Synergy Newsletter October 2003
Published by Janet Kira Lessin, C.T.I. and Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D.

Janet’s Intro

Falls colors splash, fill life's tapestry as Janet & Sasha retreat from signs of winter's impending approach, bask and boggie--nude and natural--play in the sun in Maui Paradise.  Come warm your nose and toes, forget your woes and join me and Sash as we start another exciting season of Tantra School and merry, passionate, jolly, poly adventures.  Sasha and I look at each other, smile and wonder who'll get on the plane this season?  Could it be you?  

Read our adventures this summer on our tour in "Poly Pair Dating: Summer Lovers, 2003".  What'd we learn?  Will we ever learn?      

This Fall marks the six-year anniversary; I joined my beloved Sasha in Maui and we set up housekeeping in our tantric nest 6 years ago.  We both explore nostalgia in our different pieces recalling days gone by.  I wrote "Still Tantric After All These Years".  It's a tale of sustainable intimacy and intense love. How can we stay passionately in love with the passing of the years?  I've discovered the secret and I'm delighted to share what I've discovered.

 Sasha wrote "When Your Beloved Loves Another."  He recalls trials he experienced when he publicly announced he was poly in the 1980's.  Never one to do things in a small way, Sasha--known then as Alex, made his poly declaration in his weekly column for a local newspaper on Maui.  His announcement prompted weeks of debate and numerous letters to the editor.  Just imagine the looks of shock and dismay Alex and Joan received when people realized Maui's foremost model of monogamy were now paragons of polyamory.  These poly pioneers pulled it off and somehow made it seem easy.  Many learned from them, including me as I had known of Joan and Alex long before I met Alex who had by that time become Sasha, then soon afterwards became my husband.  See how it all weaves together?

What's with all this nostalgia?  Sasha and I are reviewing a lifetime of writings, journals, emails and computer articles and are revising two of our current books and writing a third.  The Cheyenne say we walk a spiral path coming again to where you started with mature eyes.  As Sasha and I meander down memory lane using this maturation process, we add current insights to past behaviors and learn, expand and grow.  

Finally, two years ago we were interviewed for a documentary.  "Intimacy" premiers this Saturday in LA.  If you happen to miss the premier, logon to our web and view the streaming video clip.  If you like what you see, contact the producer and order a copy.  And if you happen to make it to the premier, take some pics for us as we can't make it this time.

We'll think warmly of you as you rake leaves.  Please do think of us as we bask in the sun.  We're off to the beach.

Mahalo and Bright Blessings,
Janet Kira Lessin

This issue contains:
1.  POLY PAIR DATING: SUMMER LOVES, 2003 Janet Kira Lessin
4.  "INTIMACY" MOVIE PREMIERS - Featuring the Lessins - Saturday October 4, 2003 - Charlie Chaplin Theatre, LA
5.  TANTRACONNECTION.COM Janet’s Synergistic Dating, Mating, Relating, Co-Creating Networking Site
12. TANTRA CONNECTION - Saturdays - Couples only
13. HOW TO REALLY LOVE A WOMAN & HELP HER EJACULATE Teaching Book: by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. & Janet Kira Lessin
15. ENKI SPEAKS -- an excerpt from Sasha’s guide to Zecharia Sitchin’s 2002 work, The LOST BOOK OF ENKI
16. DANCE OF THE SOULS: BOOK ONE: PIERCING THE VEIL - New Book Announcement  Janet Kira Lessin
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1.    POLY PAIR DATING: SUMMER LOVES, 2003 by Janet Kira Lessin - Excerpted from Janet’s new book, "The Dance of the Souls: Book One: Piercing the Veil" - coming soon.

Sasha and I set up dates with four couples for our summer ‘03 tour. We already knew three of the couples; two of them were already our lovers. We arranged a "blind" (though we’d seen their photos and spoken with them on the phone) date to meet the fourth couple over the internet. I love how polyamory lets me to explore attractions and sexuality with others from within the warm and fuzzy comfort zone of my marriage to Sasha. I looked forward to the adventure, romance, sex and love we'd enjoy with the couples who were already our lovers. I anticipated delightful possibilities of connecting to the third couple, with whom we were already friends. I opened myself to the total adventure of meeting our internet couple. All-in all, I was open to what I'd learn about myself as I expanded my boundaries. This openness shows me how positive I’ve grown in the poly lifestyle.

I used to be fear-based when facing polyamorous possibilities. I’d mentally impose rigid rules about how the relating had to go, rules that were impossible for me or Sasha to meet. My expectations in poly dating often led me to feel hurt, disappointment, upset, guilt and ashamed. This year, however, I was more relaxed. Instead of anxiety and dread, I felt joy than and excitement.

DATE 1. Our first date this summer was with Ted and Sue. Last summer Sash and I guided them in a four-day tantra intensive in their home in Southern California. We taught them active listening, imago processing, Voice Dialogue and female sacred sector stimulation. We avoided sensual involvement with them and but gave them observations, empathy, compassion, friendship and love. Though couples can learn much our seminars or Tantra School, private intensives like the one we did with Ted and Sue let us focus on them as a couple in their natural environment on a daily basis. Couples often seek help when they're at that "make or break" point. Sash and I can sometimes turn around the worst situations.

This summer, Ted rented a two-bedroom hotel suite with shared kitchen and living room for the four of us. Ted and Sue wanted further relationship coaching, followed, perhaps, by all four of us making love. They realized they need repair work on their relationship before becoming our lovers, though, over the phone for the past year, they'd expressed, sexual and romantic interest in us, . We were committed to them and their healing; if we unanimously decided to proceed to something deeper, so be it. Sash and I had chemistry with them and might--if they were tight with each other–explore sexual intimacy with them. We were, however, content with our relationship with Ted and Sue–whether or not we ever shared sensually.

What happened? When we’d finished several days of coaching them in compassionate communication–sharing observations, emotions, needs and requests, we played a bit with intimacy and eroticism short of intercourse. We’re intrigued by Ted and Sue; we’ll meet another time soon to deepen our friendship, and perhaps our sexual connection as well.

I enjoyed our interaction and play, however, no matter what I tell myself about expectations, I had hopes to finally find the couple with whom Sasha and I could go really deep and experience total surrender. While it didn’t happen with Ted and Sue, we still had three weeks and three couples to go.

DATES 2 & 3. Ted and Sue left and Anne and Michael picked us up at the hotel to drive us to the Loving More Polyamory Conference at Harbin Hot Springs (in California's wine country) where Sasha and I lead a pre-conference tantra seminar and a gestalt playshop during the conference itself. We'd met Anne and Michael when they vacationed in Maui three years ago. Ordinarily I‘m very picky about new lovers and don't get sexual with a couple until I know them very well. Michael and Anne were so sweet and delightful, however, I was sexual with them our first weekend together. But we had very little contact, other than by telephone, since. They’d retreated home to Reno to finish raising their kids. Michael finished his duties and retired from one of his jobs and Anne got her Ph.D. in psychology. When they called I decided to give Michael and Anne another whirl; we invited them to join our date with Hal and Gail at Harbin, who were also leading a playshop at the Loving More Conference.

As we drove to Harbin, carsick, I vomited in the backseat of Anne’s car. That's not actually the most romantic way to begin our date. Lucky I missed Anne. We laughed; my mishap broke the tension. We were connected again and on our way to more adventures.

At Harbin we found Hal and Gail had been joined by Gail’s boyfriend, Lee. I’d heard about Gail's lover, Lee, but had never met him till now; I liked him immediately. However Hal and Gail were experiencing upset and were in deep process defining the parameters of their triad. Consequently, the three of them kept to themselves most of the weekend and worked it out. Gail and Hal assisted us in our workshops and we helped them in their workshop on polyamorous sexual synergy. I was thrilled at the professional synergy Sash and I created with Hal and Gail; I'm just as interested in creating a therapeutic tantric educational team with Hal and Gail as I am about sexualloving with them.

Sexual partners are a dime a dozen, but partners like Hal and Gail, who share our visions and are on the same spiritual path as us--partners who have talent to create their vision--make me drool. The Hal/Gail/ Lee drama kept us from connecting with them sexually. We'd planned a date for all six of us (me, Sash, Michael, Anne, Hal and Gail, seven with Lee) Saturday night. But Saturday night the trio dismissed themselves. So we shared special time with Anne and Michael. Perfect; it was Michael's birthday. He played "movie director" and watched Anne and I make love while bestowed tactical kisses on us. Anne and Michael will visit us in Maui mid August and Hal and Gail over Christmas.

Once again, we had fun but not the total surrender and deepening of relationships that I desire. My heart overflows with love for my Sasha and we long to have that level, that depth with a third and a fourth. We still had one more couple to audition.

DATE 4. We had an unexpected date with a fifth couple, Mark and Michele, who drove us to the San Francisco airport. We miscalculated traffic and they missed their flight, so we shared our room at the airport with them. We remained sexually platonic but decided we had lots of in common and decided to work together. As for sex, who knows? All good things come in due time if they're meant to. For me, it's all fun and juicy. The flirting and discovering the possibilities is half the fun.

DATE 5. We met the "blind date" couple at the East Coast Poly Conference in Maryland, but there just wasn't any attraction for any of us there. Physically they were gorgeous and had nice personalities as well but there wasn't any erotic energy flowing, so our relationship remained casual and cordial–and that’s ok with me. I go to each date with an open mind, free of attachments or expectations. If Sash and I never become lovers with a couple we date, that's fine; if I'm attached to a certain outcome I cause suffering for myself and others. If I'm free-flowing, fun-loving and flexible I leave space for magic.

I left the mainland feeling many emotions which I labeled good and bad, simultaneously. I enjoyed myself, sure, but I still felt that twinge of sadness in my heart that we didn’t find "the beloveds".

I’ve had great intimacy in my life. I’ve truly been blessed. I’ve learned how to love one person fully, hold them in my heart completely, and open as equally wide for another. That’s a miracle I never expected. My heart is full with that knowingness. I feel all the love that I’ve ever received and that too, is a gift. I’ve learned that the love exists, no matter what, forever and always and I’ve discovered how to feel that for others and receive it from their higher selves even though they may have physically parted from me and broken off contact.

It's a few years since we fell deeply in love with another couple. Charlie and Rose left almost two years ago. Despite their going, I feel blessed. It's a miracle we were all capable of deep, intense, emotional, four-way love. I've proven to myself that my heart’s huge and I can move beyond two-person consciousness to unity consciousness. While merging with Charlie and Rose was unique and special, our relationship lacked the commitment I'd like with another couple or two who’d join us fully, live with us and share daily life.

I’ve been blessed to experience the love of women. I was raised to be heterosexual and spent most of my life in that mindset with the exception of a couple of adolescent bisexual incidents. My serious relationships were all men until I hit the age of 43. Then I met Sasha and my world drastically changed.


Rose and Charlie had been involved with Sasha for about seven or eight years before I came into the scene. The moment I saw Rose, I fell madly in love with her. I had never felt that soul connection with a woman before Rose. When our eyes met that first time from across the room, we fell in love. She requested a time out from us and I’ll not break my agreement to give her that time. If she returns to us, it will be her choice and not my convincing. We’re still connected in our hearts and souls, but don’t talk anymore because of the politics of relationships and some unspoken game that we’re playing. I wish she would have given me an explanation why she had to leave.

The last time we were together, Rose and I went as deep as I go with Sasha. We were weeping, the beauty of our connection was so warm, loving, deep, intense, profound. I think that level of intimacy frightened Charlie. He liked to keep things more casual, more on a friend level.


We met Cleo through a mutual friend. She was involved with Rex and was having difficulties learning how to manage her emotions as Rex was very polyamorous and Cleo was new to poly. Rex encouraged Cleo to open up to many and when she showed interest in me, he was happy and agreed that it would be good for us to go off and spend some time together. She lived off island, so we didn’t see her much. But next visit, Rex sent Cleo to see me and Sasha to help her learn how to have an ejaculatory orgasm. All the women in Rex’s poly/tantric circle were able to ejaculate and Cleo felt inadequate and compared herself to them.

We did a session with her and soon she was happily flowing, amrita graced the Goddess once more.

She frequently graced the islands with her beauty. Little did we realize the last time we held each other, looked into each others’ eyes, wiggled our noses together and kissed would be the last time we’d ever see each other. She died in a freak accident, the car she was a passenger in overturned in a flash flood and she was swept away.

I’ve learned how precious love is. Appreciate every moment you have. Enjoy the richness of each breath. Lavish each sensation, every touch. Every second is holy and divine.


Janey came to us a year ago and swept me off my feet. We met on the internet. She was going through a divorce and anxious to start anew. I was ill prepared for the depth of her beauty and passion of her soul. For forty days, me, Sasha and Janey were wife, husband and wife. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I finally realized the true meaning of bliss. I felt so peaceful and content.

Then of course, it all fell apart. Janey was swept away by some fellow who wanted to be monogamous. Janey, bisexual with homosexual leanings, had never been chemically attracted to a man before. I was very happy for her but did she have to meet him now?

We had a few weeks of major drama and trauma. I coped, adjusted the best I could but for that time period I was definitely not a happy camper. My widdle heart was broken, once again, but survivor that I am, I got over it.

She ended up leaving all of us, me, Sasha and her monogamous boyfriend and went back East. After she left I just wondered just how long was the trial of broken hearts that Janey created in her life?

You just haveta love it all. The journey's sweet. Sasha and I have each other and love who we love. People come and people go, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Sasha and I have the best of both monogamous and polyamorous worlds. While we are mono (one) gamous (married) since we’re married. We're also poly (many) amorous (love) as our hearts are open and we love many. Sometimes we're poly-oral (sexual orally with more than one) or poly-coital (genital penetration with more than one). Sometimes we just talk and hug. Whatever we chose in the moment for that situation, we come from a space where we are real, free and open with our emotions as they exist, and express them loud and clear for all to hear and evaluate. Our hearts are huge and our intentions pure. We are honest, and honesty sometimes creates strange reactions and repercussions, but at least it’s honest.

2. STILL TANTRIC AFTER ALL THESE YEARS by Janet Kira Lessin - Excerpted from Janet’s new book, "The Dance of the Souls: Book One: Piercing the Veil" - coming soon.

I started living September 27, 1997 when I began an all-chakra tantric relationship. That was the day I moved in with Sasha, who became my husband. He literally saved my life. I’d met him three weeks earlier when I’d given up on life. Both my parents were dying, I had two failed marriages and I was living with an alcoholic who’d developed alcoholic psychosis, was delusional and frequently violent toward me. I was such an emotional wreck, I’d begun to deteriorate physically and would have died had my despair remained unchecked. Medical science couldn’t repair my ills. Traditional psychotherapy could only band-aid my pain. I was dying of a broken heart. I’d given up, I knew there was no hope. And I truly believed there was none; no, not for me. That was until I met my husband, Sasha.

Looking back at it all, I wonder why Sasha didn’t run. I was so dysfunctional. I was a time-bomb about to explode, dying because I’d been raped as a child, beaten as an adult, psychologically and emotionally abused in every relationship I’d known. I’d internalized my pain and created life-threatening diseases because I was so ill-at-ease. My role had been victim and I was a master of the game. Victims, while seeming poor and helpless are masters of manipulation. I was no exception. I was the consummate actress worthy of an Oscar; I could shape-shift and out-maneuver just about everybody. On top of it all, I was so unconscious, I was totally unaware there even was a game. Sasha, by volunteering to be next, was likely to reap the wrath of my relationships before him.

We started out sweetly enough, as all relationships do. We all go through the cycles of romance and love and our dance was no different. Three months into the relationship my Mother died and I started screaming. My Mother had been a perpetrator and I was her victim. She’d been very ill, undiagnosed schizophrenic. Mom was the end result of many cycles of multiple generational dysfunction that goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Like most perpetrators, she was acting out what was done to her. Since I was the youngest, most innocent and most vulnerable, I was her target. Lord only knows what was done to her. Mom and her family are all dead now, their secrets gone with them to the grave.

Sasha saved my life. If I had not met him I would not be here to write this today. My pain was so complete, so absolute, that I was certain to kill myself if disease did not claim me first.

Sasha saved my life with tantra. People think of tantra as a sexual thing, but tantra is an ancient art of sacred healing, the most effective healing method on this planet, when done right. When a beloved who’s trained in tantra, devoted to you and your life, give you unconditional focus and love, you’re guaranteed to heal. What I mean by "done right" is you do your work, both inner and outer, you clear your chakras, balance your energy and call in the devotee that you’ve waited for all your life. And if he or she or they aren’t showing up, you know you need to do more on yourself to call him, her or them in. When your beloved shows up and you answer fully, you awaken completely, pierce the veil of forgetfulness that you entered when you were born, remember your multi-dimensional self and discover your immortal self. You know your connection to God(dess), the Universe, each other and yourself. With clarity comes complete healing, for you, your beloved, your planet.

Sasha supports me fully and I support him. We’re open to one another on all chakras. I’d like to share how we relate in terms of each of the chakras.

Sasha’s here for me at my base chakra, my root, my foundation, to do life fully with me. He honors my Inner Child and helps her feel safe, loved, supported and comfortable at all times. We will never leave each other, even if we die. There is no "until death do us part" because we recognize we’re immortal. I know that he’ll be with me and I’ll be with him, always. We’re totally, completed committed to one another, no matter what. We realize that we’ve always been together, though our silly egos didn’t realize that till now. We rejoice in our reunion. We’re blissful in the knowledge of our eternal connection. Our knowledge gives us peace. The wisdom we’ve gained empowers us to do our life’s mission.

Sasha supports me at chakra two, my genital chakra. Not only does he make sure that I am sexually fulfilled, he helps me fulfill my every fantasy. He encourages me to discover what I want rather than give in to pleasing others, including him. I’m always at choice regarding my sexually and he, as my devotee, has consciously decided, in the interest of my total healing, to meet me at my interest level. His desires have become my wish and my wish is his desire. Our decisions are one, always consensus, especially regarding this chakra, the sexual chakra, because this is where we humans often hold our greatest pain.

I’ve never had a man empower me before. Sasha does. This is the first relationship where I’m not at odds with my partner’s power chakra. Sasha’s so completely self-assured, at this, chakra three, the power-chakra, he supports me to take what’s rightfully mine and to stand beside him and other men in this society as equals. His self confidence leaves him unthreatened as I gain more power and sense of myself. Because he’s not wounded in his power chakra and he’s free from fear, we can join in true, equal partnership. Each of us can move away from hierarchy and domination and meet our brothers and sisters in harmony. When partners find peace and empower one another, the battle of the sexes ends once and for all.

As for chakra four, the heart chakra, Sasha loves me with all his heart. I love him, completely, totally. Our love is unconditional. Unconditional love is love in alignment with Source. We can give and receive love. We’re in balance, harmony. Our hearts are light, full of joy. We feel happy, free from fear of loss, abandonment. There’s no doubt of the depth of our love because our heart chakras are totally open to one another. There’s no need for words, the feeling’s palpable. The energy of our heart chakras penetrates into the cells of our being.

Chakra five, throat chakra: we communicate openly, fully, authentically, freely, passionately with the full emotional expression of our feelings. We accept one another’s words. We speak kindly to one another and if we momentarily forget because we are human and weak, we return to our centers and bring one another back into a heart space of divine love and loving communication. Since we forgive each other and ourselves beforehand, we freely express whatever we want and need, free from fear. We listen with compassion, open, surrendered, totally vulnerable. We never punish one another. If we find ourselves feeling victimized, we remind one another to forgive ourselves and each other. We remain in love if our tone rises or falls, gets loud or soft. The space we’ve created lets us be free, open and honest, we merge deeper and feel our oneness.

As for our sixth chakra, our logical and psychic centers, we share thoughts and visions. While I was always smart, Sasha’s intellect is huge and I’ve increased my IQ to meet his from our association because he encourages me to think, learn, grow and become all that I can be. While Sasha was always intuitive, I’ve scared myself with my psychic abilities. We’ve opened each others’ awareness of spiritual realms. Now we’ve both become so psychic and intuitive, we not only read each others’ thoughts we’re becoming downright telepathic. Watch out when you’re near us. We’ve begun to read minds. However, with our third-eye vision centers so fully open, we’re becoming more wise, loving and discerning and would let you continue your private thoughts even if they ring loudly in our heads.

Together Sasha and I’ve raised our kundalini to new levels and are connected to the cosmos with greater clarity than we had before we joined in sacred marriage. We feel oneness with each other, God, the Universe. We’ve found the light. Bliss. Joy and this joy allows us to feel peaceful and calm even in the eye of a hurricane. Even in the midst of war, for we know our immortal selves and our bodies, while extremely enjoyable, are not who we are; they’re only an extension of our consciousness manifesting into materialism. We are one in this, the seventh chakra, our crowns.

Relating totally on all chakras, weaving your consciousness with your beloved you achieve total healing. Free yourselves from the matrix of Maya when you find the idea, logic, neuro-patterns, electrodes, light waves, thought waves, (whatever method you see or perceive), that lets you meander through the cosmic labyrinth and return home to Source. You experience Nirvana when you rediscover the moment and the thought where and when you first perceived yourself. You’re instantly and completely liberated from the Godspell when you remember going out from the light as light to experience beingness. In the meta-cosmic void you’re no longer controlled by external forces, the power elite, lack-consciousness, money, greed, jealousy, superstition or any other negative emotions or thoughts. You have direct experience of God. You no longer doubt God’s existence and need an intermediary to talk to God. You know you and the Divine are one.

Sasha and I are in awe. We look at each other, amazed at where we’ve come. From our shaky beginning, we’ve created the divine relationship, the conscious consorts, the sacred relationship. We connect on all levels. We experience unity consciousness, our minds, bodies, souls and hearts merged into one. We make all our decisions by total consensus. Like a two-headed amoeba, we recognize that we’re a system, one, united, joined at the hearts. We’re like Siamese twins and realize that we could not possibly harm the other without totally devastating ourselves, He is me and I am he.

Are we unique among humans? No, I believe dyadic consciousness, becoming one with a lover is just one step on the road to spiritual awakening. Next level for us is to merge synergistically one with another beloved person, couple or group.

We all come from Source, we’re all one. We only feel our separation to gain experience. As we come full circle, we remember our oneness. On a physical level, when we’re ready to move beyond our separate self-sense, we connect, first with another. After we work out our differences, fears, limitations and expectations, we attempt to dance with several. We dare to surrender and merge and come to realize that we can simultaneously be one with others and not lose ourselves.

Sasha and I are polyamorous; we’re learned we can access divinity through each other and through loving other lovers too. We’ve already experienced moments of triadic and quadratic consciousness with others who’ve been brave enough to merge with us. We haven’t yet figured out how to sustain that over time. However, I’m certain we’ll get there.

We realize from our experiment in consciousness that merging with one other is a delicate dance, the first step in an elaborate, choreographed production. The dance of the souls is beautiful to watch, intricate and complex. Souls mix and match, swirl and combine, create sacred geometry. We were all together when we started, we all loved one another equally, totally, completely, unconditionally. Eventually we’ll be one again.

Actually we souls are always one and we chose our focus. When we become conscious we realize we’re connected with everyone. The connection’s palpable, undeniable. We feel it. If we could achieve oneness and sustain it, from that divine state of universal oneness there could not possibly be any war, famine, hatred or prejudice. We’d realize that we’re all parts of the divine manifesting in various forms as a statement of individual artistic expression. Our individuality is our way of co-creating with God(dess) and diversity of expression is what life is all about.

Sasha and I remain confident that we’ll call in our other beloved(s). We’re now in a space where our cup overflows, love abounds and we are ready to share, merge and meld and experience unity consciousness with more than one. Soul groups are finding one another. Each member has a piece of the puzzle necessary to heal and feel our oneness. All souls are equally important, no matter what their station, experience, intelligence, appearance or level of wealth here in physical reality.


[The following is Sasha’s public coming-out article on his public coming–out as polyamorous back in the 1980s. The article stirred up quite a controversy on Maui, where he published it in Mauiana Magazine. He and his second wife, Joan, had for a decade posed as paragons of monogamous couplehood. Publication of this essay led to months of upset letters to the editor.]

Use upsets--even your mate loving another--to know and love yourself more, overcome jealousy and refine your relation.  I did.

When my wife, Joan, asked if I'd be OK if she made it with a guest, River, I acted mellow, even went to a hotel to so I wouldn’t distract them and they could enjoy our house in privacy.

But in the hotel, I brooded, compared how she adored River with how she criticized me.  I felt hurt, angry, left-out, jealous.

Then, after awhile, I remembered and used one of Ken Keyes' cures for jealousy.*  Keyes says to see jealousy as a combination of domination demands (e.g., "I want Joan to think only of me,") and fear ("I'm scared she'll dump me.").   Fear comes from your security center, or root chakra.  Anger and domination demands erupt from your gut--your power center.  Running on only fear and anger makes you feel separate, unable to lovingly empathize.  You can empathize again if you feel-out the same situation from your heart chakra. [Handbook to Higher Consciousness, pages 44-82.]

Following Ken's advice, I felt Joan's affair from my heart.  In my heart I knew Joan and River's delight with each other.  I again knew they also loved me; and I loved them again.   Though I loved Joan again, I still rankled from the years I'd suffered her caustic criticism.  When, next day, I came home, I told her how her criticism hurt me. 

She shared the reason--hidden for ten years--she'd been so critical.  "I hated hearing you tell the day's gruesome news on our morning runs."   My tales of oil spills and animal suffering first made her sad, then, as I persisted, mad. 

So she'd retaliated--found fault with me–despite my complying with all her critical suggestions.  She’d  held-in her real gripe--my news.  She'd kept displacing her anger into petty criticism.

After we talked this through, I stopped reporting news and she stopped criticizing.  Then we revealed our feelings more and consequently resolved our issues better.

So if your sweetheart seeks another, don't despair.  Rise above fear and control; let love lead you. Open your heart, tell the truth and you'll continue to grow.

4.    INTIMACY PREMIERS IN LA - Featuring Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. 

The Green Reel Film Festival in Hollywood, CA & Alchemy Productions presents: INTIMACY - A provocative documentary about love, sex and control

** OFFICIAL SELECTION - Green Reel Film Festival, Hollywood
** OFFICIAL SELECTION - Spiritual Film Festival,  Venice
** OFFICIAL SELECTION - Finalist:  The Roy W. Dean Film Grant.
** OFFICIAL SELECTION -  Spiritual Entertainment Film Series, Beverly Hills

Join us for this special screening of INTIMACY  at the historic Raleigh Studios lot, Charlie Chaplin Theater.  After the screening there will be a Gala Party so that the film makers and artist can talk, mingle and start co-creating their next projects.

When:  Saturday,  October 4th 2003
Screening time:  7:30 p.m.
Location:  Raleigh Studios, Chaplin Theater,  5300 Melrose Ave.,  Hollywood, CA - Enter the lot  from the corner of Melrose and Van Ness.
Tickets for screening only:  $ 8.
Tickets for screening & Gala Party:  $20.  (Includes buffet dinner and 2 drinks)

For tickets and more information go to:
For more information on INTIMACY go to: or call 310.273.9476

"INTIMACY" takes an unflinching look at modern relationships with all of their hopes, dreams, insecurities and outdated self-sabotaging patterns.  We explore uncharted emotional waters with 5 subjects that offer up an unusual blend of cutting edge philosophy, role modeling, ancient Tantra secrets and some home spun common sense.  This documentary takes a provocative look at the nature of love and intimacy and offers a unique vision.

INTIMACY: “What is this documentary really about?”

The base line of this piece is to explore and eventually to experience TRUE INTIMACY with our loved ones in our life.  And yet we hardly ever seem to experience intimacy,  and when or if we do it is usually fleeting at best.   At the same time,  we yearn for the long time promised companion to save us from the mundane world - to catapult us into realms of magic, bliss and the unknown. In other words - True Intimacy.

Being in a relationship - a romantic relationship is an opportunity to be at the leading edge of your personal ~ transformational growth. In this dynamic there is constant checking in with our selves, our history, and any other separation between our belief systems and the life we are actually leading. Can we “walk our talk”?  A committed
relationship is one of the best barometers or feedback devices we have going for us.

In this documentary we explore just that - relationships - in all forms - and how our partner or our life is mirroring back our evolutionary shifts in awareness, consciousness, and transformation.

We internally and externally struggle with issues of intimacy our whole lives. When we can stop and look deeply enough we find that there is no one there - no husband or wife or mother or father - no one's there - just the universe mirroring back our own PRO-jections and RE-jections - what we have labeled our “reality”.  Looking for answers and more importantly some really good questions,  we interviewed dozens of couples and a few individuals so that we can not just understand - but rather experience the next level of personal transformation.  Our intent is simple. To help open up concepts, ideas and ways of relating that will assist in making our collective dream of TRUE INTIMACY an EXPERIENCED REALITY.

Thank you for your interest.

All my best,
Joshua Townshend-Zellner

More about The Players ...

James Ridgley, Director/Producer.  James is an award winning theater director, writer and performer.  He has traveled the world as a solo entertainer and has also shared the stage with talents like Placido Domingo in the opera "I, Pagliacci," directed by Franco Zeffirelli.  As an actor James has performed in numerous plays, films, and television commercials.  James was also active in the L.A. theater scene: acting, writing and directing shows.    After attending film school his career began as a production sound mixer with now over three-dozen feature films, in addition to several TV shows, documentaries, and commercials to his credit. James is currently in post-production on his first comedy feature as a director, "Employee of the Year. The Dexter Mooney Story." Now teaming up with Joshua Townshend-Zellner at Alchemy Productions, they developed and produced "Intimacy", his first documentary as a director.

Joshua Townshend-Zellner, Writer /Producer.  As a writer and producer, Joshua founded his own company, Alchemy Productions  for the sole purpose of merging his unique vision as an artist with the globally community needs for more inspirational and thought provoking films.  Joshua feels  one key way to do this  is to “build bridges” between the yoga, health, and film industry worlds.    He has an eclectic background  in   many forms of  yoga, pranayamas, alternative healing arts, shaman techniques, alchemy and a  true passion for upward spiraling.

For more info go to:

5. TANTRA CONNECTION.COM: More Loving -Janet’s Synergistic Network for Dating, Mating, Relating and Co-Creating (

I’m thrilled to announce that our new web site, is UP! Go online and fill out a free profile. If I can figure out how to do it, I’m going to give everyone one month free.

I created this site in response to the many pleas we've received from School of Tantra students who wanted me to find dates and mates for them. Not only was I being asked to be a matchmaker, I also had to keep track dozens of stats on these people; location, height, hair color, etc. It became quite apparent that in order for me to keep the facts straight and be the ultimate matchmaker, I'd need either a super-huge memory or an incredible database. I knew my memory wasn't going to work, so I began searching for the ultimate web guru and the money to finance it. The more I looked into it, the more I realized It was also pretty obvious that the existing dating sites out there weren't going to work, because they didn't take all the relationship structures into play and if they did, the sites were too pornographic to suit my taste. No, I had to start from scratch in order to take everyone into consideration; monogamous, polyamorous, playcouples, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, etc. Besides, there were also those who just wanted to be friends or those who didn’t necessarily want a long-term relationship, but just wanted someone to go with to a seminar, party or cruise.

This site is unique in that it also is an affiliate program. You can now advertise you, yourself, your business or products in one central location where others can locate your information, descriptions and banners which they can download and feature on their sites. You give them a commission (either click, lead or sale) for promoting you and you receive the sales dollars right in your account. Members generate millions of storefronts for themselves literally all over the world. Now each of us can earn right-livelihood doing precisely what we want and not working for "the man"! Now that’s what I call paradise.

It's been a long, rocky road but after one false start where the web guru absconded with my money and didn't deliver (it’s always something), I think we've arrived.

If you feel so moved, fill out a free profile. Sign up for our free newsletter. Make yourself known. Help us support you and all the lonely hearts out there. Pass our link around. At the very least, become a friend to someone. I welcome your feedback as I imagine the site may have some bugs at first. I desire to improve it in order to best serve you. This site, ultimately, is for you. My global vision is that we find each other, synergize, connect, help each other heal, promote love and wellness, create happiness and wholeness.

Besides the dating and affiliate aspects of our site, you may advertise your products and services directly on our site. I have experts monitoring this and the other sites in this web ring, keeping them at the tops of the search engines. New links and connections constantly accelerate this web ring higher and higher in search engines. So remember, one of the meanings of tantra is weave? Together we are weaving a huge internet web of love, spidering out to embrace everyone.

I'm also looking for quality articles to feature. I'd love to hear about your life and how you make it work for you. Write up your experiences and share your spiritual path. We’d like to hear about you.

The fees we charge for the various services on the site are minimal. All excess is put right back into the project to accelerate healing for all of us. We envision a networked system of trained facilitators. We plan on hosting seminars, workshops and annual conferences held around the world. is part of a global web ring of sites supporting one another in the path to planetary consciousness. United we create a world where peace is the norm and war is a myth of the past. We see the golden age, it's easy to envision. Together we bring heaven to Earth.


In 1997 Sasha and I got married in a public ceremony at the Celebration of Eros conference, held at Harbin Hot Springs, CA which was the last large gathering of tantric practitioners and blossoming tantricas in modern times that I’m aware of. It was awesome! The primary organizer of that magnificent event, Dr, Deborah Anapol passed on the baton to a committee and it seems the baton was dropped as we’ve not seen another conference of that magnitude since then. I’d like to see another tantra conference in my lifetime so in response Sasha and I have created a new corporation, the World Tantra Association (WTA).

The WTA web site is up and ready to go. Not all the pages are up and running yet, but let’s break out the champagne. We’re ready to Christen this ship and launch her on her maiden voyage. What you see is but the beginning. More pages will be activated as we proceed. This is only phase I and we plan on adding new features, such as an affiliate system. The dating section is up and we do hope you’ll join. You may search for friends, lovers, associates and companions, the choice is yours.

The World Tantra Association is an humanitarian organization, here to serve all of us. We envision WTA will exist as an ongoing entity existing long into tomorrow and managed by our children and children’s children. However, since Sasha and I plan to uncover the secret of physical immortality, we’ll be there to watch!

We hope you're inspired to join with us. Help this organization grow and create a web of light that ‘ll embrace the world and heal Gaia’s soul. The web site is a synergizing/networking/affiliate system that allows each of us to support and empower each other, and create right livelihood for all by referring us, our products, businesses, services and ideas.

If you wish to volunteer time or resources for creating and presenting the conference, please write to me at


Maybe tantra’s not your cup of tea but you sure could get behind the peace movement. We certainly have a huge archive of information on the history of war on this planet, but how about the peace movement? I see this web site as a place where we can tell stories and gather information on the concept of peace. The more we can concretize peace as a viable alternative, make it an archetype that’s easily accessible by the psyche, the more we’ll be able to create real and lasting peace in our lifetime.

The World Peace Association (WPA) has been created to sponsor events that promote peace and works towards ethical, responsible and viable solutions for creating peace: personally, interpersonally, in families, groups, countries and worlds. The WPA is for creating a civilized civilization. I’m reminded of the reporter who asked Gandhi, "What do you think of Western Civilization" and he replied, "I think it’s a good idea."

Together we can find ways to create world peace, honor all consciousness, promote creativity and expression, respect diversity and individuality and discover avenues of win-for-all, consensus agreement and universal, unconditional love.

The World Peace Association needs volunteers and donations of resources. To join our planetary peace movement write to Janet at The WPA web site is under construction.


At the School of Tantra you recognize and consciously synergize seven levels of consciousness: belonging, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, vision and spirituality. Then you help individuals, couples, groups and humanity accept, coordinate and integrate the seven levels.  The School of Tantra offers five certification programs, programs for practicing and teaching tantra, uplifting relating, ancient anthropology, existential reflection, childhood regression and pastlife rescripting.   

Each level has a one-week seminar and thirty to forty hours of what's called confluent homework assignments. The homework directs you into deeper levels of self-knowing and ability to encourage others. You practice guiding others in tantra, compassionate communication, existential analysis, Bija Yoga practice, regression therapy and integrating knowledge of Sumer.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS Earn certification in one or more of the professional fields we offer.  

Tantra Certification Program - Practitioner, Coach, Instructor, Lecturer & Professor
Relationship Certification Program - Practitioner, Tutor, Coach
Existential Certification Program - Practitioner
Pastlife & Childhood Regression Certification Program - Practitioner & Coach
Ancient Anthropology Certification Program - Reader, Tutor, Lecturer, Instructor

Take charge of your life. Get on a positive career track: graduate from a School of Tantra Program. Earn, in the shortest time possible, right-livelihood in a field that genuinely interests you.

The School of Tantra offers courses on a request basis to fit your schedule. If, for example, you reserve a specific week in October for certification as an Existential Practitioner, the school will teach classes you need toward this certification course that week.  

Each program--tantra teaching, relationship counseling, confluent educating, yoga guiding, regression healing and ancient anthropology lecturing--has distinct requirements which must be successfully passed for certification. Most of these programs require 4-6 weeks of experience, study and conscientious homework. Within each program there are 1- 5 certification levels. The Tantra Certification Program, for example, has five levels: Practitioner, Coach, Instructor, Teacher and Professor. Certification at most levels--Practitioner, Coach, etc., requires 30 hours of satisfactory participation each week in class and tutorials, 30 hours homework (which must be mastered to the instructor's satisfaction), and an hour ethics interview with the instructor. Students receive a Certificate of Level Completion for each level and Certificate of Program Completion for an entire program. Students receive a Certificate of Attendance for each week successfully completed within a level. Tuition is $1000 a week. Economically challenged students may be eligible for volunteer work in exchange for part of their tuition.

TANTRA PRACTITIONER, COACH, INSTRUCTOR, LECTURER & PROFESSOR Learn to teach All-Chakra Tantra, a path of consciousness expansion in which you learn principles to facilitate security, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, shared vision and spirituality within yourself and between lovers. Understand the principles of confluent education for teaching tantra. Learn to create and facilitate for individuals, couples and groups, tantra lessons that simultaneously teach the ideas, provide behaviors and access emotions. Practice facilitating Active Listening, Imago Management, Better Bonding, Relationship Fitness Training, Straight Talk, Tantric Lovemaking and Dreamwork Facilitation.

CERTIFIED RELATIONSHIP PRACTIONE: TUTOR & COACH Learn how to listen to clients in a way that lets them feel felt and hear, understand and empathize with each other. Teach them to hold each other and find out what hurt and what they can do to make it better now. Show them how to practice kind yet authentic confrontation and grow from feedback. Help them experience inner voices and watch how they trigger complementary voices as they relate. Assist them in choreographing the dance of their subpersonalities. Prepare to teach Relationship Fitness Training, where lovers balance roles, feelings, expression, understanding and touching and talking. Learn to teach clients tantra and how to bring all levels of their consciousness into relations, open all energetic centers (chakras)–health, sex, power, love, talk, intelligence, intuition and spirituality.

CERTIFIED EXISTENTIAL PRACTIONER:  Relate existential philosophy to personal and interpersonal counseling. Learn to help clients reflect upon their being-in-the-world in terms of the subjective/objective and universal/individual continua (bipolar personality theory) and in terms of field theory, centering, and the hierarchy of levels of consciousness derived from phenomenological reduction. Help clients live from the existential ideals derived from field theory and reflection, constitution responsibility, self-disclosure, negation, anxiety and pain, finitude, non-being and death, reflection and epoche, inwardness, subjectivity and self-reliance, uniqueness and individuality, eternity and unity consciousness, freedom from guilt, affirmation of life, commitment and cathexis, reality, encounter and love, flexibility and adaptability, the flowing existential moment and futurity, growth and self-transcendence, and polarity, dialectic and contradiction. Apply techniques of clinical philosophy, logotherapy, gestalt to yourself and your clients. 

CERTIFIED PASTLIFE & CHILDHOOD REGRESSION PRACTITIONER & COACH: Teach those you counsel how imprints--from life history, womb-life, pastlife imagry and archetypal scripts--influence their lives now, dictate the ecology of their inner voices, dominate their bodies, project into their dreams and direct their spiritual aspirations. Learn how to direct them to modify imprints and scripts to suit their life today and tomorrow. Apply the reprogramming technologies–holotropic breathing, pastlife hypnodrama, primal and Fischer-Hoffman processes, psychosynthesis, voice dialogue centering and existential analysis to their emotional and spiritual growth. 

CERTIFIED ANCIENT ANTHROPOLOGY READER, TUTOR, LECTURER, INSTRUCTOR: Learn to teach the dynamic new Ancient Anthropology of Zecharia Sitchin, as interpreted by Dr. Lessin and Dr. Neil Freer. Zecharia Sitchin archeologically documents events, from the atmospheric crisis on Niburu--(the solar system's far-orbiting tenth planet), which propels the noble Enki and 600 miners and 300 shuttle crewmen to Earth 445,000 years ago for gold for Niburu's atmospheric shield--to the withdrawal of the Niburans from Earth after a nuclear disaster, 4,000 years ago.  In this program, you learn to clearnly communicate the evidence and facilitate students' creation of a new paradigm unfettered by the"godspell", the yearning for the return of our overlords.  

For more information write or call 808-244-4103 to register. To see more on our programs, go to and click on Education.


The Lessins seek six to twelve adults to join us in paradise in a conscious, tantric, naturist, polyamorist, meditative, psychospiritual community nestled a Maui jungle. You must be kind, honest, loving, open-minded, spiritual, neat, clean, tidy, quiet, reliable, responsible, financially-secure, non-tobacco smoking, environmentally-conscious, sex-positive and committed to work on and heal your family of origin hangups to join this experimental community and create a new model for extended family. We base our new-paradigm community on love and support for one another, kind, open and authentic communication, tantra, intentional family and intimate friendships.

Accommodations vary from private bedroom with shared bath and kitchen to small, private apartments. Members work weekly in community garden and grounds. Community activities include emotional support groups, workshops, parties and hosting. Applicants trained in healing arts, music, construction and gardening would help lots. Your advance of $15-20K enables us to build a new bedroom to house your advance is credited to you as prepaid rent. Adults only. No new pets (we already have many). For application call 808/242-5921: leave name, address, phone and fax.

10. PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH THE LESSINS - Maui or in your home town. We’ll be in San Francisco, New York City, Ramblewood, MD and possibly Seattle, WA in July and August. The Lessins offer private counseling, counseling and classes at $150/hour. Call 808-244-4103 to reserve your time.

11. TANTRA SCHOOL - FALL/WINTER 2003/2004 - Maui, HI

Join us for Tantra School which resumed in September. We're psyched and ready for another fun semester.  We hold Tantra School every Monday through Friday, September through May, when we take a break from class and head out on tour.  Allow yourself seven days to transform yourself forever. Come early to get acclimated, enjoy Maui.  Stay afterwards to hang lose with your new found friends.  Tantra School students work with a wide variety of students that come through the school for the various events, groups, seminars, school and private sessions. Tantra School tuition is $1000 a week. Accommodations available for students only and they range from $25-$75 per night.  Limited space available so make your reservations early if you wish to stay on campus.  The School of Tantra offers five types of certification with 1-6 levels per type.  
See: for more details.

12. TANTRA CONNECTION CLASS and PARTY - Saturdays, 7pm - couples only.  
Click for registration form.

Fill out a free profile at and find your tantric connections. Bring your date or mate to our Saturday gatherings. Join us at our clothes-optional, private home in the West Maui Mountains for Tantra Connection–structured parties couples; adults of all ages, preferences and persuasions. In a comfortable, safe, relaxed environment, monogamous to swingers, straight to bi, beginners to seasoned practitioners enjoy Tantra Connection Parties. Meet, mingle and enjoy the music and company of other like-minded people. This no-pressure setting allows you to safely explore while you learn how to chose what you want for yourself. Couples discover the best options for their relationship.  

Many couples use this opportunity to learn new tantric lovemaking techniques to go deeper with one another. Some opt to just watch and be watched, enjoy the moment and celebrate eroticism and sensuality. Some seize the moment and enjoy all there is. All options are there. Find love, romance and create lifelong friendships. The choice is up to you. 

A typical Saturday-night party starts with ice-breakers: friendly, playful conversations, boundary-setting techniques and light energy exchanging opportunities where you laugh, get to know everyone and share smiles. We find that when you get to know others as people and connect in delightful ways at your comfort level, the evening flows so much better than a more traditional party where you're left to your own to meet others. After the brief introductory period, we present a mini class on some of the more popular tantric techniques. In a given evening, you may learn sacred sector massage and allow your Goddess to free her ejaculate (amrita). Or perhaps you may learn the methods to master ejaculatory control.   First part of the evening is a tantra class often followed by a demonstration. Final part of the party is free flow. $25 per person, pairs only.

Our friend, Susan Douglas has just started a singles group which seems to be hopping.  Give her a call at 879-1112.  Once you find a date, bring them on over to the Tantra Connection for a tantra class, group, party and celebration, every Saturday night, 7-9pm (free flow party afterwards), September through May on Maui with parties in various locations around the globe in the summer months when we're in your town.


We live an All-Chakra Tantra lifestyle, sharing and expanding energy with each other on each of our levels of consciousness. In this fully-illustrated manual, we link these consciousness levels to chakras, centers in around our bodies. The chakras--located around the perineum, genitals, belly, heart, throat, brow and crown–relate to awareness of security, sex, power, love, communication, knowing and spirituality (respectively).

We connect sexually twice (often three times) daily. During each of our connects we align our chakras–press our bodies together so our genitals, bellies, hearts and heads touch while we coordinate our breath and bless each chakra. Then we successively embody each, chakra-by-chakra, and speak as the voice of each. As a chakra’s voice we say what we need. When Sasha embodies and speaks as, say, his security (perineal) center, he might tell Janet, "I’d like you to say you’ll never leave me."

Our morning connect lasts but a tantalizing twenty minutes. Our afternoon connect lasts longer--an hour or ninety minutes. For our afternoon lovemaking, we focus on Janet. She talks, Sasha facilitates; then he brings her to an ejaculatory orgasm with his mouth and fingers. Then we have intercourse. Sasha has a electro-kinesthetic kundalini, non-ejaculatory orgasms and Janet comes to clitoral and vaginal orgasms.  Our evening connect, which also lasts about ninety minutes, climaxes in full ejaculatory orgasms–first Janet’s then Sasha’s or sometimes, both simultaneously.

We create romance when we connect. We talk and feel close. Satisfied. Life’s sweet. That’s what connecting twice or more daily does for us. That’s what it does for other practitioners of All-Chakra Tantra. And romance, closeness, satisfaction and sweetness is what All-Chakra Tantra can give you too.

Keep enjoying all the ways you already love loving, but add tantra ritual as an option. Now and then or regularly, create a tantra connect to share energy. Ritualize your rendezvous, process your problems, heed each other’s needs, satisfy each other sexually. Give each tryst original twists--express, encounter, laugh and love in ways that fulfill you both. The more you connect tantrically, the more you make each other feel secure, sensual, empowered, open-hearted, heard, supported and spiritually-encouraged.

Open all your centers to each other. Then you communicate kindly and effectively, heal wounds and remove limits to loving. Your separate self-sense merges into a consciousness of unity with each other, lovers everywhere, all consciousnesses, God. Really Love a Woman shows you, step-by-step, how.

14. SACRED SEXUALITY FOR POLYAMOROUS LOVERS - Book by Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin

This collection of essays and exercises helps you consider a tantric poly (=polyamorous--loving two or more) lifestyle where you share tantra–sacred sex. In a polyamorous and tantric life, a polytantra lifestyle, you make more love and relate at your best. Sacred Sexuality for Polyamorous Lovers provide experiments that teach you how to create, maintain and enhance lovers’ open relationships, triads, lovegroups and networks. Janet and Sasha share how the skills actually work in their lives, as well as the challenges moving them to develop the skills they teach in this book. Try the experiments and you’ll add empathetic active listening, imago healing, relationship imaging, Voice Dialogue centering and sex magic to your lovelife.

15.  ENKI SPEAKS -- an excerpt from Sasha’s guide to Zecharia Sitchin’s 2002 work, The LOST BOOK OF ENKI: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God.

6,000 years ago, astronaut/pioneers from the planet Nibiru dictated Enuma elish--the Creation Epic--to the Sumerians. The Creation Epic tells the early history of the Solar System: from the primordial life waters of space, our Sun first created Tiamat, the proto-Earth, which orbited her counterclockwise. Next, Sun created Mercury and sent Mercury with water and gold to Tiamat. Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune--formed as pairs--orbited the Sun counterclockwise too. Tiamat lacked a partner-planet, but one of her moons, Kingu, was getting big enough to be Tiamat's partner- planet and orbit the Sun, rather than Tiamat. 

Then, four billion years ago, Nibiru entered the solar system from a clockwise direction and tore away a piece of Neptune. That piece of Neptune became its moon. Triton, unlike other Solar System moons--orbits Neptune clockwise.

As Nibiru passed through the Solar System, it lost three moons, tore four moons from Uranus and tilted Uranus’ orbit. Then Nibiru ripped eleven moons from Tiamat and pulled Gaga, Saturn’s largest moon, into clockwise orbit (between Neptune and Uranus) where Gaga is now Pluto. Some of Nibiru's moons hit Tiamat, creating the Pacific Basin in what was left of Tiamat. That intact remainder of Tiamat is Earth. In the Pacific, waters and life-seeds of Nibiru and Tiamat evolved together. The shards of Tiamat (from the Pacific gouge Nibiru’s moon made) are Asteroids and comets. Nibiru's gravity took all Tiamat’s moons but Kingu, which left lifelessly orbiting Earth. Nibiru stabilized into a clockwise orbit (equal to 3,600 orbits of Earth around the sun).In the Creation Epic, the Sumerians knew and wrote of an advanced civilization on a planet in a different solar system. They had the concept of a pulsar, the star around which Nibiru had orbited before that star collapsed. The Nibiran astronauts, the Lords, had their Sumerian scribes write--only lately being confirmed by our scientists--of the composition and movement of the astronomical bodies of Solaris' system. The Lords told the Sumerians that there was water on asteroids, comets, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, also on the rings of Saturn and Saturn's and Jupiter's moons as well. Our astronomers have just recently confirmed what the Lords dictated. The Sumerian Creation Epic is compelling evidence for the extraterrestrial settlement of Earth by Nibirans, the human astronauts who came to be regarded as the gods of Earth.

Millennia pass after Nibiru and the solar system achieve relative orbital stability. Life on Nibiru evolves, culminates in technologically-sophisticated, long-lived homo sapiens, the humans of Nibiru. Nibirans unify, after disastrous thermonuclear wars, under a single kingship. But Nibiru is losing its atmosphere, critical to heat regulation and survival.

500,000 years ago, King Lahma vacillates over whether to nuke the volcanoes to regenerate the atmosphere or send miners to the asteroid belt, where probes registered gold which could be powdered and spread as a shield for Nibiru's atmosphere. Desperate for action to save Nibiru, Prince Alalu pushes Lahma off a tower.

Lahma's heir, Anu, at first agrees to let Alalu rule and marry. Anu marries his son, Ea, to King Alalu's Daughter Damkina; she bears Marduk, who's to ascend Nibiru's throne after his paternal grandfather, Anu and after his father, Ea (Anu's Firstborn). Alalu nukes the volcanoes to no avail and rockets with goldminers crash in the Asteroids. For nine orbits of the Sun, Alalu’s rule gives no relief from atmospheric degradation. Anu, the pretender who'd let Alalu ascend, challenges him. "Anu gave battle to Alalu. To hand-to-hand combat, with bodies naked, Alalu he challenged. Alalu in combat was defeated; by acclaim Anu was hailed as king."   [Sitchin, Lost Book of Enki, pages 24 - 39]

Alalu steals a missile-armed rocket and blasts off for Earth. 

From Earth, the deposed Alalu controls Earth’s gold. He places nuclear weapons to hit Nibiru on its next pass by Earth and-demands Anu return the throne of Nibiru to him (Alalu).  Now, however, Anu has a new successor, Enlil. Enlil is Anu's Foremost Son by virtue of Anu's marriage to his paternal half sister, Antu. Enlil demands proof of gold. Alalu beams documentary proof. Enlil and the Nibiru Council implore Anu to keep his throne.  

At the Council, Ea, Firstborn son of Anu and Son-in-law to Alalu (therefore okay to both) says to let him verify gold on Earth. If there's gold there, Ea says, let Alalu be Earth's King. If the gold saves Nibiru's atmosphere, Anu and Alalu can wrestle for kingship of Nibiru. "Let me in a chariot [rocket] to Earth journey, a path through the Bracelet [Asteroids] with water, not fire [Alalu had used nuclear blasting to get through the Asteroids] I shall fashion. On Earth, from the waters let me the precious gold to obtain; to Nibiru back it will be sent." [op.cit: 66] Anu endorses Ea’s plan and sends him (not Enlil, who wanted to go) with pilot Anzu and fifty astronauts to Earth.  Ea exhausts his rocket's water blasting Asteroids. He needs water to run his power system in the rocket, so he lands next to a lake on Mars and draws water. Then off he blasts again for Earth, "its gold Nibiru's fate for salvation or doom containing." [op.cit., 71]  Alalu guides Ea's band ashore. Ea builds a settlement, Eridu, at the head of the Persian Gulf, extracts gold from the gulf and builds an airplane from which he and his pilot Abgal prospect for gold and take soil samples from all over the planet.  

Anu beams orders from Nibiru for Ea to take Alalu's ship back to Nibiru with as much gold as possible. Ea and Abgal find seven nuclear missiles in Alalu's rocket; they hide them in a cave. When Anzu comes to ready Alalu's rocket to blast home, he see the missiles gone and angrily demands them so he can blast back through the asteroids. "Foresworn is the weapons' use," says Ea [op.cit: 82]. Ordering Anzu to stay on Earth, Ea programs a return route through the Asteroids, and orders Abgal--his airplane pilot–fly Alalu’s ship to Nibiru with sample gold to test as an atmospheric shield there.On Nibiru, the scientists process the gold "to make of it the finest dust, to skyward launch it was hauled away. A Shar [One orbit of Nibiru around the Sun, equal to 3, 600 Earth years; Nibiruans are so long-lived they seem immortal by our standards] did the fashioning last, a Shar did the testing continue. With rockets was the dust hearvenward carried, by crystals’ beams was it dispersed." But "when Nibiru near the Sun came, the golden dust was by its rays disturbed; the healing in the atmosphere was dwindled, the breach to bigness returned." [op. cit. 86]

Anu sends Abgal back to Earth for more gold, but the yield extracted from the Gulf is small. Abgal speeds back to Nibiru with this insufficient amount while Ea prospects for and finds huge gold veins in southeast Africa (Abzu).Ea beams news of his find to Anu on Nibiru. Ea’s half-brother Enlil (who’d wanted, rather than Ea, to himself head the Earth expedition) demands proof of lots of gold, saying Ea’d already given false hope that enough gold could come from Earth’s waters to save Nibiru’s atmosphere. So Anu sends Enlil to check on Ea’s find and command Mission Earth.

Enlil confirms the African gold and beams Anu for help resolving strife with Ea over control of the expedition and pressure from Alalu tool. Enlil evokes the Nibiran rule that he should lead. He argues that he--since he's the child of Anu and Anu's half sister Antu-- has dynastic precedence over Anu’s Firstborn, Ea.416,000 years ago, Anu flies to Earth and draws lots with Ea and Enlil. One of them, Anu decrees, will rule Nibiru; one, African mining operations and sea transport; and one of them will control the Persian Gulf headquarters. "By their lots the tasks they divided; Anu to Nibiru to return, its ruler on the throne to remain. The Edin [Mesopotamia] to Enlil was allotted, to be Lord of Command, more settlements to establish, of the skyships and their heros charge to take. Of all the lands until they the bar of the seas encounter, the leader to be. To Ea the seas and the oceans as his domain were granted, lands beyond the bar of the waters by him to be governed, in the Abzu [southeastern Africa] to be the master, with ingenuity the gold to procure.’" [op.cit. 92-93]

Enlil’s first act is to award Enki his initial settlement, Eridu, on the Persian Gulf, in perpetuity.

"Forward toward Anu Alalu stepped, shouted, ‘Mastery of Earth to me was allotted; that was the promise when the gold finds to Nibiru I announced! Nor have I the claim to Nibiru’s throne forsaken.’" [op.cit. 93] Anu wrestles Alalu. "Anu on the chest of Alalu with his foot pressed down, victory in the wrestling thereby declaring, ‘I am King’" But when he lifts his foot from Alalu, "swiftly he the manhood of Anu bit off, the malehood of Anu Alalu did swallow.!" [op.cit.94]  Enlil ties Alalu up while Enki gives Anu first-aid. Alalu, Anu groans, will slowly die from his seed. Anu condemns Alalu to spend his last days on Mars.

Anu drops Alalu on Mars, with food, tools and Anzu to care for him.When Anu arrives back on Nibiru, he tells the Council his plans for gold hunting through the solar system, continuous freight rockets to and from Earth, way-stations on Mars, Earth’s Moon, other planets and their satellites. Anu sends Earth his daughter Ninmah with female health officers. En route, Ninmah stops at Mars, finds Alalu and Anzu dead, but manages to revive Anzu. "The image of Alalu upon the great rock mountain with beams they carved" [op.cit.104]. She gives Anzu twenty men and orders to establish the first way station for the gold freighters.

"Enki and Enlil and Ninmah...Offspring of Anu the three leaders were, by different mothers.... 
Enki was the Firstborn Son; a concubine of Anu's was his mother.  
Enlil by Antu, the spouse of Anu, was born; the Legal Heir he thus became. 
Ninmah by another concubine was mothered, a half sister of the two half brothers she was....Greatly beautiful she was, full of wisdom, one quick to learn."

Ea, as Enki was then named, by Anu to espouse Ninmah was chosen, thereby their offspring son the legal successor thereafter to become. Ninmah of Enlil, a dashing commander, was enamored; by him she was seduced.... A son from Enlil's seed she bore, Ninurta.... Anu angered; as punishment he Ninmah ever to be a spouse forbade! Ea his bride-to-be by Anu's decree abandoned; a princess named Damkina [Alalu's daughter] he instead espoused; a son, an heir to them was born, Marduk" [op.cit., 112-113]

When Ninmah finishes Alalu's monument, she continues to Earth, where she presents Enki and Enlil with seeds for fruit from which a euphoric elixer can be made.  

Enlil flies her in his plane to his house "by the Cedar Forest" [Lebanon], as a perfect place to plant her seeds. "Once inside, Enlil embraced her, with fervor he kissed Ninmah, 'Oh my sister, my beloved!' Enlil to her whispered. By her loins he grabbed her." But "Into her womb his semen he did not pour." [op.cit., 108]  He promises her a healing city and says he'll bring their son Ninurta to Earth. Enlil's relation with Ninmah chills, however, when he rapes his half sister, Sud, an assistant she'd brought from Nibiru.  

Ninmah, Enki and a tribunal banish Enlil to Africa, to be delivered there by Abgal, the pilot Ea had promoted from airplane pilot to rocket pilot. Abgal'd helped Enki hide Alalu's nuclear missiles. Now, Abgal betrays Enki.

Abgal takes Enlil to exile in Africa but shows him the nuke's cave there. Abgal says, "Take the weapons into your possession, with the weapons your freedom obtain!"[op. cit., 114]

Meanwhile, Sud's pregnant from Enlil's rape. Enki and the tribunal ask Sud if she'd marry Enlil if she as his official spouse. So the tribunal and even Ninmah pardon Enlil and he and Sud marry. She's given the title Ninti and bears Nannar/Sin, the first Nibiran Royal born on Earth.  

Enki tells Ninmah, "Come with me in the Abzu ... your adoration of Enlil abandon. In Africa, "Enki there to her words of loving spoke, sweet words he spoke, 'You are still my beloved' to her he said, caressing. He embraced her, he kissed her, she caused his phallus to water. Enki his semen into the womb of Ninmah poured. Give me a son' he cried." [op. cit., 115]

But she bears him a daughter, then, immediately, another daughter. When he insists on another pregnancy "Ninmah against Enki a curse uttered, whatever food he ate was poison in his innards.... To distance himself from Nimmah's vulva Enki by raised arm swore; from her curse Enki was freed. To the Edin Ninmah returned." [op. cit., 116] 

Enki sends to Nibiru for his son, Marduk and wife Damkina. With them, Enki builds his clan--Marduk's earthborn half-brothers-- Nergal, Gibil, Ningishzidda/Thoth, and Dumuzi. Enlil likewise builds a rival clan with his sons Ninurta, Nannar and Ishkur/Adad/Teshub .
Anzu and the Igigi Rebel: By 400,000 years ago, Enlil established seven Mission Centers (Sippar the Spaceport; Nippur, Mission Control; Badtibira, Metalurgical Center; Shurrupak, Med Center). Anzu commands 300 Nibirans on Mars Base and in the shuttle service. His men, the Igigi, rocket gold from Mesopotamia, where Enki's ships have brought it from Africa. Anzu's men on Mars transfer the gold to spaceships to Nibiru, where scientists powder it and seed it in the air. "Slowly was the breach in the heavens healing." [op. cit., 117]  

380,000 years ago, the Igigi, led by Anzu, demand Enlil grant them more frequent returns to Nibiru, more elixer from the fruit Ninmah grows and a rest facility on Earth. Anu beams orders from Nippur: Anzu is to go to Enlil on Earth. Enlil will show Anzu the entire mining operation and Mission Control at Nippur/Nibru-ki, so Anzu'll understand why the Igigi must perservere.  [Sitichin, 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, page 88]

Enlil's reluctant to cooperate with Anzu, but Ea persuades Enlil to trust. When Enlil takes off his clothes, including the key to his control room, Anzu grabs the key and steals the computer crystals that run the spaceport and the astronaut cities in Mesopotamia. He forces pilot Abgal to take him to the spaceport,, where Anzu's men declare him king of Earth and Mars. Anzu shuts down vital services at headquarters (Nibru-ki) and cuts communication between Earth and Nibiru.  

Ninurta, Enlil and Ninmah's son, assisted by his brother Ishkur/Adad and advised by both Enlil and Enki, shoots Anzu down in an spectacular air battle, frees Abgal, captures Anzu and retrieves the crystals.

When Marduk sympathizes with the Igigi complaint that made them revolt (no R&R facilities on Earth, infrequent rotations back to Nibiru, little elixer), Enlil gives him the Mars command and orders him to bury Anzu on Mars, improve conditions there and boost morale among the Igigi.

Prologue: The gold dust from Earth shields Nibiru's atmosphere. But the 300 Nibirans who work the orbital platforms, the Earth/Mars shuttle, Mars Base and refining station (the Igigi) as well workers among the 600 Nibirans in Mesopotamia and the African Mining complex--complain of their working conditions. 380,000 years ago, the Igigi revolt against Commander Enlil. ( Besides gold, the miners in Zimbabwe also sought platinum, uranium and cobalt ("blue stones") to power their fuel cells)

Enlil's son Ninurta defeats the Igigi and executes their leader, Anzu. All the Nibiran leaders--including Nannar, Enlil's first son by his legal spouse--pledge to honor Ninurta as Enlil's successor on Earth.  

Before, Ninurta was Enlil's successor only on Nibiru; Enlil's successor on Earth had been Nannar, his son with Sud.  [Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, pages 95 -102]. Ninurta, now Enlil's "Foremost Warrior," enforces Enlil's rule over the entire system of gold extraction, processing, and transportation to the Nibiru. To make sure Ninurta's obeyed, Enlil gives him the IB missile, "a weapon with fifty killing heads."  [Sitchin, 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, page 102]

Ninurta, Enlil's Eldest Son, "Foremost Warrior" brings Anzu before Enlil [copied from Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, page124]

In Africa, as Earth's climate warms dramatically, Enki studies the local ecology, and, with his son Ningishzidda/Thoth, sets up a lab for Earth Studies. Enki's fascinated with an advanced local apeman, Homo Erectus. Enki leaves the African mines to Foreman Ennugi and goes North, to what's now Zimbabwe, to study the apemen. 300,000 years ago, the miners, whom Enki's abets, lure Enlil into a trap. 

First, the miners drastically reduce their shipments of gold to Ninurta in Badtibira. Enlil sends Ninurta to investigate. Ninurta and Ennugi hear miner-complaints. "They were backbiting and lamenting, in the excavations they were grumbling. Unbearable is the toil." Enki, sympathizes with the miners and tells Ninurta to invite Enlil to the mines and see how the miners suffer.  

When Enlil and his Visier, Nusku, arrive, "'Let us unnerve Enlil'...mine-working heros shouted. 'Of the heavy work let him relieve us. Let us proclaim war, with hostilities let us gain relief.' To their tools they set fire, fire to their axes they put." They hold Mine Boss Ennugi hostage and, with tools as torches, surround the house Enlil's in.  

Enki radios Anu to shuttle to Earth and execute the miners' leaders and their instigator (implying Enki). But no miner reveals leaders or instigator. Anu sympathizes with the miners, so Ninurta requests new miners from Nibiru and wants better equipment.  

Enki tells Ningishzidda, "Let us create a Lulu, a primitive worker, the hardship to take over, let the Being the toil of the Anunnaki [astronaut-pioneers] carry on his back.... The Being that we need, it already exists. All that we have to do is put on it the mark of our essence [ie, our genes], thereby a Lulu, a Primitive Worker shall be created!"

To be continued: see links for more, including copies of ancient statuary from Sumer

References: Sitchin, Z., 1976 The 12th Planet; 1980 The Stairway to Heaven 1985 The Wars of Gods and Men; 1990 The Lost Realms; 1990 Genesis Revisited; 1993 When Time Began; 1995 Divine Encounters; 1996 Of Heaven and Earth; 1998 The Cosmic Code, NY: Avon; 2002 The Lost Book of Enki; Freer, N., 1999, God Games Book Tree; 2000, Breaking the Godspell, Book Tree.


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