Synergy Newsletter March 2003
Published by Janet Kira Lessin, C.T.I. and Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D.


We missed a month of Synergy Newsletter and the world went to war! Wow, we wonít do that again! Sorry. Just goes to show we lightworkers have to work triple overtime and canít take our eyes off things for a single moment!

I mustíve received at least 20 emails from our readers saying theyíve missed our newsletter and wanted to know the latest episode in the continuing saga of the Lessinsí Maui Community. My article, "Time To Be Me" touches on some of the nitty gritty details. Of course, thereís many more, but youíll have to wait for the next episode of Synergy (or maybe even my book!) Weíve had an extraordinarily busy month, full of positive things even in the eye of this storm. Spring has sprung and while itís true, the worldís at war, every system needs its perturbations in order to experience metamorphosis. So while many of us may not like it, energies are moving, and the shift for us has come with extreme highs and lows. Once again, the Universe shows us all is perfect in itís divine way. Iím sure in hindsight weíll discover the real meanings behind the now.

Back home at the ranch, Sash and I are busy making plans. While we are wise enough to know life is what happens when youíre busy making plans, weíre still planning on a full schedule this summer with our mainland tour. Weíll see what life actually delivers us, but in the meanwhile, weíre having fun. Schoolís filling up here at home in Maui. Weíre getting incredible response for our parties and events and our private practice (counseling, coaching and educational) is rapidly filling up. In fact, some days weíre working morning, noon and night just to maintain.

Weíll be holding our groups in Maui between now and our summerís tour. I would sure love to get a few tantra teachers trained and certified to carry on while weíre on the road. The second week of April weíre going over to the Big Island to present at the Network for New Culturesí 10-day retreat. The last week of April Sasha and Iíll be flying to NYC so I can film a "Dinner With Andre" style documentary based on my other field of expertise, UFOlogy (UFO studies). Weíre very excited.

Sasha, who got his doctorate in Anthropology in the 1960s has come full-circle and is solving many of the mysteries he first encountered in the field through his studies with Zecharia Sitchin (The 12th Planet). Sitchin deciphers ancient texts from humanityís oldest culture, Sumer. The Sumerians and other ancients knew plenty. In fact, weíre just now discovering the things they knew about our solar system. Too bad weíre bombing the Mesopotamia, because not only are a lot of folks dying, weíre losing a lot of our history. But then again, maybe thatís just the point. However, Iíll leave it at that and not go there right now. Iím certain weíll uncover more with the movie, which deals with ancient mysteries like these as well as the modern ones, such as the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Hyperspace/Time Travel Project.

This issue has so much it should probably be two! Iím really coming out of the closet with "Four Men and Two Ladies". In fact, I come out so far, I embarrass myself but I figure, what the heck, Iím 49 now, what do I have to lose! Sasha writes about his impressions of NonViolent Communications. Great stuff. Catch a class with Mel sometime. Sashaís going to master NVC soon and has already begun to integrate it into school and our private sessions. Shive Phre (SP), leaves us with a wonderful article on "Unity in Diversity". And blame in on my fingers, I couldnít help myself--I typed a political commentary called "Beam Us Up, Scotty" Sashaís got a wonderful piece on his Sumerian Tutorial. I hope you get turned on to the info, because If we get enough interest, weíll do a class right here at the house. Between the three of us, our creative dam just seemed to break, we couldnít stop ourselves. We all wrote a lot so here it is. I hope you enjoy.

Rounding out our newsletter is a brief description of all the all the seminars, courses, retreats and conferences weíll be a part of starting the first week of April. Sash and Iíll be doing a wide variety of events with many presenters in various parts of the country on many subjects, from tantra, polyamory to UFOís. Iím sure thereís some connection there! Well maybe weíll see you soon. Until then.

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Janet Kira Lessin

This issue contains:

1 TIME TO BE ME Janet Kira Lessin
    2 FOUR MEN AND TWO LADIES Janet Kira Lessin
5 BEAM US UP, SCOTTY Janet Kira Lessin
6 TANTRA SCHOOL - Monday through Friday
7 CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS Fridays 7PM led by Janet & Sasha
8 TANTRA CONNECTION PARTIES Saturdays 7PM led by Janet & Sasha
10 SPARK GROUP Wednesdays, 7PM led by Janet Kira Lessin
12 SUMERIAN STUDIES: Tutorial Study with Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.
16 TANTRACONNECTION.COM - More Loving: A Synergistic Networking Site for Dating, Mating and Co-Creating
17 WORLD TANTRA ASSOCIATION - Premiering in May, 2003
18 EXPANSIONS - July 2003 - with Janet & Stewart Swerdlow (The Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk)


1 TIME TO BE ME - by Janet Kira Lessin

Sasha and I have been in an accelerated dating frenzy since our lovers of four years dumped us two days before 09-11. At that time we made a conscious decision to give it all our gusto and date like there was no tomorrow, for we surely didnít know if that was a distinct possibility or not. And here we are a year and a half later, and the world situation is even more precarious.

We had high hopes weíd have our tantric-polyamorous family firmly in place and weíd be well on the way to getting off the grid and establishing our self-sustainable community. We saw our imaginary family, those special 6-12 adults, fall in love, grow closer by the days and make love as a group at least twice-monthly. The house was over 90% complete and the family business, The School of Tantra, doubled her revenues from the added labor of all our extra helping hands.

Truth is, our worldís nothing near what we imagined itíd be. Weíve had a series of not-so-great relationships which would almost seem humorous if they hadnít been so painful. We differed with live-ins on issues across the board: from ethics to finances to labor to lovemaking to sharing time. The builders took off with our building fund and just before they left, my female lover ran off with the lead builder to be monogamous only to end up returning to her greatest love, cocaine. To top it all off, another woman Iíd fallen in love with, one of the finest souls on this planet, died in a flood.

The only one thatís left here with us is Melanie. Sheís wonderful. I admire her more the longer I get to know her. However for now, weíve decided weíre just friends. SP went over to Oahu for a job and the next leg of his cosmic pilgrimage. He says heíll remain connected to us always, and considers himself to be our Oahu connection. Bottom line, weíve rented out most our units to "strangers". So much for community.

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.

Time for reflection. Sasha and I decided to take February off, my birthday month. I turned 49. Wow. That was big. Last year in my 40's. It was good taking a break. Alone time. Time to find ourselves. Sasha and I grew closer. So lovely. We continue to grow closer every day. Divine. However, I believe the greatest benefit I gained this month was that I found my most precious gift ever.... Me.

Iíve always been a Pleaser. I donít think Iíve ever really known what Iíve truly wanted. As long as I can remember, Iíve been a reactionary system responding to external and never-ending stimuli. "Give me this," "Do that." "I want this." Even the unspoken words, energy and body language from those around me, unseen but felt, were extreme pressures to hypersensitive me to succumb to their wishes and please them. All of them. Each of them. Itís been exhausting.

Sasha and I made some major decisions. We realized living together with people is much harder than having sex with them. Dah, I know. Major revelation! However, Iím not into casual sex. Dilemma. Maybe. Not really. We came up with a plan.

We decided weíd go with what is and be in the now. We decided not to be so anxious and push things when they just arenít happening. Itís ok. We came to the conclusion that there IS something to that old magical attraction of chemistry. Chemistry shows that souls have a message for one anotherĖkarma to share. Maybe thereís something to be said for falling in love. And what could possibly be wrong with having sex for a while? Check that out fully before going any further. Think really long and hard before moving in together and if we decide to do so, get that pre-nuptial written and signed. In fact, take the extra time to write down just exactly what weíre agreeing to before we decide to cohabitate. And hey, living across the island in separate houses maybe isnít such a bad idea.

Actually, I donít think Iím ready to date again. Not just now. I have that part of me thatís just not ready to do that one again. And do I have to? Or maybe I do. Iím not sure. However, I know one thing. I know how the universe works and as the old Rolling Stones song goes, "You donít always get what you want. But you find sometimes, you get.... just what you need."

After all, I met Sasha, the greatest love of my life, right when I made a conscious decision to be celibate after being in relationships, non-stop, for over 30 years, since I began dating at age 13. Just when I gave up on ever having love in my life, along came Mr. Perfect. In fact, he was one better. Mr. Perfect was Dr. Perfect and he lived in a gorgeous home in paradise, and.. he wanted me! So we fell in love, mutually, equally, intensely and passionately despite the best laid plans of mice and men.

So sure, maybe by letting go the universe will deliver what we want. And maybe what we want, isnít what we think we want. Maybe. Whatever. What I do know is Iím no longer attached and Iím ever-so-happy with what I HAVE in my NOW.

Sometimes you just gotta smile.

2 FOUR MEN AND TWO LADIES by Janet Kira Lessin

It's taken me five years tell what I'm about to reveal. I've been both proud and embarrassed that I simultaneously made love with four men and one woman. We let go, no holes barred and freely flowed with total abandon.

It had been a glorious day. Our house had been full with sixty-two free-spirited souls flowing to the songs of our two naked musicians, Stan and Vanessa. Stan--handsome, charismatic--resembled Jesus with his manicured beard, trim body and long flowing hair. Vanessa, sensuous and svelte, emphasized her stature with spike heals and a long, black cape. The cape highlighted her nakedness as it draped across her small, firm breasts. She lifted endless legs, dancing like a gazelle, tall and graceful and bent backwards in miraculous maneuvers while seductively stroking her mournful violin which wailed and moaned in tearful tones and triumphant tunes.

More people started to leave. After one particularly large group made their departure, I turned around to see who remained. Stan and Vanessa had taken a break, their instruments still visible, we knew they'd be back. Our long-time lovers, John and Jill snuggled in the corner. Gabriel, a lover I'd been with once before, had flown over from Oahu for this party and now hung back trying to find the time to talk with me alone. Sasha sauntered towards me and smiled, kissed me full on the lips then inquired, "Anyone feel like joining me in the hot tub"?

As the sun's final rays faded to reveal twilight's first stars, I undressed, grabbed a towel and made my way down the stairs to the hot tub nestled in the garden below. The night-blooming jasmine began to open and created an intoxicating aroma. I slipped my towel off, draped it across the banister and gently lowered myself into the inviting warm waters sighing as I settled between my beloved husband and my lover, Jill. I felt myself relax, tensions melt and my breathing slow to match the breathing of those around me. I felt shy as I smiled and looked around the circle, coyly connecting consciousness, one by one meeting the eyes of the sacred seven now assembled before me. We talked nonsensically, totally clueless, none of us realizing what was soon to transpire.

We dried off and returned to the living room. Someone asked Vanessa and Stan to play another song. obliged, reached for their instruments. "Wait", Stan commanded, "If we're to be nude, so must our audience". We laughed as we looked at each other and removed towels and sarongs. "Proceed", John said, "Your most gracious audience is now properly garbed and eagerly awaits the show."

I became totally enthralled in the movements of our performers. Was it my imagination or were they playing better than ever before? Vanessa was especially erotic. The crescendos of her instrument matched her movements and immersed us in seductive waves of bliss. Stan's smile contagiously affected us all, male and female, regardless of any previous sexual identifications. I saw everyone was in trance--hypnotized, mesmerized, energized. I was very turned on. It was inevitable; we couldn't help surrender.

Next thing I knew Jill and I were on our hands and knees facing each other and John and Sasha side-by-side their backs under us. Their lingams (penises) aligned so that Jill and I could easily access both as we honored their genitals they licked, stroked and sucked our yonis (vaginas). Jill and I alternated between sensuously kissing each other and licking the two lingams that bobbed between us. Gabriel and Stan inserted their throbbing members into our thoroughly moist yonis. I was in Seventh Heaven. Here I was honoring two of the most beautiful lingams I was ever blessed to have before me while kissing one of the most gorgeous Goddesses on this planet. In addition, I was being sent into bliss with two of my lovers kissing my clitoris while two other Adonises took turns thrusting in and out of my yoni. Vanessa decided to watch (as she did all evening), which added yet another level of eroticism. I could hardly believe what was happening. Part of me judged how naughty I was while another part giggled and applauded my courage and ability to turn on five awesome beings. I was in bliss, so happy. I don't believe I'd ever been so hot before.

The stimulation and energy was so intense that I thought I'd pass out from excitement. I rode the waves of my orgasms higher and higher and higher. I'd never experienced so many types of orgasms; they were so awesome they amazed me. Unlike any I'd ever experienced before, they came in so many variations increasing in frequency and intensity as the night rolled on.

Feeling the different and diverse energies of the four penises that freely flowed in and out of me was extremely stimulating and erotic. I connected with something deep and ancient within me. I thought
ĎĎthis is the true nature of woman; this incredible ability to experience this depth and intensity of erotic joy, love and bliss'. I felt that in that moment, I represented all women throughout all time. I knew that the experience I was so blessed to feel that night is every woman's birthright, if she so chose. I knew deep inside that feeling many penises and the love and adoration of many men at once is the natural state for women. I knew that there were other times, other worlds, other universes where females were free from inhibitions and shame.

For that moment in time, I was totally free of any fear and inhibitions. I shed a lifetime burden of repression. Once free, I became aware how cumbersome that pain, guilt and fear was upon my soul. The weight, once realized, is so impossible to bear. How have I been enduring it all this time? It's a wonder any of us survive it.

Periodically we seven lovers took a break and moved to the hot tub. We needed to slow our hearts down now and again for fear they'd explode. But we were so hot, we continued loving each other wherever we were.

We were beyond control. Even when we stopped to catch our breath and drink fluids so as not to dehydrate, we'd fondle each other. I remember smiling as I watched Stan slip up behind Jill and enter her, their hips gently pulsating as we paused momentarily to talk.

I felt intense love for everyone. I'd died and gone to heaven; or perhaps for that moment, we'd brought heaven to Earth. We'd dived in a pool of love which completely surrounded us, immersing us in divine love and sacred spiritual sexuality. We felt the oneness of all, experienced universal consciousness and connection to God herself.
It was getting really late. I still was so hot--on fire--and my thirst was unquenchable. I'd experienced so many orgasms, I couldn't count them. I needed to stop, to sleep. But I needed something to liberate me so that I could calm down and sleep. We'd been making love for hours and dawn was near. Jill and I had taken the men on a wild ride and they rode our Shatki wave til we had drained them. Well, except for one.

I looked over and saw Jill riding Sasha's lingam as he lay beneath her, a silly grin frozen on his face. I thought how cute he looked and felt such love for the two of them. Jill was moaning and singing, rocking, deep in a trance, obviously in a state of extended, full-body orgasm. Suddenly, she moaned and let out an incredible sigh of release from deep within her soul. She rolled off Sasha like a limp, wet doll, collapsed and instantly fell asleep.

Sasha was still erect. We have a relationship agreement that he saves his ejaculate for me. He nodded and I crawled up on top of his still throbbing lingam and eased it deep inside me. I groaned. He felt so good. Sasha loves nothing more than to service his Goddess, his beautiful wife, me.

I looked into his eyes, my beloved, my twin flame, soul mate, the other half of me. The connection was complete. I was so highly aroused I hadn't realized that I was simultaneously in my body and above it, experiencing and observing all that had happened. As I rode Sasha harder and faster, I zeroed in on his left eye, the God eye, and found myself again amidst the now roaring waves of pleasure. I grabbed his astral hand and rode on home back to source while sending energy in a circuit up my chakras, through his chakras and back again through mine. I sent my full consciousness to my genitals, connected with my power chakra and felt the deepest most intense orgasm I've ever imagined. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

Acetylcholine (ACH), that delightful body chemical that makes one fall asleep, raced through my body and began to overcome me. I felt myself relax. I stopped moving, sensed my body and expected to collapse into dreamland as Jill had done shortly before. But relief did not come.

I was still aroused! I looked at Sasha and he nodded and smiled. I went at it again, riding his lingam. I moved faster, harder, faster, harder. I felt myself rising, higher and higher. We merged completely. We became ONE! We flew outside of time and space. The orgasm I felt was so intense my brain exploded with stars in a cosmic display of creation. The energy blew out the top of my head, cascading in a thousand invisible lotus blossoms all around us. Chemicals rushed through every molecule of my body, clear to my fingers and toes. I heard myself sing the lover's song of bliss while Sasha let go his familiar regal roar as he released the seed he'd accumulated from the whole night of building up and holding back. His love juice poured deep inside me. It felt so warm and loving as his fluids filled me. His love poured from his heart and consumed me. I was eaten alive as I gobbled up every morsel of him. Yummmmm. I kept coming and coming, so much I thought I'd never be able to stop. My body pulsated with creas, those kundalini energy waves and pulsations that look like a petite mal seizure but feel exquisite to the one experiencing it. Sasha and I gave God a high-five as we looked her right in the eye!

We laughed, wiped the tears of joy from our eyes, collapsed and at last fell fast asleep and dreamed the well-deserved dreams of angels.


One of the most effective strategies I've experienced for loving communication is Compassionate Communications, CC. CC's four parts are 1. observe without evaluating, 2. share feelings, 3. state needs and 4. request, without demanding, what you need right now. CC may be expressed in words, facial expressions, body language, gestures, or just understood silently, when you internally experience empathy for one another's feelings and needs.

You and your lovers open each of your chakras more when you and they see and hear each other without blame or judgement, when you each state how you feel about what you observe, then express what you need, value, seek and feel, as well as the thoughts that evoke your feelings and, finally, when you listen empathetically to one another's requests for immediate response.

CC helps you and your lovers meet your needs at the first chakra, your health, safety, belongness and security center. CC builds security and safety: you learn you can count on each other to reveal your truths so you know what each of you is feeling and know these emotions will be expressed kindly. You directly observe and share your emotional reactions to one another's exercise, eating, and health practices. You each connect your needs to the emotional reactions you have to each other's health practices. As a consequence, you feel closer to each other. Closer, you're better meeting each other's belongness needs. And belongness needs are essential to first chakra health.

For your second chakras, sex, CC makes things clear and better immediately, as you each express your sexual needs and feel them received empathetically.
Third chakra, power, is served by the respect inherent in CC; CC incentives each of you to take your due in life and honor each other's paths.

Your hearts, Chakra Four, of course, open more fully as you give and receive CC and feel seen, felt, empathized with, and accommodated enthusiastically in your requests.

CC improves Chakra Five (Communication) contact as you express empathy and request non-punitively.

CC facilitates clarity, Chakra Six, deepening your understanding of each other as you practice intuiting each other's feelings and needs and requesting feedback on your intuitions. At the level of this chakra, which is also the vision chakra, CC focus you on clarity of perception: what you see and hear, the first step in CC.

Your Spiritual Chakras, Seven, open up as you increasingly experience your oneness with each other and all humanity through CC's simple expedient of observe, share emotion, request what you need.

Notice a negative emotional reaction you have to the behavior of your lover or a friend. 1) Tell her or him what you saw or heard her or him do or say. Then 2) say how you felt when you saw or heard the behavior you reacted to emotionally. Next, 3) share what ideas, hopes, fears, wants, needs or values of yours touched off your emotional response to his or her behavior. Then 4) request
ĖĖwithout any implicit punishment for noncompliance--specific behaviors( in the present moment) of your lover or friend that would meet the need in you that his or her behavior triggered. 5) Ask your lover/friend to give you feedback on her or his reaction to the four steps above.

I highly recommend Melanie's class on CC, Mondays, 7PM.

This article's based on Rosenberg, M., 1999, Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Compassion, Del Mar: PuddleDancer Press]


How can there be one path when there are so many different people , life-styles and cultures? What about all the prior and other civilizations, billions of people? The one path refers to each individual path. There is only one you, with one face exactly like yours, you have one physical life although we are all connected by DNA as one to a common biological, past. We continue as one cosmic life here and the here after when we rejoin the universal, evolutionary flow.

Love is the human energy that keeps us on the path
ÖÖromantic, erotic, filial or agape, are all rooted in our sexual-aggressive generator. It is the timeless spaceless center of the evolving vortex of life. The energy that ties everything together and gives us meaning and value. Where does love come from? This is shaped, in the family from the time we are born (and even before by our genetics and womb environment), until we leave home. This influence continues all of our lives. As we develop, we transfer love to others whom we allow to preform "family functions." We then recapture our early feelings, in the form of fantasies (most often unconscious), and continue love with "confused" sexual potential expression, which is shaped now, by the culture and society we grow up in. Follow the rules and you will be accepted, if you don't you will be scorned. So how we feel about love and express it depends on our families, culture and society. Although most ignore or deny, it's sexual origin. During this process, our identity boundaries become confused and it is difficult to know what is inside our minds and outside in society. This keeps us under the control of the outside civilization. The guide lines for sexual aggressive expression is determined by our society; which in turn is shaped by our religious and legal systems at any given time. Romantic love sets the format "Romantic love" becomes the natural, standard that demonstrates to all what love is. When we are in love we are healthy, happy, generous, giving selfless to our loved one and sexual relations become sanctioned. It is here that we see life demonstrating what love can be with every one all the time. How is it that romantic love goes away? What keeps us from feeling this way all the time witheveryone? (Agape).

First we have ignored the basic law of life, because our boundaries have been muddied and we don't know where the inside ends and the outside begins, so we revert to the family dream we learned from day one with mixed up love and survivial issues and fail to evolve to higher chakras or levels of "maturity." The first step in the direction of agape is knowing and accepting one's biological and psychological boundaries. This means moving beyond the family matrix of possessive and personal love, with its jealousies, competition and incest dramas in the family (past and present). A lot has to do the way in which we learned our boundaries. Were they set harshly and with fear? Or were they allowed to expand until we decided where we wanted to stop? This makes a lot of difference, later on in life. With most of us our boundaries were set from the outside in, based on the family, cultural and societal laws. This means we had to hide all unacceptable instincts that did not fit the powerful out side expectations. So we repress and suppress our sexual and aggressive feelings. At around two years old we see, the word no as a symbol of our reaction to outside limit setting by the family. This rebelling may not be seen again until we are in our "teens".then it may show up as violence or various forms of sexual acting out old instinctual patterns. This drama is so old and deep in the archetypes of our psychic. This is where we start our internal path to higher chakras if we can separate the law of the inside and the law of the outside. The inside route calls for different tools than the outside, even though their goals are the same. To move beyond this level on the inside; we need to know about ways of accessing our inner being. Pranayama, visualization, mantra, yantra, tantra and the expressions of the creative process. Any thing that aids you to introspect and move into the now where love resides. Which leads to peace, love and bliss. Whereas the outside demands that we learn and follow the rule of the games we are playing; to be successful, but will bring only temporary or transitory happiness. Both are going in the same direction but the only one we have relative, control over is our individual life. The outside depends on the powers that be; which through democracy, we are learning more about how each person can participate more equability.

Spiritual masters gave us the key. Masters from the east shared with us thousands of years ago what we need to do to achieve love, peace and freedom.

I- detach from our instincts and and desires. They failed to mention this is nearly impossible every thing in life is one; so it is impossible to detach, without reattaching to something. The process that makes sense to me is following, kundalini evolution which keeps moving up from first chakra to the third. After that it is up to each person, to keep the energy flowing to the upper chakras. We need to detach from our childhood possessive "romantic love" should we reach the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras, prior lateral attachment becomes vertical and internal.

2- the law which governs the internal life is different from that which governs the outside. To access the inside we can use a number of methods: i.e. pranayama, visualization, mantra, yantra and tantra; to mention a few. More recently, in depth psychotherapy has been added to this list. All are designed to focus on the now; in order to gain power over the ego and the mind.

3- the spacetime occupied by the masters, as demonstrated by their lives, I call cosmic consciousness. It is beyond all reason, and has many dimensions yet to be discovered. It is awaiting all of us should we follow the model of the masters, who personify the highest values in civilization (they synthesize scientific and spiritual principles).

What then makes it so difficult for us well intentioned people to achieve enlightenment during our first five years on the planet, which is the root of our life. We are imprinted with the family attachment, which is superimposed on the family-herd archetype, found in primates and primitive humans, going back millions of years. This is the matrix for our basic oneness and attachment; which is almost impossible to over come. We can change the direction upward and vertical if we know and follow the rules. Instinct and environment conspire to keep us functioning as one, under the control of our minds and egos, attached to the outside. So we will follow the masters as perfect parents and we are their "good" children. It is hard to use them as role models since we have no understanding of what that means. In many religions this is exactly what is espoused and is followed

Concretely, instead of understanding it on a the cosmic level. The creative process is the route to cosmic consciousness. It brings together all of the prior evolutionary energy. It starts at the top most level wth the first human to consciously express him or herself in the arts, science and spirituality. The modern understanding of the creative process, expands our understanding of the chakras, which follow an evolutionary spiral. In our recent research on, human development; we find the early masters tuned in on a universal truth with the kundalini, chakra discovery. Matter and energy are one and inter changeable, very, the same as we find in physics.

Choose, own and direct your path: in the final analysis your path is all yours; for to you choose it, it is still your path, choose it or not. Should you choose it, it is a lot more fun. If not, your instincts frustrate you at every turn. You will keep falling short of agape. Love starts from the inside out and must move beyond the third chakra to be unconditional. If your primary concern in life, is who loves you are still seeking parents and repeat of the childhood romance.

5 BEAM US UP, SCOTTY by Janet Kira Lessin

"You donít believe in war, but whatís that gun youíre totiní?" Itís damned near impossible not to get political these days and park your ass on one side of the fence or other. What an incredible time for self-reflection and discovery of who and what you really are, deep down, on a core-soul-essence level. Perhaps thatís the true reason behind war as the ultimate test of self.

These past few weeks Iíve tried to put myself in everyoneís shoes in this, the greatest of all psycho-dramas. I desire to move into witness, free of judgment, to identify with everyoneís pain and perspective, even if just for the moment, in order to reach a state of unconditional love and complete empathy for all my brothers. From a God-Mind perspective, thereís a reason for everything and allís perfect just as it is. And, it couldnít happen any other way.

Of course, I imagine, each person thinks they are doing whatís right, whatís best for themselves, their families, their country. Iím certain Bush, Bin-Laden, Blair and Hussein have each rationalized and justified their actions and intentions so clearly in their minds that they feel good about themselves and donít lose much sleep. There probably is some divine reason for all of this, that I judge as insanity. Iím just not seeing it. After all, we all have a need to survive. Our reptilian brain part of us does exist and serves a purpose. Itís probably the main reason behind humanityís survival as a species. In addition, everyone has a sense of "morality" and itís essential to feel good about oneself in order that we donít cut our own throats.


Iíve had all types of extremely interesting conversations about this war and its ramifications. Iíve had conversations on both sides of the continuum. Iíve had friends who come up and talk to me about all the conspiracy theories, the Illuminati and the Annunaki. I even heard that George Bush and the Queen Mother are members of a shape-shifting, inter-dimensional species of Reptilians, some of which live under the Earth, who are in allegiance with the extra-terrestrial Grays who grave our skies and abduct us. And on the other side Iíve talked to those who feel the war is the karma of those people and we just need to accept it. Some believe that we need to rid the planet of "evil," and that the war will last only a few days. Weíll be the heros as we free those folks so they wonít starve anymore, and so on, and so forth. Yup, Iíve heard it all.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But....

When I look deep inside, weigh and measure what each person says, feel what they feel and that dark, heavy cloud clears and all thatís left is me, Iím left with something very basic and core. I simply hate killing.

To me war is just so, so.. ..uncivilized! I mean, here we are after all these thousands of years of existence--all these years of wars, killing, rape, murder, death--all the pain and hardship that comes from such high drama--and when it comes right down to it, havenít we learned? I mean, donít we get it? Here we are reaching for the stars, with the height of technology, science, art and spiritual expression and we still canít move beyond swinging in the trees and simply BE civilized?

Weíve just had about fifty years of incredible progress and relative peace in a world where the population has topped six billion! Our population has doubled in my short lifetime alone and here we are, or I should say were until yesterday, living in relative peace, on the verge of solving just about everything!

And we let one crazy fellow, the village idiot, ruin that? I mean, arenít there really other options? Couldnít we sit down and have a good cuppa tea and discuss this before we blow up so many nice people and pretty things? I mean, think about it.

Recently Iíve been toying with idea of what it would be like if the Federation came down with their Mothership and said, Janet, youíre now king of the world. I mean, stranger things have happened, right? After all, Moses parted the Red Sea, Jesus fed a crowd of 500 with one fish and a loaf of bread, Ezekial went to heaven in a fiery chariot, etc. etc. So why not a Mothership coming down and appointing me Ruler of the World?

As silly as it may seem, letís just go with this, for arguments sake, ok?. I mean, why not? Before I used to think thatís impossible, Iím not qualified, but now since this administration I think, sure, I could do it. Iím just as good as the next guy, especially Dubya. In fact, Iíd be a better leader because 1) I think Iím a bit smarter, 2) Iím a woman, so Iíd probably have more compassion than George, 3) I have a big heart and 4) Iím definitely more awake and conscious, closer to enlightenment than GW.

And, think of it, any enlightened, good-hearted soul could really do this world leadership stuff. Theyíd simply surround themselves with experts to help them with decisions. Piece of cake. Iím just volunteering to do this Ruler stuff for a while here, in this scenario, just till we get our acts back together, ok? Iíll just do this for letís say, the next 500 years. After that, someone else has to rule. 500 years you say? Oh, I didnít tell you that Iíd release the technology that will permit us to live to be 500,000 years old, if we so chose. After all, I want us to become a wise race and I figure the one sure way we can become wise is if we live longer. Anyone anyone who lives to a ripe old age of 500,000 HAS to wise up. So you see, 500 years is a relatively short time.

So hereís what Iíd do to solve all the problems of the world. Like I said, I donít have to be the smartest person in the world, Iíd simply surround myself with the smartest, brightest people (and beings) in the universe. Remember, in this scenario, the Mothership just came down and weíre in the Federation, so now weíd have all the smartest beings in the galaxy, not just we mere humans. We can solve any problem imaginable.

Iíd open up all the secret files that the gov has regarding hidden issues like Roswell, The Philadelphia Experiment, underground facilities and free, clean energy sources. Iíd allow all the life-improving technologies to be given to we, the people. With freedom of information to have access to what we already know, (especially access to the already invented but subverted information on free energy), weíd have clean sources of transportation and food production. I heard that we already have Star-Trekian transporters, so we wouldnít need cars or planes anymore. There would be plenty for all. That would solve about 90% of the worldís problems, right there.

Next, Iíd distribute the wealth. Thereís no need for the elite to control all the money in the world when thereís plenty for all.

Iíd educate people about population control. If someone really wants to breed themselves like rabbits, thereís plenty of room for expansion as Iíd open up terraforming on the other planets in our solar system. Iíd encourage folks to settle strange new frontiers, just like our pioneer forefathers before us.

Oh dream on, prom princess.

Reality is weíre here and now. Bombs burst in the Middle East. Innocent women and children die before their time. Soldiers leave behind families. All, young and old, suffer and cry. Some things never change.

As a result of lifeís uncertainty, Sasha and I become more appreciative of every moment we have. We live each day as if itís the first and last day of our lives. With the world rushing by, we recognize the brevity of our twinkle in time. Our dance is so precious, when I think of it, it takes my breath away and brings a tear to my eyes. We are blessed each morning we wake in each othersí arms, our dear kitty friend nestled against us. The dark surrenders to a kaleidoscope of colors. Exotic birds send melodic challenges, create a chorus of heavenly song with their feathered brethren deep in tropical jungles. Itís good to be alive.

6 TANTRA SCHOOL - Mondays through Fridays - 9am - 5pm

Tantra School teaches you (whether you're beginner, seasoned tantrica, single or part of a couple) how to be an experienced lover, sexual healer, attractive date or perfect life mate. The Lessins demonstrate and you practice the art of conscious loving. You learn techniques of All-Chakra Tantra, client-centered therapy, voice dialogue, gestalt therapy, holotropic breathing and tantra and vini yoga so you feel strong, stretched and centered.

You also:
Explore your own life history to heal old wounds, expand consciousness, and grow spiritually.
Emotionally distinguish your lovers from fathers and mothers and stop projecting inner conflicts outward onto beloveds
Experience (then lead fellow students through) imago exercises to heal one another's hurts.
Rate and better your relationships
Honor your own inner voices and the voices of others
Unhook from former lovers
Mutually uplift yourself and those you love
Free your inner child
Delve dreams for messages
Liberate yourself from parental and societal programs and slave mentality,Upload addictions to preferences
Evoke the female ejaculate
Create full-bodied (kundalini) orgasms
Master ejaculatory control
Communicate clearly and authentically; share straight-talk
Understand more about yourself, others and life
Increase your levels of empathy, become self-assured and autonomous
Learn how to turn sexual encounters into transcendent experiences,
portals to experiencing oneness with beloveds and the Universe.

We hold Tantra School whenever we have two or more students sign up for the day or week. Classes are $100 day, $495 week. Limited accommodations available. Reservations required. 808-244-4103.

7 MINGLES FOR SINGLES Led by Janet & Sasha Fridays 7 PM

Lonely? Not anymore! Connect consciously and communicate clearly at Mingles, your weekly singles relationship class, party and support group. Beginners learn basic tantra skills and the latest methods of kind, loving, authentic communications. Engage, energize and transform as you mingle, talk, communicate your feelings and needs and learn ways to fulfill your desires. Then dance into the night, share stimulating conversation and join the magical mix as you connect consciously in a home environment. Here adults of all ages, colors and creeds meet and enjoy the music and company of other like-minded people. $20 Members, $25 Non-Members. Registration required. 808-244-4103. SINGLE WOMEN FREE!

8 TANTRA CONNECTION Led by Janet & Sasha Saturdays 7 PM

Seeking fun and adventure? Join us for Tantra Connection
ĖĖstructured parties for singles and couples; adults of all ages, preferences and persuasions. In a comfortable, safe, relaxed environment, monogamous to polyamorous, novice to seasoned practitioners enjoy Tantra Connection parties where they can learn, practice and choose coaching in advanced sacred lovemaking techniques. The no-pressure setting lets you safely explore and discover yourself while you learn to chose what you want for you and your partners in the experiential sharings. After class free flow and chat, dance, relax in the hot tub, exchange massages, whatever you chose! $20 Members, $25 Non-Members. Registration required. 808-244-4103. SINGLE WOMEN FREE!


Nonviolent Communications clarifies what our conditioning is and offers tools to assist us to communicate in an authentic, life-connected manner instead of in the way that we were taught to communicate. Communication is so intricately woven into our conditioning that when we change our communications we free ourselves of dysfunctional conditioned responses. This allows us to open to our authentic selves and brings us into a positive energy flow. The NVC tools are effective in any situation whether personal or professional. They work well in mediation and conflict resolution. Nonviolent Communications creates evolution of consciousness. By Donation. Registration required. 808-244-4103.

10 SPARK GROUP Led by Janet Wednesdays 7 PM

Reflection and introspection, two powerful tools for healing, self-discovery, spiritual growth and transcendence are developed and fostered in this weekly communication, discussion and support group. Explore your own inner dynamics, open to love and intimacy and discover the connections you've always longed for. Inspired by More University Mark Groups and in use for over 30 years, this simple format for clearing and communicating has been so successful, it's featured on an ongoing basis in major cities across the globe. We've created our own special format combining the best of More with gentle methods of kind and conscious communication, clearing and healing. At our group, you rapidly develop deep and intimate friendships and learn more about each other in one night than you would in twenty years. In a safe, comfortable, supportive home environment, you master methods to safely clear withholds that hold you back and hurt you and your relationships. By Donation. Registration required. 808-244-4103.


Sasha offers Gestalt Therapy [TP101], a graduate-level online course that can be taken as 3 unit college credit course from the University for Professional Studies or as a non-credit email tutorial with him. The course is confluent
ĖĖdirecting you to experiences that teach you direct, authentic mutually-satisfying communication within the parameters of the following gestalt ideals: Live now, concerned with the present, rather than past or future. Deal with what is present, rather than what is absent. Experience the real; do not replace your body experience what you imagine. Come to your senses; taste, hear, feel, and see your life right now than mainly analyzing it. Express your needs without manipulating, explaining, or judging. Fully feel and show your pain and pleasure. Make your own choices; accept no "shoulds' from others. Take responsibility for your actions, feelings and thoughts. See For the credit course or for the tutorial.

12 SUMERIAN STUDIES: Tutorial Study with Sasha

I've been studying the works of Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin archeologically documents settlement of Earth by miners from Niburu, the 10th planet in our solar system. He provides evidence, written in stone and clay, that settlers from a long-orbiting planet (now acknowledged as orbiting toward us again) settled Earth 445,000 years ago and, 300.000 years ago, genetically altered a local primate to serve them. Sitchin's information will totally change our world's paradigm. The evidence is undeniable, concrete and overwhelming. And I've been reading Neal Freer on the implications for human consciousness of the Stichin Thesis. Freer feels, and I agree, Sitchin should receive a Nobel for the most important contribution to our collective awareness since Darwin.

Sitchin meticulously translates Sumerian accounts of Niburans' genetic manipulation of Homo Erectus to create human goldminers and servants. In Sumer after the universal deluge, Niburans taught our ancestors elements of Niburan civilization-astronomy, math, agriculture, herding, writing, massive architecture, geological information about planets and moons--to better serve their masters. Earthlings in most areas settled by Niburans were conditioned to slavishly obey their Niburan lords; excess humans were banished to hinterlands. Niburans involved us as pawns in their perpetual wars with each other-including thermonuclear massacres of us at Sodom and Sinai.

Niburan evidence includes stone-carved star maps that accurately describe and map the orbits of outer planets (Neptune, Uranus, Pluto) invisible to naked eyes on Earth. Niburan maps gave precise landing directions through our solar system. Sumerians, trained by Niburans, accurately predicted Niburu's 3,600-year return. Niburans used rock moving technology vastly better than ours today to built massive navigational landmarks (the Giza pyramids, monuments on our moon, Mars and Mars', Phoebos). Sumerian scientific writings keep becoming confirmed as our science catches up with theirs. Our best museums have Sumerian carvings of rocketships and depictions of Niburans manipulating our double helix DNA to create the first fertile servant. The servant's intelligence was peer to his creators' from the getgo.

With Sitchin's Sumerian/Niburan evidence we can now fully free ourselves to create a new paradigm, a paradigm free from the"godspell".

"Godspell" is Freer's word for the yearning of humans abandoned by the Niburans (who phased of Earth around 1250 BC) to return and order us around more. Our yearning for such "divine" direction mutated into religions which mandated murder of millions for their particular gods=Niburans. The Niburans were, by and large, obsessed with genealogy, male superiority. Many Niburan lords were petty, murderous slavers, generally disrespectful of consciousness (See Innana's_Story) And genetically we're half Niburan.

Ah, but the other half, the Homo Erectus, the already evolving hominid the Niburans altered to be their servant: Homo Erectus, in tune with this planet, more cooperative and sexier too has much to contribute once we break the godspell of Niburu.

If you'd like to participate in a free experimental email study (where I ask questions and respond to your answers) of the Sitchin and Freer materials, drop me an email at

13. TANTRA & HEART TALK Network for a New Culture Hawaii Spring Gathering April 5-13, 2003 Big Island Puna District, Shivalila COMMUNITY Sasha & Janet teach participants to love in ways that make you feel secure, sensual, empowered, open-hearted, heard, supported and spiritually encouraged. Enjoy supportive encounters, tantric energy exchanges, visualizations and communications. Compersion and linkage exercises. $300 - 700 (sliding scale). We are a non-profit enterprise and whatever extra you pay goes right back into creating our experiment together and possibly generating another island event next year.CONTACT:;

14. TANTRA, HEART TALK & FUN FOR POLYS Loving More Pre conference intensive July 27 -28

Learn to love and play in fun ways that make you feel secure, sensual, empowered, open-hearted, heard, supported and spiritually encouraged. Enjoy supportive encounters, tantric energy exchanges, visualizations and communications. Compersion and linkage exercises. Celebrate and build a core community for the weekend conference. Register at 1 800 424-9561 or

GESTALT FUN & STRAIGHT TALK: July 26, Morning Led by Sasha and Janet. Communications exercises and intimacy games from gestalt therapy (see"Talk Straight, A Gestalt Model for Polys" Loving More, 26)--a system of direct, authentic communication and creative play.

CHOREOGRAPH THE VOICES OF LOVE : PAIR DATES, TRIADS, LOVE NESTS, LOVER NETWORKS: a seminar on loving the ones you're with, others too at the Loving More Conference, Ramblewood, Md., August 2. Led by Sasha and Janet. In a safe, playful, supportive atmosphere, learn to center yourself, recognize, coordinate and synergize your varied inner voices reacting to polyamory as you experience polyamorous simulations and opportunities in the seminar. Learn to love in ways that make you feel secure, sensual, empowered, open-hearted, heard, supported and spiritually encouraged. Enjoy supportive encounters, kind communication, tantric energy exchanges, visualizations and gestalt sharing. Learn how to use jealousy as a growth tool and practice empathy and linkage. Celebrate and build a core community to enjoy your life as chooser. Register at 1 800 424-9561 or

We get to know each other intimately. Learning to center ourselves, we recognize, accept, coordinate and synergize our own varied inner voices that react to relationships and love. Practicing with each other, we learn how to convert our interactions from sour to sweet, sharing vulnerabilities. We see how aspects of other people that sour us do so because they resonate our own underdeveloped voices. As we accept these voices in us, we simultaneously enjoy their appearance in others. Accepting our varied inner selves helps us celebrate diversity in others and builds cohesiveness among participant .

15. NEW YORK CITY TANTRA RITUALS, CLASSES ON HOW TO LOVE WOMEN, DELIGHT MEN taught by Dr. Sasha and Janet at Sexyspirits, 301 W, 55th St, NY, NY 212 581 2640

LOVE A WOMAN Tuesday, August 29, 7:30-10pm

Sasha and Janet lead. Learn how to help a women open all chakras as you communicate kindly and effectively, heal her wounds, remove her limits to loving in connected lovemaking rituals that bring consciousness to lovemaking, where lovemaking heightens spiritual awareness. The Lessins demonstrate how to give women the mind-blowing amrita (female ejaculate) orgasm.

DELIGHT DIONYSUS: HOW TO REALLY LOVE A MAN Wednesday, August 30, 2003 7:30-10pm

Delight Dionysus experiences, led by Sasha and Janet, give a man the support and emotional access he needs for integrated sexual and spiritual connection in lovemaking. The class has six parts: Put Him in the Mudra awakens all his chakras. Heal His Hurts teaches him how to meet his love-needs. Look at His Love Life extracts the lessons of his relations. Suppress His Squirt teaches him mastery of his own orgasm. Work His Wand and Bless His Base facilitate both catharsis and ecstacy.


TANTRA RITUAL Thursday, August 31 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Enjoy a fun evening of All-Chakra Tantra, Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessinís system of relating to lovers. In Tantra Ceremony (Puja) rites, we send, receive and blend with seven partners. As we rotate among partners, we exchange energy from our seven energy centers--chakras (members of a couple can, alternatively, do all the rites with each other).

The rite we do with each successive partner flows from a syllable of the Bija Mantra, where each syllable awakens a different chakra. One partner, one chakra: security, sensuality, power, love communication, insight and spirituality awaken. Then we return to our initial partner for the entire, kundalini-charged Mantra, expand your consciousness to one shared with your partner, with the group.

For futher information, contact , see website,, or call 808 244-4103.

16 TANTRACONNECTION.COM - More Loving: A Synergistic Networking Site for Dating, Mating and Co-Creating

I'm thrilled to announce that my new web site, is going to be up and running in the next two weeks. I created this site in response to the many pleas I've received from School of Tantra students who wanted me to find dates and mates for them. Not only was I being asked to be a matchmaker, I also had to keep track dozens of stats on these people; location, height, hair color, etc. It became quite apparent that in order for me to keep the facts straight and be the ultimate matchmaker, I'd need either a super-huge memory or an incredible database. I knew my memory wasn't going to work, so I began searching for the ultimate web guru and the money to finance it. The more I looked into it, the more I realized It was also pretty obvious that the existing dating sites out there weren't going to work, because they didn't take all the relationship structures into play and if they did, they were too pornographic. No, I had to start from scratch in order to take everyone into consideration; monogamous, polyamorous, playcouples, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, etc. Besides, there were also those who just wanted to be friends or those who wanted someone to go to a seminar with. It's been a long, rocky road but after one false start where the web guru absconded with my money and didn't deliver, I think we've arrived.

Expected launch is April 1st, 2003. You may check before that as it may be up. Please, if you feel so moved, fill out a profile. Support us. Make yourself known. At the very least, become a friend to someone. I welcome your feedback as I imagine the site may have some bugs at first. I desire to improve it in order to best serve you. This site, ultimately, is for you. My global vision is that we find each other, synergize, connect, help each other heal, promote love and wellness, create happiness and wholeness.

Besides the dating aspect of our site, you may advertise your products and services on our site. I'm also looking for quality articles to feature. I'd love to hear about your life. Write up your experiences and share your spiritual path. The fees we charge are minimal and anything in excess will be put right back into the project. We envision a networked system of trained facilitators and seminars, workshops and annual conferences held around the world. is part of a global web ring of sites supporting one another in the path to planetary consciousness. United we'll create a world where peace is the norm and war is a myths of the past. We see the golden age, it's easy to envision. Together we do it, bring heaven to Earth.

17 WORLD TANTRA ASSOCIATION - Premiering in May, 2003

Sasha and I have created a new corporation, the World Tantra Association (WTA). The WTA web site will launch in early May with Phase I. We envision the WTA as an humanitarian organization, here to serve all of us, that will exist long after we're finished with our earthly dance. We hope you're inspired to join with us, help this organization grow and create a web of light that Ďll embrace the world and heal her soul. The web site is a synergizing/networking/affiliate system that allows each of us to support and empower each other, create right livelihood by referring products and services.

18 EXPANSIONS - July 2003 - with Janet & Stewart Swerdlow (The Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk)

Chakra Tour/Seminar 2003 - Join Stewart and Janet Swerdlow on an exciting adventure to the Island of Maui and on to Australia and New Zealand, along with vocalist/acoustic guitarist Adam Sharon who will share his music with the group. Maui Magick: Connect with the androgynous energies of Hawaii to balance your energies and come to terms with the core self. Learn the symbolism of the volcanoes and how to safely allow the natural opening of your Kundalini energy. Topics include: water meditations, dolphin/whale frequency, Lemurian history, nonhuman communication and sexual magick.

Stewart Swerdlow, gifted mentalist, medical intuitive and clairvoyant sees auric fields, personal archetypes, reads DNA sequences and mind patterns; great nephew of the first President of the Soviet Union was part of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project. Internationally acclaimed author and lecturer.

Seminar only: July 11, 12, 13, 2003. Friday night introduction lecture: 7-9 pm. Saturday & Sunday 9-5pm. $325/295 advance, $15 Friday lecture (can be applied toward seminar).

Maui Lu Hotel. Local sponsor: Janet Kira Lessin: email: janet Phone: 808-244-4103.

Join the entire tour, or the part that works for you. Interested persons please email Janet Swerdlow as soon as possible at so we can begin planning the logisitics. Watch the website for details: Also available for personal consultations.


Iíve been fascinated with the works of David Icke, who is perhaps the craziest speaker on the planet. His web site begins with "MAD, BAD, OR JUST PREPARED TO GO WHERE OTHERS FEAR TO TREAD? The most controversial author
and speaker in the world. ĎStrange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school.
And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and foolí -- Plato. And... ĎToday's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.í" Thatís just the beginning. Be prepared for a wild ride if you dare to venture into this site.

Iím interested in creating a seminar with him. Iíve contacted his group and theyíre willing to work with us. The conference could be held in Maui or on the mainland. Iím open.

Davidís incredibly dynamic, with tons of charisma. Iím definitely not the type to follow a guru, however, Sasha and I saw him last September in the SF area and heís a fascinating speaker, interesting, full of powerful, controversial information which reveals "the truth" behind the secret government and who actually rules the planet. While you may or may not agree with him, while his theories seem to be really "out there", heís definitely onto something thatíll hold your attention and make you think. Sasha and I watched his presentation for over eight hours over two days, and he was so compelling, neither of us experienced even one moment of boredom.

Anyone interested in helping create this event please write or give me a call at 808-244-4103.


Iím interested in creating an all-chakra, mind, body, spirit and sex conference to be held in August of 2003.

"Why then?"

Well, I had a dream that was quite profound which stated emphatically that we need to create as many positive, loving, sex-magick rituals we possibly can on August 12, 2003. Weíll just call it World Orgasm Day.


Well, it has to do with the 20 year biorhythm of the planet and the dark timeline which began in 1923 when Allister Crowley did his black sex magick thingy in the Great Pyramid with the modern incarnation of the Goddess Inanna.


Well that ties in with the time experiments of the Philadelphia Experiment on August 12, 1943 which opened a time portal which is looping and then the scientists figured out what to do and we able to pull the sailors that fell overboard in 1943 through the time portal on August 12, 1983 with the Montauk Project. And, ya know, Nostradamus says Armageddon begins the end of August.

"Youíre crazy!"

Sure, but anyway, the time portal opens again August 12, 2003 and if we can get 10% of us focused, doing positive sex magick rituals, we can do a 100th Monkey-type shift and go back to the nice timeline, the original God one of peace and love. I know. It sounds kinda like a combination of Star Wars, the Matrix and Lord of the Rings, but hey, sometimes these dreams are true, right?

"Yes, but..."

For some reason, Iíve been going crazy trying to figure this all out and mustíve read a hundred books on this stuff and itís just a theory. I even reserved the domain so I could create a web site. On a practical level, sure, itís rather crazy. But my Higher Self keeps leading me back to this so, who am I to question her? Sheís always been wiser than me. Letís just call it a hunch. And if Iím wrong, big deal. Just call me crazy. Iíve been called worse before! However, the worst thing that can happen to you is weíll all have a great time. Thatís not so bad. So, anyone interested in helping out?



The Lessins seek six to twelve adults to join us in paradise in a conscious, tantric, naturist, polyamorist, meditative,

psychospiritual community nestled a Maui jungle. You must be kind, honest, loving, open-minded, spiritual, neat, clean,

tidy, quiet, reliable, responsible, financially-secure, non-tobacco smoking, environmentally-conscious, sex-positive and committed to work on and heal your family of origin hangups to join this experimental community and create a new model for extended family. We base our new-paradigm community on love and support for one another, kind, open and

authentic communication, tantra, intentional family and intimate friendships.

Accommodations vary from private bedroom with shared bath and kitchen to private three-room. Members work weekly in community garden and grounds. Community activities include emotional support groups, workshops, parties and hosting. Applicants trained in healing arts, music, construction and gardening would help lots. Adults only. No new pets (we already have many). For application call 808/242-5921: leave name, address, phone and fax.

Coming Soon:

World Tantra Association:

Tantra Theosophical Society:

Tantra Connection:

Thank you all for your support by passing along this message to your personal email list and to your member lists and groups. If you are not subscribed to this newsletter but received it through another party, you may SUBSCRIBE by sending an email to or click the following link to join one of our newsletters featuring subjects like polyamory, tantra, yoga, community, spirituality, UFOlogy and Sumerian Studies: Back issues of Synergy are also available online.

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