how many things made by how many people from how many parts of this globe went into the construction of that one building. Then look around at your town.

Think of those who created the technology for the simple things around you; your toothbrush: the glass in your windows, the carpet beneath your feet. Youíll have a new-found appreciation for the knowledge and love that went into all the inventions, the progression of discoveries that led to each creation and the history of the civilization all around you.

My life is orgasmic; and as such, my beloved husband, my devoteeís dedicated to my happiness and well-being; and I to him.

According to our tantric practice, we connect intimately twice a day. In the morning Sasha and I may connect briefly, aligning chakras, looking into one anotherís eyes, exchanging breath, speaking loving words and sharing our innermost secret thoughts. Sasha may or may not be inserted in me. He does not ejaculate so he can conserve his energy during the day.

In the evening we connect fully, making sweet, passionate love. We fall asleep in one anotherís arms, full and complete.

As my beloved healer and devotee, Sasha Ďhonorsí me whenever I request, massaging my sacred sector as I cry out in orgasmic bliss. As I channel the divine Shakti energy, he rides my orgasmic waves. The veil of separation between us disappears. He feels what I feel. We become the cosmic ONE. We move the energy in our sacred circle: from my shrine, up the center of my body, through all my chakras, out my crown and down, into his base, through all his chakras out through his hands, out through his mouth, and once again back through me. We become a conduit of our combined kundalini energies: a complete circuit--man, woman and God.

I go higher with each wave, thinking each level is "the top," only to find I have not yet begun to crescent. My orgasms blend one into another. I enter a dimension of timelessness. Images of yesteryear dance before my eyes. Iím ; Iím 5; Iím 35; Iím in uterus.

As the sensations increase, I move from my personal self to my historical self; as I remember lifetimes here on the Earth, in other dimensions and on far away planets. I lose my self-sense entirely; and become one with Mother Gaia and God/Goddess, the Universe. I move between masculine and feminine. I relive the stories of the ages and become the archetypes: Aphrodite, Athena, Zeus, Thor.

I peak; my amrita flows. Sasha smiles and chants, "Blessings, blessings," programming me with the positive affirmations I need to hear at this time. But wait, there is yet another level. I go higher. I recall the challenge once whispered in my ear, "How much pleasure can you take?" Part of me wants to stop; the other part wants to continue to push that threshold.

My whole body begins to pulsate. Iím in a full-body orgasm. Kreas (waves of electric pulses) rush up and down my spine in waves; my body snakes and pulsates with the rhythm. The chemicals rush to the extremities of my body: my toes, my fingers, my head. I moan, long, slow, ooooooooooooooooohhhhh.

My life is full. Complete. From this orgasmic state, I can go out and face the day. The stresses of life melt away in the arms of my beloved. I can handle it; I can go on.

Wounds of a lifetime of pain and abuse are being replaced with healing programs due to the patience and love of my husband. At last, in Sasha, Iíve found a partner who meets me on all chakra levels.

In previous relationships, we may have connected on one or two chakras. We may have loved each other (heart chakra) and lived together (base chakra); but we lacked a shared vision (third-eye chakra) and our communication could have used some improvement (throat chakra). In my last marriage, we did the material side of life together quite well (base chakra): buying a home, acquiring things, Yet we lacked a spiritual connection (crown chakra); and eventually everything else broke down.

The most common area that breaks down for most of us in long-term relationships is the sexuality. We build up internal resentments over time from our unresolved disagreements. Previous issues from programming we received from parents, culture, and relationships before we found one another sneak up on us and shut us down. We move apart; eventually we fall apart.

Many times we reach "the brick wall"; and communication breaks down completely. Our responses are now totally reactionary and continue to disintegrate. As the tide of resentments continue to swell, our thoughts move to other people and outside experiences. We try to recover that feeling of excitement, joy and bliss that once were there in the relationship long ago when our romance was new. Many times the thoughts become deeds, and then the sneaking, secrecy and lies begin.

Weíre all psychic and feel what the other tries to conceal. Even though we donít speak the lies, the betrayed party knows. The gap widens; the barrier to intimacy becomes complete. Lovemaking goes from infrequently to never. Sometimes the underlying guilt manifests itself in impotence and other forms of sexual dysfunction. When weíve reached the end, our only hope is honesty.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have the tools to communicate deeply and honestly. The fears of what we donít want to create tend to backfire on us and create just that; and life becomes our worst nightmare. The truth comes out in hideous fashion. Or worst yet, lies continues and weíre subject to serving out sentences we imposed on one another.

How long will your sentence last? How much can you endure?

All-Chakra living means communicating on all levels: mind, body and soul. Sasha and I can literally tell one another anything that we are thinking. If we have an attraction for another, we express it. Issues unexpressed have a way of becoming demonic and coming out in inappropriate ways.

If we have a desire, we work on ways to satisfy them; although perhaps not in the exact way as envisioned by the person, we move in the direction that feels comfortable for both of us. Decisions are unanimous and joint. If something doesnít work for one of us, it doesnít work for either of us. There are three entities in all our decision making: Janet, Sasha and the relationship, which we value and cherish above anything else.

For if WE arenít working, nothing else in life seems to work. Everything else suffers: our joy, our jobs, our health, our life.

Yes, even our life. When life isnít lived authentically from truth and honesty, the stress from the emotional repression many times creates being ill-at-ease (dis-ease). Repressed resentments and anger often lead to cancer; heart-ache can lead to heart-attacks.

Many counselors try to keep couples together at all costs. Yet actually, sometimes the kindest decision is to part--even if there are children, economic considerations and a million other excuses to stay together.

Everyone deserves a full-chakra life. If you find your relationship lacking in one of these areas, do something about it. Become conscious and discover ways to expand your connection; find things in common and develop them in those areas for one another. There are many models for conflict resolution. Get outside help if necessary. Find something that works for you. Go to seminars, therapy, church counselors, whatever it takes. If the love is strong, do it--for the love is worth it.

Finally, if you have discovered that you have completed your developmental tasks together and there are no new goals that you share--that youíve reached a point where the lies are too big to overcome--where you find the resentments too deep to heal and the hurts outweigh the amount of love that you have, then set each other free. That may be the highest expression of love.

Allow yourselves a fresh start, love again, correct the wrongs youíve done and stop punishing yourselves. You deserve a full life, an all-chakra life. You have the ability create it!

Itís never too late even though you may think it is. When Sasha and I found each other it was after two long-term, failed marriages for each of us. I was well over 40 and he over 50 when we united and embarked on our life of bliss. It wasnít easy for either of us. Our journey was a long road of working on ourselves, doing our family-of-origin work, healing our internal wounds from previous relationships and becoming conscious through therapy, seminars, reading and self-education. And it ainít over yet!

Relationships are a process; and Sasha and I are conscious enough to recognize that and commit to it. We are devoted to one another and have pledged to be there to continue our healing. If things get to be "over our heads," we, the "professional relationship counselors," will swallow our pride and seek help outside ourselves to gain clarity. All of us are capable of not being able to see the forest for the trees. Itís difficult when weíre "in" it; so sometimes we need help to step outside ourselves to focus.

We now have new models of relating with open, honest, clear and authentic communication. Living an orgasmic life is not only possible for all; itís our birthright. Therapy and counseling are todayís tools for healing relationships and personal wounds--just like medicine has been used to heal diseases and physical wounds.

Tantra reunites our souls in ancient ways, combining sexuality and spirituality. We return now to our source, forging beyond the veil of forgetfulness, moving past our skin encapsulated bodies, completing our divine union, remembering the LOVE which is all there really is.

2. PAIR DATING Janet Kira Lessin

My husband, Sasha and I date as a couple. We date select singles and couples. Pair dating is sweeping the world, and is often confused with swinging. However, Sasha and I define ourselves as polyamorous, we seek a deep connection with one or two other very special people.

Swinging's not new. My parents used to attend a monthly church sponsored group called "Couples Club". I thought their club was just a place for Mom and Dad to make friends. I think they actually did eat a dinner. However, after their deaths I found some photographs that illustrated these friends shared sex. Couples Club was the front, the place they met, then went elsewhere to have sex. These dinners are still going on 40 years later. Last Sunday I went to a local church here in Maui and I saw on their announcements that they have a monthly couples dinner. It's makes you wonder.

I wonder how long swinging has actually been going on? Probably at least as long as Christianity has been trying to make monogamy the norm. Throughout time there must have been flirtations among couples who became deep friends and eventually lovers.

Swinging's interesting. Sasha and I host a weekly group called Tantra Connection. Like I said at the beginning, we're seeking partnership with those we date. We identify ourselves as polyamorous. However, since we advertise on swing sites, we get some swingers.

Some people who identify themselves as swingers, probably arenít. There are swing clubs, large and small, springing up all over the world, and many of these swinger couples tell us about the clubs and their experiences they have there. But the more I study these "swingers" the more I realize the label is just an attempt to categorize them so that the labeler can feel more comfortable as he describes them. The more I look at the label "swinger", the more I realize labels don't really fit anyone, that the average person labeled "swinger", lives moment to moment and makes decisions based on what's real. Many so called "swingers" are merely curious. We have swinger-curious, bi-curious, poly-curious. Some just like to watch. Others like to be watched. Couples seek other couples. Couples seek a third, male or female, to spark their lives. Occasionally we have same sex couples, and the adventurous lady who wants to take on three or four guys. Some just like to be in a room with their own partners, sharing the eroticism, like watching a live erotic film. It's a huge turn-on. It's sweeping the nation, the world.

Sasha and I seek connection. Our hearts overflows with love. We search for our beloveds. We seek "the ones". Maybe that sounds silly or romantic, but now and again we find others who seek "the ones" as well.

For four years we merged consciousness with another couple. The four of us got together every four to six weeks. When we met, sparks flew, fireworks exploded! It truly was divine bliss. It ended last year.

Weíre patient. We have lovely moments with others we audition, but so far none of us has passed one another's auditions. I know we Lessins are rather intense, and that scares away the passion-phobic. But we found a functioning foursome before and we'll get there again.

Where is love? Will we find our community? Will our lovers join us in our home or live down the street? I hope we find lovers closer than across the world. Not to worry, our day will come. The adventure sure is fun. Until then, we've got each other.



Clean your nails and brush your teeth afresh. If youíre male and clean-shaven, shave again; if youíve a beard, shampoo it. Dress to please the Receiver. Find food, drink, flowers and music sheíll like. Arrange the room to delight and relax her. Place water, towels, massage oil and internal lubricant next to the bed.

Invent ways to show her you love loving (and, if needed, healing) her on this date. Invite her to bathe while you disconnect phones and adjust the lighting and music. When she returns from the bath, meet her gaze and keep eye-contact with her throughout the date.

Tell her, in your own words--but poetic ones,"I appreciate this opportunity to please and replenish you. May I undress you and see your body?" As you do, laud her looks aloud.

DEDICATE TOUCH TO PERSONAL AND UNIVERSAL HEALING Invite her to sit on the bed. Touch your right palm to her heart and put her right hand on your heart. Rest your left hand on the back of her right and tell her to put her left on your right. Look deeply into her left eye. Tell her, in your own words, "I delight in serving you. I love relating this intimately. May my adoration heal hurts I caused you. I pray our hearts unite. Come dance with me, your devotee. Dear Shakti, dance at the Shrine of the Yoni Nadi. There, together, we transcend our separate self-senses and join the divine dance of the cosmos."


"What words "ask her, "have you to consecrate the worship I offer your Inner Aphrodite, your loving, sensual, sexual self.? [Give her time to answer.]


MASSAGE MADONNA Then say, "May I massage you?" As she stretches out on her belly, gently tug her toes. Rub her soles and the backs of each leg. Do her fingers, palms, arms. Then massage her back and her bottom. Help her turn over. Massage her feet again. Dance your fingers over the tops of her feet and hands, the front of her arms and legs. Barely brush her labia and nipples as you glide your hands over her torso. Gently massage the belly, pulling the rectus muscles from side to side and tracing the ascending, transverse and descending colon clockwise. Massage her face and head. Stroke and knead the muscles inside the leg (especially the gracillus, "the root of the clitoris") that insert into her pelvis. Press your fingers deeply into the muscles above her pubic bone.

GET CONSENT TO TOUCH HER TEMPLE Ask, "May I touch your Temple of Love?"


CONNECT ALL HER CHAKRAS WITH SACRED SECTOR ENERGY If she consents, rest your left hand gently on her HEART. Hold your right hand over her yoni. Imagine you send her a beam of love from your eyes into her left eye. Breathe together three times; then settle your hand gently on her mons. Tell her, "I love you. Feel our hearts connect and energy vibrate between us. "I send you love as I breathe out;breathe it in, inhale my love."


Exhale, then draw your navel back toward your spine and up. Tighten your pubococcygeal and anal sphincter muscles. Imagine you send energy up your spine from your tailbone, through your heart and out your right hand into her yoni. When you inhale, feel the energy you have sent her move through her heart into your left hand. Take at least three breaths where you send this circuit of energy.


Keep your right hand on her yoni, your eyes on hers. Slowly move your left hand to her CROWN. Tell her you invite the Goddess of Love to enter her crown and move through her central channel to her yoni-shrine. Breathe together three times. Move your left hand to her BROW chakra. Sucessively move your left hand to her THROAT, BELLY and BASE chakras. For each, take three breaths. Eye-gaze and imagine you connect energetically with her brow, throat, heart (again), then belly, perineal and sexual chakras. Conclude these chakra meditations (mudras) with your left hand again on her heart.

STROKE HER SACRED SECTOR Tell your Receiver, "Relax on your back, Sweetheart. Breathe deeply. Let me gaze into your eyes. Say, "If you like, Iíll massage, then kiss your genital drapes and the valence over your pearl." If she says yes, say, "Make sounds and direct me with words; give me feedback while I lick and stroke." Lightly stroke her outer labia. Gently roll her clitoral hood around the clitoral crown; but donít directly stimulate the crown yet. When her outer vaginal lips swell, revealing the inner lips, softly trace circles, spirals, horizonals, verticals, diagonals, and figure-eights on them with your fingers. Alternate long, short, inventive, sensitive and playful strokes. Lightly tap, knead and pinch the hood and labia ten or fifteen minutes.

When the inner labia also become quite swollen with blood, say, "Would you like me to polish your pearl?" (pearl = clitoral crown). If yes, honor her yoni with your mouth and tongue. Blow on her genitals. Plant baby kisses on her clitoris. Twill your tongue round the crown and lick her labia. Lap softly into her yoni as you continue gazing into her eyes. Salivate generously; lubricate the orifice.

After twenty to thirty minutes honoring her yoni, say, "Iíd like to enter your sacred cave with this (right ring) finger." If she agrees, lick your finger so itís quite moist (or use an internal lubricant like Probe or neem oil). Place the tip of your ring finger pad just inside her vaginal opening. Say, "Pull my finger in." When you feel her vaginal muscles pulsing on your finger, let her pull your finger into her cave.


Curl your finger pad inside her yoni toward her navel then back toward her inner legs, so it rests gently against her sacred sector. Breathe together and keep your hand still for ten deep breaths while you imagine that your finger lovingly reaches inside her to her heart. Begin a light "come here" motion with your ring finger; let the pad of your finger caress the tissue that covers the sacred sector. Slowly and softly trace, in thirty to forty strokes, the inner surface of the top and upper front of her cave from cervix toward the top of her caveís opening. Keep kissing her pearl and lapping her labia, releasing lots of saliva as you massage her yoni. Then, for forty strokes or so, turn your wrist from side to side. Trace a crescent over the sacred sector with your finger pad.

Sweep (turn your wrist from up to down) the left half of her cave. Slowly skim the front of your right ring finger from the cave roof to its floor and outside door. Remove your right ring finger and insert your left ring finger inside her yoni. With your left ring finger, stroke the right half of the yoni roof. After a few minutes, change your position to ease your back and neck. Withdraw your left ring finger from her cave, and put your right ring finger back in. Rub, tap, and touch all over inside her cave. Stroke different levels of pressure, depths, speeds and rhythms. Trace the throbbing veins and, deeper, arteries. Press gently to the bone in each part of her cave.

After fifteen minutes, say, "Would you like me to pet you with two fingers inside?" If she consents, curl the underside of your right middle and ring fingers together along the roof-beam of her yoni. Move your finger and down the transom over the door and out the yoni, with a "come here" motion. Then focus your fingers inside her on her sacred sector. You can feel it through the inner vaginal wall, between the wall and the pubic bone, above the orifice. The sector feels like a bean-sized lump that may grow to silver-dollar size as you stroke it. Initially, when her sector's stimulated, she may think--though sheís just emptied her bladderĖshe needs to urinate. Let her try to do so until no urine comes out.


Unite your fingers through her lower abdomen. Press your left hand down on her lower belly just above the pubic bone. Feel her sacred sector swell between these fingers on her abdomen and those in her vagina.

Move your head from side to side; alternate stretching out on your belly withdrawing your knees under you to prevent back and neck pain. Either pain can distract you from your role as Giver.

If you find menstrual blood on your fingers, let her know you feel honored by this intimacy; stripe the blood across your chest and thank her.

Your Receiver may enjoy all the touching. Some Receivers feel indifferent to sacred sector massage at first. Most women, however, savor some sacred sector stroking. Remember your Receiverís pleasure points.

COACH CATHARSIS A Receiver may block pleasure, orgasm and ejaculation. If she tenses, numbs or burns at your touch, encourage her to free associate, to remember touch, sex and times that traumatized or closed her down emotionally and sexually. She may have past life memories or fantasies.

She may yell, cry, laugh or make strange sounds. Tell her, "Let your feelings out, Sweetheart." Hold her while she screams, sobs and says what she needs to say to each person she thinks hurt or neglected her. If sheís angry at you, say, "Say it louder. Let me know how mad I make you." Stay centered.

Ask her to fantasize and roleplay redoing the painful, humiliating or inappropriate scenes that traumatized her; keep your fingers lightly on the area that stimulated her catharsis. Enact the part of her father, mother or boyfriend the way she wished they were in the scene she recalled.

When she relaxes again, move your fingers to and from the area that stimulated the painful memories and an area that felt good when touched. Let your fingers stimulate these two areas till she says she enjoys touch both places.

ENCOURAGE EJACULATION When she recognizes, releases and creates alternative outcomes paired with pleasure, sheíll likely orgasm (spasmodically contract her vagina).


She may simultaneously ejaculate--dribble or squirt (a few cubic centimeters to several ounces) amrita, divine nectar clear or slightly milky, sweet- tasting, alkaline fluid from her urethra. Breathe with her; stroke her, make sounds with her. When says she feels like sheís about to ejaculate, say, "Push out on your uterus, like youíre delivering a baby."

Donít pressure her to ejaculate. Itíll happen when sheís ready--if not this date, then on subsequent dates in the weeks or months to follow.

When she does ejaculate, tell her, "Youíre beautiful," "I love you," "Youíre coming into your power," and other affirmations. These affirmations imprint powerfully as she ejaculates.

Gather some of her amrita on your left hand. Taste it. Say, "Yum." Dab some on her lips so she can taste how sweet it is. Keep your right hand in her yoni. Hold her close.

After several minutes, with added lubricant, very carefully (to prevent tearing the now-desiccated tissue), withdraw your fingers. But keep your hand on her yoni, outside. Lie next to her and hold her tight. Refrain from demanding or even implying that she satisfy you sexually. This date, sheís Receiver. If she wants other sexual experiences with you and youíre amenable, give them; but let her initiate.


Sometimes I feel as though I've just been beamed down by the mother ship and they've taken off and I have no idea if and when they'll return. I know I came from a very advanced race that had evolved light years beyond warlike thoughts and resided close to the heavenly realm. I just don't get it, when it comes to war. I have no idea what's so exciting about bombing babies, old folks and pregnant women? I can't comprehend the juice behind blowing up people's homes and irreplaceable ancient artifacts? I don't understand the me against them mentality created by artificial borders and patriotism when I know we're really all ONE, part of the Godhead. I no comprende patriarchical and dominator consciousness mentality when I know we're all EQUAL. It does not compute. And in my mind, when there's a dispute, what's wrong with sitting down face to face with a cup of tea and talking it out?

I realize that my microcosm reflect my macrocosm. There are wars within myself, my family and my community. And like so many of us here in Maui, a wonderful haven for us old hippies, I see the greater picture. I've been known to climb onboard my soap box, jump aboard the peace train and launch rallies to save the world.

I admit I'm disillusioned and disheartened about my community. And in reality, this community's no different than any of the others where I've lived. So I suppose I'm feeling those things about myself. Yeah , that's true. Ok, time to put on the brakes. I'm about to downspiral into that dark hole where I often send myself.

Perhaps this is all just what it takes for the evolution of consciousness. By this I mean the war, both internal and external. I've been learning about consciousness and what it takes to wake up and know oneself, and the key factor is intimacy, (into-me-see). To know oneself is to love oneself. So how do I fare?

Right now I'm deeply connected to two beings; my husband and my cat.; I'm moderately connected to about 5 -10 close friends, and the intimacy dissipates exponentially as the circle of secondary friends, ex lovers, acquaintances and associates expands until it encompasses just about everyone I've ever known or met, dead or alive. I wonder about how many people that might be? There must be ways to calculate the stats of how many people the average American woman has met, one who's traveled on a moderate level and who's lived 49 1/2 years.

My husband, who's just an amazing being if I haven't already told you, explained to me about his system describing the evolution of consciousness. Since it resonated with what I had experienced thus far when I heard it, I listened attentively and took in as much as I could. I know I don't recall it exactly as he intended, but here's what came through my personal filters.

Before conception, we're one. When we first come into our embryonic body, we identify with our mother, feel like part of her until our bodies get big enough so her womb restricts our movement. That's where we start fee ling separate. During labor, we get a sense of life-death struggle and also cooperation as we and mother push in the same direction. In the next stage of our evolution, delivery, our separate self-sense grows. Later we grow and bite our big toe and discover we have a body, we become a pre-verbal body-self. Ouch! When we get language we identify with the label "Good Kid" and disidentify with "Bad Kid". In this stage-facade/shadow or primary/disowned subselves, most of us identify with our intellect, which rides our body like a horse or drives it like a truck. .

Some of us never get past the subpersonality (mind) stage. We never realize that we're more complicated than our minds, that we have many part s that have voices, that each voice contributes to the total ecology of the self and that each voice is valid. Many of us don't develop oneness within. We often go through life thinking we are what we think and see w hat we don't recognize within ourselves in others. Often these projections are seen as negative traits and we feel more separate.

In the next phase of development we are one with our bodies. That means we react from a sense of wholeness, organismically (simultaneously wit h our body and mind). Subpersonalities are integrated within our body.

Some of us evolve past even bodymind integration and sense we need something outside of ourselves to feel whole. We move into dyadic (two-person) consciousness. In dyadic consciousness (traditionally pairs), we relate intimately with another person. Our separate bodymind self-senses dissolve and we begin merge into oneness. When we make decisions as this new two -person entity, we take the others' thoughts and feelings into consideration and weigh them as equal to our ow and frankly, considering each other so much is a difficult dance.

We float in and out the stages of consciousness evolution. We see the stages in dream states, when we're high (on whatever), in trance, meditating, making love and orgasm. There may be a time where we become firmly conscious in a level. We think we have arrived and know it all, but often realize that this too is just an incestuous interpretation of reality . At that point, viola, clouds dissolve before our very eyes and we se e yet another horizon.

Beyond dyadic consciousness we can evolve to triadic (three) and group consciousness. If we merge and feel oneness with one other person, then theoretically, we can feel that with more than one person. That's what happens for families who are deeply involved with one another and for some who are polyamorous or swingers. Even families, polys and swingers who achieve unity of consciousness seldom sustained that depth their entire lives. But some is better than none. We, as a species, are totally capable of group consciousness and maintaining it over longer periods of time.

Tantra, sacred lovemaking, assists the evolution of consciousness. Tantra lets us drop our separate self-sense and feel oneness with others and the Universe. With tantra, we move into states where we recall union , what we were like when all souls were one. We see we can bring heaven to Earth. We remember our multi-dimensional selves.

Beyond group consciousness, lies other, more inclusive realms. The re's Humanity Consciousness, Gaia Consciousness, Solar System Consciousness, Milky Way Consciousness and more, until we reach the Metacosmic Void, where everything exists only in potential and constantly arises by lila (Divine Play).

With high spiritual practices, meditation, sacred sacraments, lovemaking and through personal evolution, we glimpse heaven. In heaven, we KNOW there's absolute peace. Our juiciness comes from the joy and bliss we feel when we co-create with God/Goddess and literally create new worlds! We see ourselves as divine archetype--loving, angelic, civilized, cultured, refined, beautiful beings that embrace all that is glorious, sacred and divine. We're able to solve all differences and disputes, softly, kindly and lovingly over a warm cup of tea.

Zoom. Back to Earth. I love to venture, even if it's just mentally to these realms and I invite you to join me in my travels there for i t is here (there?) we can begin to see the possibilities. If we can just IMAGINE these things could happen, we've taken the beginning step to manifesting magic right here in our third-dimensional reality. We can bring heaven to Earth.

While I speak of levels and dimensions, I don't mean a system of hierarchy. All levels and dimensions are perfect and divine. It's okay to be wherever we are, when we are. Each state has it's purpose and bliss. Being one with Mom in the womb is probably as heavenly as being in heaven sitting beside God/dess. Each state is Heaven. We exist simultaneously in all levels of consciousness and awareness. All vibrational levels, from the dense matter level of the Earth plane up to the light, airy, fairy space of "heaven", are equally valid, joyful, fun, blissful, heaven. We've arrived, become conscious. We are actualized here enjoying this moment, this now.

We're all interconnected, interdependent. When we internalize that we could not bomb a baby? We could not destroy beloved Gaia? That would be like cutting off our own arm.

And yet, sigh, isn't cutting off our own arm just what that hiker did? You know, that fellow whose arm was caught under a rock and he hung the re four days til it was either chop off the arm or die?

I guess there are circumstances where we cut off our own noses to spite our face. Is that why we march off to war, murder, kill and die? Is it because somehow a part of us has become "the apparent other" and that part is no longer supporting us, but is causing us to die?

See the circle? Round and round we go. Sometimes up, sometimes down. However, I'm jumping off.

I see peace on Earth. Can you see it too? I think we can achieve peace. Peaceful co-existence is our true human potential. Would t hat be juicy? Could you get behind that? Wouldn't it be great if we al l honor, love, respect and adore each and every person (being) of this plane t, consciously conceived and raised each child? Imagine we welcomed ea ch new soul with open, loving arms with birthday parties at their births, smiling souls surrounding them? There could be enough food for everyone. And wouldn't it be lovely if tired parent could have his or her babies take n care of by professional mothers (who would be highly trained naturally nurturing men and women)?

Governments and corporations have the technology for free energy and the technology to clean up the planet. They hold back technology that cou ld free and save us. It's not too late. We've just got to make i t so unpopular to be a Draco.

What's a Draco, you ask? I've been reading David Icke, Preston Nichols, James Marrs, Stewart Swerdlow, and about three dozen other mainstream, alternative speculation writers who say Earth is ruled by the Draco energy of the Illuminate/Bilderbergers/Vatican/Trilateral Commission, et al. All the good old Draco boys are of the 3% of society that controls all money and resources. The secret societies of the Draconians are composed of the people of elite bloodlines, royalty, and those descended from Kings. These covert rulers of our planet are reptilian inter-dimensional and/or extraterrestrial beings who have controlled the planet for many thousands of years. They've created humans as a slave race to serve. If Dracos are not physically reptile, they are reptilian in a metaphoric sense of unemotional, cold-blooded, hierarchic, ritualistic and ruled by survival instinct. They connect primarily to their reptilian brains and they operate energetically from their Draconian realities.

The Dracos control, dominate and economically enslave humanity. They encouage division over religion, race, gender, sex. They demonize humans , see us as less than they are. They distance themselves from us, rape us, violate and control us. They see us as cattle, sheep, chickens, to devour. They domesticate us, they consider us stupid animals. They refuse to see the divine within us. We sheeple suffer in lack-conscious ness, materialism, competition and war. We worship in dogmatic religions that lack spirituality and keep us spiritually un-evolved so we never know who we really are. Under the Dracos, we never discover our innate, supernatural abilities that we have and free ourselves from the godspell.; We're in the matrix.

Sounds crazy on one hand but doesn't it ring somewhat true? I know this theory may sound outrageous, but the point I'm trying to make is whether Bush, Blair, Bin Laden, Sadam and the Queen Mother are reptiles, they exhibit reptilian (primal brain, fight or flight, competitive) mindset.

The Draco/Illuminati/Bilderberger Theory may or may not be true, but it does have it's fun side. I mean the image of stuffy Charles morphing into a slobbering dragon is kinda hysterical, right? However, the baby- eating, heart-ripping ritual stuff reminds me of ancient Aztec sacrifices. Which brings me back to the main point.

Each part of us, spiritual, reptilian and mammalian contributes to us.; The reptilian brain (brain stem) develops early on when we're in utero. The reptilian brain is essential for our survival. It's crucial for us to be able to fight off the lion. The Draco part of us has it' s time and place to help. We really couldn't invite the charging lion to sit and sip tea with us and expect much of a response, could we?

In an ideal world, maybe we could throw the lion a bone and he'd chill out and purr. What kind of bone could we throw the war-mongers to pacify them? What could we do to entice them to tea? I know if they could feel us, face-to-face, eye-to-eye, they'd recognize the consciousness t hat runs through them runs through us too. We are they. We'd all remember we're one.

Each of us are ambassadors. The names in our address book are those whom we serve. There's only six degrees of separation from any other person on this planet. The "lowest" is connected to the "highest. "We're all related, all family. You may've already been invited to tea with a Draco. You may already have counseled with the Illuminati.; What kind of impression did you make? Did you open your heart, remain in love? Did they see your soul, feel your oneness? Did yo u connect and recall you both come from Source?

I realize, I, like anyone, can change this world. I am saying CAN. We do it together, one person at a time.

5. TIME IS ON MY SIDE: WORLD ORGASM DAY, AUGUST 12, 2003 Janet Kira Lessin

I, like you, can change the world. We can do it together, one person at a time. If we change one person, we can change people. If we change people, and people change the Morphogenic Field, we reach critical mass and influence the very course of time itself. Can we move us to another reality beyond the Eve of Destruction and the Orwellian Big Brotherhood? And what is time anyway?

Jane Roberts channeled Seth who proposed that time ("temporal consciousness", he calls it), is a dimension of action. Time is an accessible, malleable vibrational frequency. Frequencies are the causal factors behind physical manifestation.

Time researcher Preston Nichols studied time and consciousness in the Montauk Project. He showed that time and consciousness are shaped by frequencies and magnetic fields. He pinpointed 2003 as the year closing out one end of the "time wormhole" that first opened in the Philadelphia experiment August 12,1943. According to Nichols, the Illuminati, Draconian orchestrators of the Philadelphia time experiment moved closer towards establishing their demonic New World Order (NWO) by following our planet's natural 20-year biorythm cycle. They knew the power of ritual and knew if they synchonized their rituals with certain dates held at sacred areas located on high energy power points (ley lines) on the planet, they could maximize their desired outcome (NWO). The Illuminati, Nichols said in his series of books on the Montauk Project, began changing the course of time on August 12, 1923 with a Satanic sex-magick ritual conducted by Satanist Alister Crowley in the Great Pyramid at Giza. In 1943, the Illuminati followed up with the Philadelphia Experiment. The experiment, which at first seemed like a failure since the soldiers on board ship either died or went insane, had succeeded in blasting a hole into hyperspace.

Nichols further elaborated in the Montauk Series what happened in the aftermath of the Philadelphia Experiment, an "Above Top Secret" Project. Experiments dealing with time travel, hyperspace and mind control continued at Montauk and Bookhaven Labs and probably still exist. In 1963 shortly after planetary biorhythms were in alignment again in August, President Kennedy was assassinated. By August 1983 researchers deciphered much of what had gone wrong in Ď43. They were well prepared when the time portal reopened that summer and recovered the shipmates who'd fallen overboard forty years before.

Terrors continued. Reports from the Montauk Experiment survivors indicate dark forces mastered time control and have pretty well locked us into the NWO timeline that we're currently experiencing. Here is twenty years later, and this is the year the time portal opens again. With the world on the brink of war, with Big Brother tightening his grip, when we wonder what more can go wrong, we must ask ourselves, what awaits us in 2003?

The Illuminati Dracos promote leaders like Hitler and to this day back rulers on both sides. While they may appear to oppose one another, it's just for show; they're actually on both sides of the same coin. The Illuminati bets on both sides and never lose. If one side destroys, kills the masses of the other, the Illuminati bosses award building contracts to their industry of the other side import slave labor.

Look at the world leaders. See the Dracos. Judge for yourself. Who disrespects consciousness? Who elevates themselves above others? Who doesnít feel us?

Evil is disrespect for consciousness. If a world leader disrespects consciousness, theyíre evil, Draco. Consciousness disregard is the litmus test for the Beast. You know who they are, no one has to tell you. You see them for yourself. The Emperorís naked. See who you are from this new perspective. See where you stand.

Meanwhile, with wars and rumors of war, we remain destabilized and powerless, enslaved by economics or war or threats of war that keep us rooted in survival mode till weíre clueless as to what hit us. Is it all hopeless? What can we possibly do? Must we remain enslaved to the godspell forever? Will the puppet masters pull our strings for eternity? No, we have choices. There are solutions and they are legion.

Join us and act collectively in our colorful playing field of consciousness. Do you see a world of peace, love, freedom, happiness and win for all? Envision it. That's step one. Good. We are well on our way to create heaven on earth. On top of it, this'll be fun. We'll laugh at the silly ones who play with guns and bombs. I invite you to use your imagination and create a world of bliss and do so in whatever manner inspires you the most positively.

What excites you, ignites you, turns you on? What gets you high on life? What gets you off? Is it is a lover? Career? Nature? Children? Song? Dance? Sport? These are "orgasms" unique for each person. Some orgasms may be sexual but often theyíre intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, whatever floats your boat. These are the things that inspire you, make you want to wake up each morning and greet a new day. These are your personal epiphanies.

Come with me and imagine it's true that time is an illusion, that all time exists in the simultaneous now. There's a lot of science to back this. The latest research in quantum physics theorizes that all matter and time exist in an all-encompassing "zero-point field". One of the chief principles emerging from this postulate is "non-local" reality. Non-locality suggests that one need not be present in the same time or space in order to experience or influence the events occurring in another time or space. If that's true, then we can affect time and space no matter when and where we are.

If all realities simultaneously co-exist, and the current exterior reality that you collectively see and experience is not the reality you chose, then all you need do is claim the perfect world you want to perceive. Now, in this moment, change your exterior reality to reflect what you really want to see. You don't have to wait. Now's the time to acknowledge that you are responsible for the appearance of your projections. You are a powerful and limitless creative beings, truly a co-creator with God. It's time to claim your birthright, discover who you truly are. You are more than five-senses, third-dimensional reality.

You are multi-dimensional being existing simultaneously in various heres and nows. Where you believe you are is simply a matter of focus. From this new viewpoint, you realize youíve bought into the Armageddon illusion. While there's a part of you that persists and believes in solid space and linear time, you realize you can relax as that is a part of you that was necessary to anchor yourself in this now in order to function. You know you are more complex than that one part. You realize that you are simultaneously experiencing 21st century Earth while you also exist as an Ascended Master, Guide, Guardian Angel or other being from higher realms. From this perspective, you clearly see the grand picture and know you can step through any hole in time and space anywhere, anytime you chose. Take your new mindset, place it deep in your heart and anchor yourself ourselves into a utopian reality that's win for all. You KNOW you are ALL. You embrace both the Earth reality and your newly visualized heaven. Begin you return and shift your focus to you daily experience, this here. Maintain a firm hold to your love archetype.

If you get confused, check your heart. Your model of divine love is still there. You have the ideal where you create love for all, where no one will ever be left out again. Here you feel connected to everyone.

So how do we survive the Eve of Destruction? How can we overcome? How can we do something positive that we may not feel so helpless in a world that seems to be spinning out of control? First of all breathe.


Second, I have something fun I'm planning on doing. If you want, you can join me in an exciting experiment that may change the morphogenic field into a lovenet. No harm befalls me or you or anyone else who chooses to participate in this experiment. We may save the world.

August 12, 2003 is the anniversary of the opening of the time wormhole (and we have no idea what our crazy cast of characters: Bush, Blair, Bin Ladam and Sadam have planned for day). This might be the perfect time for positive, tantric sex magick. Big Brotherís timeline separates from the Christed Consciousness Timeline of God August 12, 1923 when Alister Crowley performed a Satanic sex ritual. Weíll countermand and reverse Crowleyís shift by doing tantric, magical, orgasmic energy rituals to shift back to the light. I DECLARE AUGUST 12, 2003 "WORLD ORGASM DAY" . August 12, 2003 enjoy your orgasm, enjoy our simultaneous orgasms whatever way turns you on. If you're not comfortable with sexuality, activate your own ideosyncratic epiphany that day, all day. August 12, let's create magic and shift the morphogenic field, return back to a world of love, light, peace, freedom and happiness, win for all.

Until World Orgasm Day, I start with me, Janet, and my Inner Selves and my dyadic relationship with Sasha. I donít know which moment is my last. I appreciate each moment, each breath, for they are precious. I adore my life with my dear husband, Sasha. Weíre very much in love and incredibly deep with one another. Each day is divine. Each night we sleep together--snuggled, entwined--with Cleo, our aristocat, draped across us. Our little tribe. We're safe, warm, comfortable, nestled. We purr. We're home; we have peace. I look inside, feel my heart and no longer feel like an abandoned star child, lost in a hopeless world. A miracle. Sasha and I, in our lovemaking dance, often merge so completely, we find ourselves in the Metacosmic Void. There we know we have all the time in the world. It's wondrous. Come join us.

6. TANTRA CONNECTION: More Loving - A Synergistic Network for Dating, Mating, Relating and Co-Creating ( - (Temporary link until site is transferred)

Iím thrilled to announce that our new web site, is UP! I created this site in response to the many pleas we've received from School of Tantra students who wanted me to find dates and mates for them. Not only was I being asked to be a matchmaker, I also had to keep track dozens of stats on these people; location, height, hair color, etc. It became quite apparent that in order for me to keep the facts straight and be the ultimate matchmaker, I'd need either a super-huge memory or an incredible database. I knew my memory wasn't going to work, so I began searching for the ultimate web guru and the money to finance it. The more I looked into it, the more I realized It was also pretty obvious that the existing dating sites out there weren't going to work, because they didn't take all the relationship structures into play and if they did, the sites were too pornographic to suit my taste. No, I had to start from scratch in order to take everyone into consideration; monogamous, polyamorous, playcouples, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, etc. Besides, there were also those who just wanted to be friends or those who didnít necessarily want a long-term relationship, but just wanted someone to go with to a seminar, party or cruise.

This site is unique in that it also is an affiliate program. You can now advertise you, yourself, your business or products in one central location where others can locate your information, descriptions and banners which they can download and feature on their sites. You give them a commission (either click, lead or sale) for promoting you and you receive the sales dollars right in your account. Members generate millions of storefronts for themselves literally all over the world. Now each of us can earn right-livelihood doing precisely what we want and not working for "the man"! Now thatís what I call paradise.

It's been a long, rocky road but after one false start where the web guru absconded with my money and didn't deliver (itís always something), I think we've arrived.

If you feel so moved, fill out a free profile. Sign up for our free newsletter. Make yourself known. Help us support you and all the lonely hearts out there. Pass our link around. At the very least, become a friend to someone. I welcome your feedback as I imagine the site may have some bugs at first. I desire to improve it in order to best serve you. This site, ultimately, is for you. My global vision is that we find each other, synergize, connect, help each other heal, promote love and wellness, create happiness and wholeness.

Besides the dating and affiliate aspects of our site, you may advertise your products and services directly on our site. I have experts monitoring this and the other sites in this web ring, keeping them at the tops of the search engines. New links and connections constantly accelerate this web ring higher and higher in search engines. So remember, one of the meanings of tantra is weave? Together we are weaving a huge internet web of love, spidering out to embrace everyone.

I'm also looking for quality articles to feature. I'd love to hear about your life and how you make it work for you. Write up your experiences and share your spiritual path. Weíd like to hear about you.

The fees we charge for the various services on the site are minimal. All excess is put right back into the project to accelerate healing for all of us. We envision a networked system of trained facilitators. We plan on hosting seminars, workshops and annual conferences held around the world. is part of a global web ring of sites supporting one another in the path to planetary consciousness. United we create a world where peace is the norm and war is a myth of the past. We see the golden age, it's easy to envision. Together we bring heaven to Earth.

7. TANTRA, HEART TALK & FUN FOR POLYS Loving More Pre conference intensive July 24 -25 HARBIN CA

Learn to love and play in fun ways that make you feel secure, sensual, empowered, open-hearted, heard, supported and spiritually encouraged. Enjoy supportive encounters, tantric energy exchanges, visualizations and communications. Compersion and linkage exercises. Celebrate and build a core community for the weekend conference. Register at 1 800 424-9561 or

GESTALT FUN & STRAIGHT TALK: HARBIN July 26, Morning Led by Sasha and Janet. Communications exercises and intimacy games from gestalt therapy (see"Talk Straight, A Gestalt Model for POLYS" Loving More, 26)--a system of direct, authentic communication and creative play. Register at 1 800 424-9561 or

8. CHOREOGRAPH THE VOICES OF LOVE : PAIR DATES, TRIADS, LOVE NESTS, LOVER NETWORKS: a seminar on loving the ones you're with, others too at the Loving More Conference, RAMBLEWOOD, MD., August 2. Led by Sasha and Janet. In a safe, playful, supportive atmosphere, learn to center yourself, recognize, coordinate and synergize your varied inner voices reacting to polyamory as you experience polyamorous simulations and opportunities in the seminar. Learn to love in ways that make you feel secure, sensual, empowered, open-hearted, heard, supported and spiritually encouraged. Enjoy supportive encounters, kind communication, tantric energy exchanges, visualizations and gestalt sharing. Learn how to use jealousy as a growth tool and practice empathy and linkage. Celebrate and build a core community to enjoy your life as chooser. Register at 1 800 424-9561 or

We get to know each other intimately. Learning to center ourselves, we recognize, accept, coordinate and synergize our own varied inner voices that react to relationships and love. Practicing with each other, we learn how to convert our interactions from sour to sweet, sharing vulnerabilities. We see how aspects of other people that sour us do so because they resonate our own underdeveloped voices. As we accept these voices in us, we simultaneously enjoy their appearance in others. Accepting our varied inner selves helps us celebrate diversity in others and builds cohesiveness among participant .

9. NEW YORK CITY TANTRA RITUALS, HOW TO LOVE WOMEN, DELIGHT MEN - Dr. Sasha & Janet at Sexyspirits, 301 W, 55th St, NY, NY 212 581 2640, LOVE A WOMAN Tuesday, July 29, 7:30-10pm

Sasha and Janet lead. Learn how to help a women open all chakras as you communicate kindly and effectively, heal her wounds, remove her limits to loving in connected lovemaking rituals that bring consciousness to lovemaking, where lovemaking heightens spiritual awareness. The Lessins demonstrate how to give women the mind-blowing amrita (female ejaculate) orgasm.

DELIGHT DIONYSUS: HOW TO REALLY LOVE A MAN Wednesday, July 30, 2003 7:30-10pm

Delight Dionysus experiences, led by Sasha and Janet, give a man the support and emotional access he needs for integrated sexual and spiritual connection in lovemaking. The class has six parts: Put Him in the Mudra awakens all his chakras. Heal His Hurts teaches him how to meet his love-needs. Look at His Love Life extracts the lessons of his relations. Suppress His Squirt teaches him mastery of his own orgasm. Work His Wand and Bless His Base facilitate both catharsis and ecstacy.

TANTRA RITUAL Thursday, July 31 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Enjoy a fun evening of All-Chakra Tantra, Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessinís system of relating to lovers. In Tantra Ceremony (Puja) rites, we send, receive and blend with seven partners. As we rotate among partners, we exchange energy from our seven energy centers--chakras (members of a couple can, alternatively, do all the rites with each other).

The rite we do with each successive partner flows from a syllable of the Bija Mantra, where each syllable awakens a different chakra. One partner, one chakra: security, sensuality, power, love communication, insight and spirituality awaken. Then we return to our initial partner for the entire, kundalini-charged Mantra, expand your consciousness to one shared with your partner, with the group.

For further information, contact , see website,, or call 808 244-4103.


Sasha and I have created a new corporation, the World Tantra Association (WTA). The WTA web site is up and ready to go. Break out the champagne. Weíre ready to Christen this ship and launch her on her maiden voyage. What you see is but the beginning. More pages will be activated as proceed. This is only phase I and we plan on adding new features, such as an affiliate system. The dating section is up and we do hope youíll join. You may search for friends, lovers, associates and companions, the choice is yours.

The World Tantra Association is an humanitarian organization, here to serve all of us. We envision WTA will exist as an ongoing entity existing long into tomorrow and managed by our children and childrenís children. However, since Sasha and I plan to uncover the secret of physical immortality, weíll be there to watch!

We hope you're inspired to join with us. Help this organization grow and create a web of light that Ďll embrace the world and heal Gaiaís soul. The web site is a synergizing/networking/affiliate system that allows each of us to support and empower each other, and create right livelihood for all by referring us, our products, businesses, services and ideas.

11. STEWART SWERDLOW: Ex-Government Psychic & Montauk Project Survivor presents: The Language Of Hyperspace & DNA Level I - Friday, July 11, 2003, 7-9pm - $10 suggested donation (applicable towards weekend seminar) - Two Day Seminar - Saturday, July 12, 9am - 5pm & Sunday, July 13, 2003 - 9am - 3pm - $195 in advance, $225 at the door.

The Language of Hyperspace is the Original Language that emanates from the Mind of God consisting of color, tone and archetype. It is an interspecies and inter-universal language used by all beings. With proper training, you can consciously learn to access and interpret this language. During this seminar weíll cover the following topics and youíll learn how to:

* Access the 90% "unused" portion of your brain
* Activate DNA protein codes
* Understand messages from God-Mind
* Understand basic archetypes
* Synchronize, harmonize & balance your chakra system
* Expand your intuitive abilities
* Balance left and right brain hemispheres
* Contact dolphin frequency
* Use new meditation & visualization techniques
* Find your personal antenna
* Circumvent uncontrolled Kundalini activation
* Gain clarity in your mental work
* Activate your dream stage
* Unlock hidden DNA information
* Receive/understand DNA sentences
* Release blockages on all levels
* Open new pathways on all levels
* Find the true purpose of your existence
* Use basic color codes
* Dreaming & astral travel
* DNA & bleedthroughs
* Unlock mind patterns
* Out of body experiences
* Walk-ins and mergers
* Deep space travel
* Simultaneous existence
* Delta-T antennas & spirituality
* Layer color codes for healing
* Intermediate color codes
* Personal Galactic Origins
* True Galactic History

About Stewart Swerdlow: A gifted mentalist, Stewart is a medical intuitive who was born clairvoyant and has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind patterns. He worked as a psychic, mentalist and hyperspace specialist for over 25 years with top secret government parapsychology programs, such as the Montauk Project, that were part of the Philadelphia Experiment. Montauk Project Survivor Stewart Swerdlow was known as "Stan Campell" in the Montauk Project series by Sky Books. Internationally renown, he now teaches and consults for a wide variety of clientele, including medical doctors and holistic practitioners, business people and celebrities. A linguist who speaks over ten languages, Stewart says that the often considered "unused" 90% of your brain is actually in constant communication with the Mind of God, receiving information in the Language of Hyperspace. Because people are not taught to understand this language, only a small amount of this information is able to filter through to the conscious mind, mostly in the dream state. With proper training, you can consciously learn to access this language as well as unlock DNA sequences preprogrammed within you since the beginning of existence. This information will allow you to learn who and what you are, as well as your reason for being.

PERSONAL CONSULTATIONS : Stewart moves his consciousness into hyperspace to look at your chakra system, auric field and the personal archetypes that emanate from it. He then reads the mind-pattern that creates the archetypes and discusses your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. He gives detailed information on health, career, finances, relationships, residence, DNA and simultaneous lives that influence you now. He also gives you meditations and visualizations for correction and balance. In addition, he uses Universal Mind energies to facilitate healing by utilizing archetypes, tones and colors that enable you to remove causative mind-patterns. $125/hour. For further info visit To register for preview, seminar or to book a personal consultation: Call (808) 244-4103 or email,


At the School of Tantra you recognize and consciously synergize seven levels of consciousness: belonging, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, vision and spirituality. Then you help individuals, couples, groups and humanity accept, coordinate and integrate the seven levels.  The School of Tantra offers five certification programs, programs for practicing and teaching tantra, uplifting relating, ancient anthropology, existential reflection, childhood regression and pastlife rescripting.   

Each level has a one-week seminar and thirty to forty hours of what's called confluent homework assignments. The homework directs you into deeper levels of self-knowing and ability to encourage others. You practice guiding others in tantra, compassionate communication, existential analysis, Bija Yoga practice, regression therapy and integrating knowledge of Sumer.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS Earn certification in one or more of the professional fields we offer.  

Tantra Certification Program - Practitioner, Coach, Instructor, Lecturer & Professor
Relationship Certification Program - Practitioner, Tutor, Coach
Existential Certification Program - Practitioner
Pastlife & Childhood Regression Certification Program - Practitioner & Coach
Ancient Anthropology Certification Program - Reader, Tutor, Lecturer, Instructor

Take charge of your life. Get on a positive career track: graduate from a School of Tantra Program. Earn, in the shortest time possible, right-livelihood in a field that genuinely interests you.

The School of Tantra offers courses on a request basis to fit your schedule. If, for example, you reserve a specific week in October for certification as an Existential Practitioner, the school will teach classes you need toward this certification course that week.  

Each program--tantra teaching, relationship counseling, confluent educating, yoga guiding, regression healing and ancient anthropology lecturing--has distinct requirements which must be successfully passed for certification. Most of these programs require 4-6 weeks of experience, study and conscientious homework. Within each program there are 1- 5 certification levels. The Tantra Certification Program, for example, has five levels: Practitioner, Coach, Instructor, Teacher and Professor. Certification at most levels--Practitioner, Coach, etc., requires 30 hours of satisfactory participation each week in class and tutorials, 30 hours homework (which must be mastered to the instructor's satisfaction), and an hour ethics interview with the instructor. Students receive a Certificate of Level Completion for each level and Certificate of Program Completion for an entire program. Students receive a Certificate of Attendance for each week successfully completed within a level. Tuition is $1000 a week. Economically challenged students may be eligible for volunteer work in exchange for part of their tuition.

TANTRA PRACTITIONER, COACH, INSTRUCTOR, LECTURER & PROFESSOR Learn to teach All-Chakra Tantra, a path of consciousness expansion in which you learn principles to facilitate security, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, shared vision and spirituality within yourself and between lovers. Understand the principles of confluent education for teaching tantra. Learn to create and facilitate for individuals, couples and groups, tantra lessons that simultaneously teach the ideas, provide behaviors and access emotions. Practice facilitating Active Listening, Imago Management, Better Bonding, Relationship Fitness Training, Straight Talk, Tantric Lovemaking and Dreamwork Facilitation.

CERTIFIED RELATIONSHIP PRACTIONER, TUTOR & COACH: Learn how to listen to clients in a way that lets them feel felt and hear, understand and empathize with each other. Teach them to hold each other and find out what hurt and what they can do to make it better now. Show them how to practice kind yet authentic confrontation and grow from feedback. Help them experience inner voices and watch how they trigger complementary voices as they relate. Assist them in choreographing the dance of their subpersonalities. Prepare to teach Relationship Fitness Training, where lovers balance roles, feelings, expression, understanding and touching and talking. Learn to teach clients tantra and how to bring all levels of their consciousness into relations, open all energetic centers (chakras)Ėhealth, sex, power, love, talk, intelligence, intuition and spirituality.

CERTIFIED EXISTENTIAL PRACTIONER:  Relate existential philosophy to personal and interpersonal counseling. Learn to help clients reflect upon their being-in-the-world in terms of the subjective/objective and universal/individual continua (bipolar personality theory) and in terms of field theory, centering, and the hierarchy of levels of consciousness derived from phenomenological reduction. Help clients live from the existential ideals derived from field theory and reflection, constitution responsibility, self-disclosure, negation, anxiety and pain, finitude, non-being and death, reflection and epoche, inwardness, subjectivity and self-reliance, uniqueness and individuality, eternity and unity consciousness, freedom from guilt, affirmation of life, commitment and cathexis, reality, encounter and love, flexibility and adaptability, the flowing existential moment and futurity, growth and self-transcendence, and polarity, dialectic and contradiction. Apply techniques of clinical philosophy, logotherapy, gestalt to yourself and your clients. 

CERTIFIED PASTLIFE & CHILDHOOD REGRESSION PRACTITIONER & COACH: Teach those you counsel how imprints--from life history, womb-life, pastlife imagry and archetypal scripts--influence their lives now, dictate the ecology of their inner voices, dominate their bodies, project into their dreams and direct their spiritual aspirations. Learn how to direct them to modify imprints and scripts to suit their life today and tomorrow. Apply the reprogramming technologiesĖholotropic breathing, pastlife hypnodrama, primal and Fischer-Hoffman processes, psychosynthesis, voice dialogue centering and existential analysis to their emotional and spiritual growth. 

CERTIFIED ANCIENT ANTHROPOLOGY READER, TUTOR, LECTURER, INSTRUCTOR: Learn to teach the dynamic new Ancient Anthropology of Zecharia Sitchin, as interpreted by Dr. Lessin and Dr. Neil Freer. Zecharia Sitchin archeologically documents events, from the atmospheric crisis on Niburu--(the solar system's far-orbiting tenth planet), which propels the noble Enki and 600 miners and 300 shuttle crewmen to Earth 445,000 years ago for gold for Niburu's atmospheric shield--to the withdrawal of the Niburans from Earth after a nuclear disaster, 4,000 years ago.  In this program, you learn to clearnly communicate the evidence and facilitate students' creation of a new paradigm unfettered by the"godspell", the yearning for the return of our overlords.  

For more information write or call 808-244-4103 to register. To see more on our programs, go to and click on Education.


The Lessins seek six to twelve adults to join us in paradise in a conscious, tantric, naturist, polyamorist, meditative, psychospiritual community nestled a Maui jungle. You must be kind, honest, loving, open-minded, spiritual, neat, clean, tidy, quiet, reliable, responsible, financially-secure, non-tobacco smoking, environmentally-conscious, sex-positive and committed to work on and heal your family of origin hangups to join this experimental community and create a new model for extended family. We base our new-paradigm community on love and support for one another, kind, open and authentic communication, tantra, intentional family and intimate friendships.

Accommodations vary from private bedroom with shared bath and kitchen to small, private apartments. Members work weekly in community garden and grounds. Community activities include emotional support groups, workshops, parties and hosting. Applicants trained in healing arts, music, construction and gardening would help lots. Adults only. No new pets (we already have many). For application call 808/242-5921: leave name, address, phone and fax.

Join us Mondays for Conscious Communications (7-9pm), Wednesdays for the Spark Group (7-9 pm), Fridays for Mingles Mixers (7-9pm) and Saturdays for our couples Tantra Connection Parties (7pm). Call 808-244-4103 to register.

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if you must cancel notify us in writing to address below or via email at
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 The date we receive your written cancellation determines amount we refund to you.

Refund Policy for Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Services & Events:

Days Before Event Refund (in percentage of total fee for event, less $75 minimum)
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Full payment required for events $100 or less. 
50% deposit required when you make reservation for events or services over $100.

Balance is due in full a minimum of one week (7 days) before event to guarantee your time and space. 
If full we do not receive full payment 7 days before the event, reservation and deposit is forfeit. 

 Hawaii sales tax of 4.166% is added for all Hawaii events.

If you register but cannot attend, you may:
Apply your credit towards another School of Tantra service or event within one year (12 months)
subject to a $75 processing fees plus price increase, if any, of the service or event.

Returned checks will be charged a $30 bank service fee

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