Synergy Newsletter June 2004
Published by 
Janet Kira Lessin, P.T.S.. & Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D.

Janet’s Intro

Janet's Intro:

1968 was the "Summer of Love" with hippies, flower-children, inspiring music, anti-war protests and Woodstock-style festivals. I see 2004 as the "Summer of Peace" and invite you to "make love, not war" so humanity can survive and our children have a place to be.  Thirty-six years later it's come down to this. Either we take a stand for love, or fail as a species. Gaia doesn't care. She's seen critters come and go time and again since she became aware. Earth
called to our souls and we sprang from her loins in this form to participate in the dance. It's been a long, interesting run. I imagine she had hopes for us to grow, evolve, become conscious and join her in a symbiotic relation, to care, love, nurture and mutually support one another.

There's still hope. We're still here, reading this newsletter. We wake up every morning, take another breath, love a little more, do it again and face another dawn. What to do about the human condition?

Sasha and I keep on keeping on. We see a reality where humans live in peace in a civilized society where all beings are love, respected, adored. Our personal efforts are to present and participate in workshops and gatherings that support the consciousness movement. We continue to write our stories in hopes they inspire you. We sponsor speakers, individuals and events that are in alignment with our vision, that of love and peace. We do psychological healing work with individuals and couples and teach tantra, psychology and ancient anthropology. We believe in the goodness of people and nurture and 
foster the good parts in everyone we meet. We realize that our macrocosm is but a reflection of our internal microcosm and if we become more inwardly peaceful, we affect those around us and they too in turn become more peaceful. We love with every molecule of our being for we realize that love is all there is.

Mahalo and Bright Blessings,
Janet Kira Lessin

School of Tantra Synergy Newsletter June 2004
Published by Janet Kira Lessin, P.T.S.. and Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D.
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This issue contains:

TANTRA, CHAKRAS & SPIRITUAL SEX– Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. & Janet Kira Lessin
DAVID ICKE: World's Most Controversial Speaker in Maui - June 12, 2004 - Lahaina Theater
WHAT IF IT WERE US? JAIIA EARTHCHILD'S NEW SONG & VIDEO Featured at David Icke Presentations
WEST COAST POLYAMORY CONFERENCE - June 25-27, 2004 - Harbin Hot Springs, ca
WORLD ORGASM DAY - August 12, 2004

TANTRA, CHAKRAS & SPIRITUAL SEX by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin
Tantra, which means weaving, weaves energies at each level of our consciousness. The levels are called chakras. Chakras relate to zones of the body and aspects of us concerned with security, sex, power, love, communication, vision, and spiritual oneness.

When we weave the energies within our chakras we heal wounds from our personal and collective past. In tantric exercises, we learn also to weave the energy of each chakra with one another, so we function as whole persons, fully aware of who we are as individuals. Tantra also weaves our energy with our lovers, so we feel oneness with each other. And Tantra frees us to experience the weave of all that is,
the loving holographic oneness of the universe.

Tantra yoga stretches us to heal our bodies, connects our breath and postures, center and balance ourselves. Tantra triggers
electromagnetic kundalini energy that surges orgasmically up our spines, connecting us to lovers and to the divine. Tantric practices
heighten our sense of both individuality and loving oneness with our beloveds. Tantra mandates clear communication, kind relating and
sensual mating that soars us in sweet sacred surrender from the depths of our soul to stratospheric heights where we lose ourselves
in the beauty of love.

Tantra centers us, balances our inner yin and yang (male and female) and lets us notice and drop prejudices, criticisms and judgements
towards others and ourselves. We experience giving and getting as the same. The tantric path is a spiritual discipline, where we practice bakti yoga (divine service), serving the beloveds who are our personalized Gods or Goddesses. They also lovingly serve us and help us heal and grow. We feel our lovers as we feel ourselves and consider them when we make choices which simultaneously honor our
individuality, our lovers' needs, the consciousness of all people and their right to live and exercise free and creative expression.


Lahaina Theatre: June 12, 2004 - Join us for this incredible event which we at the World Peace Association have co-sponsored with the
wonderful folks at On the Rock Productions. Sasha and I are 100% behind David's work because David takes us through five senses
reality via his presentation to the sixth sense and beyond. His information is guaranteed to help us remember who we are and become
empowered to overcome the dark forces that engulf our planet at this time. David fearlessly faces the Illuminati, brings shadow into the light so we Lightworkers can face our own shadow, own it, incorporate it then empower ourselves to transcend shadow and bring ourselves and this world into higher consciousness. Using humor to face evil, we discover the love and light that enables us to overcome shadow and create win-for-all utopia, civilized civilization where all consciousness is respected, all life's honored and individual freedom's revered.

Join us for this incredible even that's guaranteed to change your life forever.

DAVID ICKE, the most controversial, unique and world renowned author and speaker is coming to Maui.
Only Hawaii Appearance in 2004. Live at the Maui Theater (home of the world famous Ulalena Production).
Saturday, June 12th, 2004

Doors open: 8:30 AM, Event starts: 9:30 AM and goes till 7:30 PM.

Tickets on sale now at: Borders Books: 808-877-6160, Activity Mart: 808-667-6278,
On sale May 24th: Maui Theater - 808-661-9913

Advance Tickets: Premium seats: $55, Standard seats: $45 
3% surcharge * Additional $10 per ticket on day of the event

David's astonishing information, and how he weaves it together, is way beyond the cutting edge and everyone wants to hear it before the
global agenda he is exposing comes to pass.

Using more than 600 illustrations, David Icke reveals a vast web of knowledge from endless subjects and areas of research and shows how
they are all connected to the Global Secret Society Network behind 9/11, the Invasion of Iraq, Globalization, World Poverty, Control of
the Banking System, Trans-national Corporations, Governments and Media.

Big Bother is not coming. He's here!

David Icke (pronounced Ike) also reveals the illusory nature of reality and how it is created and manipulated to hold us in mental,
emotional and physical servitude. Most importantly he shows how we can regain control of our daily experience and change the global
prison into a global paradise.

For more info:, Go to the web:,

Special Hotel Rates Available for Event Ticket holders at the Maui
Islander: 808-667-9766, Maui Theater: 878 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761 808-661-9913


I've seen David speak twice on the mainland at two major conferences.  I stood 2 hours in a line that wrapped around the convention hall to get a good seat; glad I did. David's the most spell-binding speaker I've ever seen, and I've seen thousands of presenters. I sat riveted in my chair for hours and still wanted more.  David takes us through time, space and five-senses reality; then he brings us to higher consciousness, oneness and the light. While the Illuminati, Bush and the New World Order may have their agenda; we, the Light Workers, love humanity and have options to bring us all from these dark times to Utopia. The Utopian World lets us experience love, dignity, respect, freedom. We learn to create peace, prosperity and win-for-all.

Hear David Icke speak; see his amazing Power Point presentation.  You'll face all your fears, transform for the highest good and never
be the same.

Janet Kira Lessin
President, World Peace Association

DAVID ICKE PRESENTATIONS - June 12, 2004 - Maui, HI - June 19, 2004
Los Angeles, CA.

We were shocked into our senses, bolted into reality when we viewed Jaiia Earthschild's new politically-incorrect song brilliantly played to a backdrop of 9-11 scenes. She tells it like it is/was and brings it all home as she musically conveys the sentiments many of us feel about this current administration and never-ending war. With unparalleled genius, Jaiia, a modern-day bard, poetically connects
the dots that lead us directly back to who's really responsible for today's genocide and why. "What If It Were Us" is one of a series of songs written for "Ourstory", a modern-day rock-opera Jaiia wrote ( "Ourstory" is this
generation's "Hair" and if it's supported, produced and distributed far and wide, is our last, best hope for us to become the Utopian
rather than the Armageddon Generation.

Jaiia Earthschild:


Every breath we take brings my beloved Sasha and I closer to our goal; a polyamorous family; six to twelve tantric, outrageous souls who challenge the status quo. We'd synergize with our new lovers, co-create, come together in orgiastic ecstasy. The vibration we'd create would be felt everywhere. The energy we'd generate so powerful it would elevate humanity to its highest potential. Our
community, living in peace, love and harmony, would model a new paradigm for family and relationships that would be duplicated by
others around the world. Who are these brave souls and why in the world would they want to co-create with the eccentric Lessins?

Our world of conscious creatives combining in colorful cosmic celebrative circles periodically collapses into the dismal reality of crazed conservatives causing chaos and catastrophe. Which reality, bliss or despair, will persevere? Does the bliss or despair
version of reality dominate our psyche, control our consciousness?  Are we done playing victim? Is drama really that much fun? Or are
we bored with war? Which reality do we chose, which paradigm do we co-create with the collective consensus; the matrix voice which now
professes it wants peace, while dwells continuously in war or the reality that actually lives in peace and love?

The buck stops here, with me, now. My inner state creates my outer world. The more I heal wounds within the more centered I become and the more peaceful the reality I manifest. I'm God, as are you, as are we all, and we can/do/will create reality as I/we/you so
desire. We can shift our global focus from our current state of Armageddon-type war to a Utopian, Win-for-all reality possible for
humanity that we know exists.

Government, the controlling elite, knows the power of psychic energy and controls the research behind it in their black projects.
They use this energy, which is more effective and powerful than all others, in their psychic warfare. The force that shapes and molds
our reality is called chi by the Chinese, ki by the Japanese, prana in India and Tibet, astral light by ancient magicians, mana by
Hawaiian Kahunas, baraka by Sufis, yesod by Jewish Cabalists, orenda by the Iroquois Indians, mgebe by the Ituri pygmies and Holy Spirit by Christians.

Wilhelm Reich identified this energy as orgone energy.  Inventor Marcel Vogel discovered this energy and he called it the
information band. Nicola Tesla played with this energy. This energy is recognized by mediums and in paranormal abilities as bioplasma.
This is the energy accessed by prayer, proven to affect physicality, practiced by faiths universally. It's the energy felt by tantricas
when they merge bodies, unite as one, experience unity consciousness and see God. It's the energy experienced by lovers of all
orientations, two at a time, three together or more who love in groups. When lovers connect on deep levels, harmonize, share breath
and feel electromagnetic kundalini rushes up their spines, they have unity experiences. This tangible, spiritual energy is what Sasha and I seek by creating conscious community.

Rupert Sheldrake postulates morphogenic fields, causative organized fields which govern the behavior of species and account for
evolution. Morphogenic fields are created through accumulated doings of species' members and account for the transfer of information for their survival. Genetics and learning fail to completely explain animal behavior and how information passes between generations.
Spiders who never know their mothers construct perfect webs on their first try. Scientists assume instincts are built-in, therefore
genetically encoded. But genes can only code for proteins and could hardly account for the mental model which the spider needs to create a web from scratch. There's a force outside of the individual members of the species.

Sheldrake's insights account for the "Hundredth Monkey" phenomenon. Isolated monkeys on one island learned how to salt their
potatoes then suddenly, when a certain number was reached, monkeys on all the islands began salting potatoes. The morphogenic field also explains how human consciousness is shared. When one person invents something simultaneously many people converge on the same idea. In the early days of heart transplants, they didn't work. When one worked, then two, suddenly they all worked. When humanity "believed", in heart transplants the morphogenic field shifted and successful heart transplants. When a certain number of
spiritually-minded, conscious individuals awaken, we'll shift to a higher plane. Peace will guide the planets and love will guide the

Sasha and I have not yet met our ideal goal, that of 6-12 adults in a tantric/polyamorous community, all connecting and loving one another in peace, bliss, joy and harmony. But we've come close. We've enjoyed our journey of successive approximations, each
relationship bringing us closer to our goal. We've had tons of fun, lots of adventures and made a plenty of good friends. Our hearts
are opened from these experiences. We've noticed on our poly/tantric journey that people everywhere are waking up. Sex-positive, open-
minded, spiritually-aligned people affecting the morphogenic field and creating a new reality for all of us to enjoy. The sixties' love
generation declared "make love not war" and now more than ever, while humans are poised on the brink of global war, we finally realize the importance of that paradigm.

Tantric lovers unite in cosmic bliss, focus sex-magic visions on beautiful, positive realities that honor humankind. This energy
created by ritual is chi, mana, kundalini, nonlocal connectivity, universal love, the same energy identified by scientists and
mystics. Time to up the ante, focus intentions and make more love!

Pray, focus and meditate to bring about healings and good deeds. The loving intentions of participants create the reality they desire. There's power in groups. Two or more setting intentions create magical responses encompassing energies greater than their sum. If you've ever been to a love-in or tantric celebration involving sacred geometry, you would know what I mean. The energy generated by multi-loving is so palpable no one there can deny its existence. This is the energy that can take all of humanity into the light and the love. This energy, love, can help us become a conscious consensus society, where all are honored, respected, adored and loved.

Sasha and I seek our family; a group of souls who are open, aware, conscious and ready to shift the planet. We see a new world of
loving circles of friends, united in sex-honoring, loving, happy, celebrative ways. United as one, we feel the oneness of God within
ourselves as we transcend our skin-encapsulated self-sense, past division, separateness to unity consciousness. Somewhere in time,
all the crown chakras from all our groups stationed around the globe unite and shift us to a higher level. With our love, we take all of humanity who wish to go with us.

Summer brings new adventures, romance and love. Sasha and I are hopeful, optimistic that we'll find those special people and reach our personal goal of community. As for our global community, we feel you. The reality of universal love already exists. Whether we're here, there, in reality or hyperspace, that energy exists free for us to access anytime. We hope you come join us. And the world will live as one.

The West Coast Polyamory Conference will be held at Harbin Hot Springs, June 25-27, 2004. The conference, previously led by Loving
More ( will be jointly facilitated by several poly organizations this year. After a round of confusion regarding who's
in charge, we've decided to move forward with the conference. I hope you'll be there. I believe you can register online. But if not, you can register in person at the conference. I believe we have at least 100 reservations, from what I heard, but I'm not sure. Our limit is about 200, so I don't think we're close to that number yet.

POLY CONFERENCE REORGANIZATION MEETING: We're planning on having a meeting 15 minutes after the closing ceremony of the Polyamory
Conference (whoever's running it) on Sunday, June 27, 2004 at the lower pool. I highly recommend if you're serious about having an
ongoing polyamory conference that you make plans to be there.  The following groups are interested in continuing the conference next
year: Saturnia Regna headed by Dave Doleshal, World Polyamory Association headed by Janet Kira Lessin and Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.
There's probably more but we need to get confirmation that they're on board.

Dave's been talking to Deborah Anapol. I'm not sure if she's coming to this year's conference or not but I sure hope she will. Kelly
Bryson's attending and I'm sure his Nonviolent Communication skills will be needed at this meeting. The Harbin folks want to meet with us and are sending their representatives.

I'm not sure what the deposit is for next year, but I plan to bring my checkbook. My Father died recently and I received a tiny bit of
inheritance. I believe in this movement so firmly I'm willing to put the money up front for next year's conference and work it out over
time. However, I'm hoping others will put their money where their mouths are, show up with their checkbooks and help us make the
deposit. I'm sure, as brilliant as we all are, we can work out a deal that will finance the poly conferences and be equitable for all with
no one losing money.

What this confusion shows me is that it's now time for the polyamory conference to be a group thing, organized and facilitated by a group. Isn't that kinda what we stand for in our personal lives? Well how 'bout let's manifest that for the poly conferences.

So let's begin. We'd like the names of the following people:
1. Sponsors for the 2005 poly conference,
2. Volunteer workers for the 2005 conference
3. Attendees for the 2005 conference
4. Name for the new conference,
5. Location(s) for the new conference. Should we do one North, South,
East, West and/or Middle? What about a European poly con? Australia?
Any other locations?

LESSINS' POLY PRESENTATION SCHEDULE: Descriptions of Lessins' workshops at Loving More/Saturnia Regna/World Polyamory Association's Polyamory Conference - June 25-27, 2004 - Friday Night Warm-up - June 25, 2004

Dr Sasha and Janet Lessin lead us through a series of brief, playful relating exercises to let us meet, get to know, have fun and relax
with each other. The experience ends with the formation of support and encouragement pods of eight participants who will continue as a
group throughout the conference.

Saturday Night Tantra Ritual for Polys AFTER DINNER for program: June 26, 2004
You ritually chant, send, receive and blend with seven partners, or do all seven rites with a single partner. The rite you do with
successive partners flows from the sounds of the Bija Mantra, where each sound awakens a different chakra. One partner, one chakra:
security, sensuality, power, love, communication, insight and spirituality awaken. Then you return to your initial partner for the entire, kundalini-charged Mantra. Expand your consciousness to one shared with your partner, then to an awareness of the group as a loving being with you its parts. Led by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Janet Lessin, P.T.S.

Closing Circle - Sunday, June 27, 2004
Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin lead the poly participants through a closing circle ritual. We move back into our pods Sunday morning for
a final check in. After the morning's presenters we gather for a closing circle where we share appreciations and declare the
conference ended for another year with a snake dance.

Loving More: The Poly Tantric Lovestyle, A Personal Account by Janet Kira Lessin is an autobiographical testimonial of Janet's experiences with polyamory and tantra. Hold onto your hats for a wild ride!  Polyamory may not be the easiest lifestyle, but it's sure fun. The ups and downs of relating with more than one certainly keep things lively. Never a dull moment. Combine polyamorous relating with
tantra and you're soaring to new heights.

Janet's style of writing is heart-opening, full of emotion and exhibits a level of honesty rarely achieved by most yet desired by all. Janet and her husband, Sasha, love one another deeply, passionately, completely, a level envied by most yet achievable if that's truly your heart's desire.

Chapters: Explore Loving More; Women Get Most from Tantra and Polyamory; Equality, Respect and Reverence; Fear of Sex; Living
Tantra and Polyamory; Truth, Trauma and Transition; External Relationship Energy; Poly for the Vulnerable Inner Child; Tantra
Touches Releases Imprints; Are We Really Mono-poly?; Perils and Pearls of Polyamory; Goddess Gifts Goddess; Two Women and a Man; Two Men and a Woman; Bisexuality is a Touchy Subject; Couple Dating: Couples, Two Couples; Living and Loving Together; Four Men and Two Ladies; Poly Pilgrims Progress; Ride the Rhythms of Relationships; Pitfalls of Polyamory; Still Tantric After All These Years; Still Poly After All These Years

Club Tantra* - Maui, Hawaii: Saturday July 3, 10, 24 & 31 - 7pm - Tantra class followed by tantric party. All orientations, lifestyles, colors, creeds welcome!
Celebrate Sacred Sexuality Party* - Oahu, Hawaii: Saturday July 17 - 7pm - midnight. Tantra class followed by a fun, celebrative party.
Passion & Play in Paradise*, Oahu, Hawaii: Saturday, July 17 - 9am - 5pm, Sunday, July 18 - 11am - 6pm - Weekend seminar for those who want to know more about tantra. Tantra School: Level I: Certified Tantra Practitioner - Maui, Hawaii - July 19-24, 2004 (see description below). * These events are gender balanced. An equal number of men and women are admitted. Couples and singles welcome.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS AT THE SCHOOL OF TANTRA: Certification: Coaching, Counseling and Teaching Your next Right-livelihood?

At the School of Tantra you recognize and consciously synergize seven levels of consciousness: belonging, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, vision and spirituality. Then you help individuals, couples, groups and humanity accept, coordinate and integrate the
seven levels. The School of Tantra offers five certification programs, programs for practicing and teaching tantra, uplifting relating, ancient anthropology, existential reflection, childhood regression and pastlife rescripting. Each level has a one-week seminar and thirty to forty hours of what's called confluent homework assignments. The homework directs you into deeper levels of self-knowing and ability to encourage others. You practice guiding others in tantra, compassionate communication, existential analysis, Bija Yoga practice, regression therapy and integrating knowledge of Sumer.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS: Earn certification in one or more of the professional fields we offer. Take charge of your life. Get on a
positive career track: graduate from a School of Tantra Program. Earn, in the shortest time possible, right-livelihood in a field that
genuinely interests you.

Tantra Certification Program - Practitioner, Coach, Instructor, Lecturer & Professor
Relationship Certification Program - Practitioner, Tutor, Coach 
Existential Certification Program - Practitioner
Pastlife & Childhood Regression Certification Program - Practitioner & Coach
Ancient Anthropology Certification Program - Reader, Tutor, Lecturer & Instructor

TANTRA PRACTITIONER, COACH, INSTRUCTOR, LECTURER & PROFESSOR Learn to teach All-Chakra Tantra, a path of consciousness expansion in which you learn principles to facilitate security, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, shared vision and spirituality within yourself and between lovers. Understand the principles of confluent education for teaching tantra. Learn to create and facilitate for individuals, couples and groups, tantra lessons that simultaneously teach the ideas, provide behaviors and access emotions. Practice facilitating Active Listening, Imago Management, Better Bonding, Relationship Fitness Training, Straight Talk, Tantric Lovemaking and Dreamwork Facilitation.

CERTIFIED RELATIONSHIP PRACTITIONER: TUTOR & COACH Learn how to listen to clients in a way that lets them feel felt and hear,
understand and empathize with each other. Teach them to hold each other and find out what hurt and what they can do to make it better
now. Show them how to practice kind yet authentic confrontation and grow from feedback. Help them experience inner voices and watch how they trigger complementary voices as they relate. Assist them in choreographing the dance of their subpersonalities. Prepare to teach Relationship Fitness Training, where lovers balance roles, feelings, expression, understanding and touching and talking. Learn to teach clients tantra and how to bring all levels of their consciousness into relations, open all energetic centers (chakras)–health, sex,
power, love, talk, intelligence, intuition and spirituality.

CERTIFIED EXISTENTIAL PRACTIONER: Relate existential philosophy to personal and interpersonal counseling. Learn to help clients reflect upon their being-in-the-world in terms of the subjective/objective and universal/individual continua (bipolar personality theory) and in
terms of field theory, centering, and the hierarchy of levels of consciousness derived from phenomenological reduction. Help clients live from the existential ideals derived from field theory and reflection, constitution responsibility, self-disclosure, negation, anxiety and pain, finitude, non-being and death, reflection and epoche, inwardness, subjectivity and self-reliance, uniqueness and individuality, eternity and unity consciousness, freedom from guilt,  affirmation of life, commitment and cathexis, reality, encounter and love, flexibility and adaptability, the flowing existential moment and futurity, growth and self-transcendence, and polarity, dialectic and contradiction. Apply techniques of clinical philosophy, logotherapy, gestalt to yourself and your clients.

CERTIFIED PASTLIFE & CHILDHOOD REGRESSION PRACTITIONER & COACH: Teach those you counsel how imprints--from life history, womb-life, pastlife imagry and archetypal scripts--influence their lives now, dictate the ecology of their inner voices, dominate their bodies, project into their dreams and direct their spiritual aspirations. Learn how to direct them to modify imprints and scripts to suit their
life today and tomorrow. Apply the reprogramming technologies– holotropic breathing, pastlife hypnodrama, primal and Fischer-Hoffman
processes, psychosynthesis, voice dialogue centering and existential analysis to their emotional and spiritual growth.

Learn to teach the dynamic new Ancient Anthropology of Zecharia Sitchin, as interpreted by Dr. Lessin and Dr. Neil Freer. Zecharia
Sitchin archeologically documents events, from the atmospheric crisis on Niburu--(the solar system's far-orbiting tenth planet), which
propels the noble Enki and 600 miners and 300 shuttle crewmen to Earth 445,000 years ago for gold for Niburu's atmospheric shield--to
the withdrawal of the Niburans from Earth after a nuclear disaster, 4,000 years ago. In this program, you learn to clearnly communicate
the evidence and facilitate students' creation of a new paradigm unfettered by the"godspell", the yearning for the return of our overlords.

For more information write or call 808-244-4103 to register. To see more on our programs, go to and click on Education.

This summer catch the Lessins on Penn and Teller on Showtime in an episode called Yoga, Tantric Sex, etc. that highlights the New Age: With tongue in cheek this show attempts to make fun of everything, but in my humble opinion the hosts end up looking the most strange. Don't Penn and Teller like anything? We're not sure if they're serious or not but we decided to meet them somewhere in Oz.

Sasha and I enjoyed being on the show and despite it all Sasha got off a nice two to three minute blurb without interruptions or editing. I loved it! I think he did an excellent job, was brilliant, articulate and looked quite handsome as well. Sometimes that's about all we can hope for is a good camera angle when we agree to these shows and the footage we shoot falls prey to clever editors. Why do we do these shows? Well because we realize some of the audience out there's rather sophisticated and they "get it". A light bulb goes off, and soon they're searching the net for more! We love providing the catalyst for people waking up.

The show's going to repeat for the next six months, but unfortunately most of the air dates are late at night. The show repeats on 6/27/04
at 10:30 PM. Here's Penn and Teller's web site where you can get the full schedule:

WORLD ORGASM DAY - AUGUST 12, 2004 and every August 12th,

August 12, 2004 take the time and focus on what you love, what gives you joy and bliss. Every August 12th Mother Earth's biorhythms align and she experiences a huge orgasm. With the Earth at her most open it's truly a magical time when we can join Gaia in her ecstatic state, activate the hundredth monkey phenomena. United in orgasm we humans can affect the morphogenic field with positive affirmations and return to the Conscious Timeline of Love and Light away from Big Brother's New World Order. It's simply a matter of focus and intention. Make love, enjoy your orgasm (whatever that means to you, as long as it gets you high and happy on life). Enjoy our
simultaneous orgasms we give one another wherever we are in whatever way that turns you on. If you're not comfortable with sexuality,
activate your own ideosyncratic epiphany that day, all day. Join us in sacred ritual, meditation, prayer, dance, song on August 12 and
create magic, shift reality, turn to a world of love, light, peace, freedom, happiness and win for all.

The Lessins seek six to twelve adults to join us in paradise in a conscious, tantric, naturist, polyamorist, meditative, psychospiritual community nestled in a Maui jungle. You must be kind, honest, loving, open-minded, spiritual, neat, clean, tidy, quiet, reliable, responsible, financially-secure, non-tobacco smoking, environmentally-conscious, sex-positive and committed to work on and heal your family of origin hangups to join this experimental community and create a new model for extended family. We base our new-paradigm community on love and support for one another, kind, open and authentic communication, tantra, intentional family and intimate

Accommodations vary from private bedroom with shared bath and kitchen to small, private apartments. Members work weekly in community garden and grounds. Community activities include emotional support groups, workshops, parties and hosting. Applicants trained in healing arts, music, construction and gardening would help lots. For application call 808/242-5921: leave name, address, phone and fax.

PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH THE LESSINS - Maui or in your home town. Dr. Sasha Lessin has had a private psychotherapy practice for over 30 years. The Lessins offer private counseling, counseling and classes in person or on the phone at $150/hour. Call 808-244-4103 to reserve your time.

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Principals Include: Nudity, Spirit of Tantra, Sexual Equality, Sexual Choice, Tantra Meditation, Intentional Community, Honoring Gaia, Respecting Maui, Nurturing Native Polynesian & Indigenous Peoples Globally, Physical, Social, Spiritual Symbiosis, Absolute Freedom of Conscience, Continuing Lives & Abundance, Sacred Sacrament, Divine Human Family

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 Hawaii sales tax of 4.166% is added for all Hawaii events.

If you register but cannot attend, you may:
Apply your credit towards another School of Tantra service or event within one year (12 months)
subject to a $75 processing fees plus price increase, if any, of the service or event.

Returned checks will be charged a $30 bank service fee

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Donations made to our 503c(1)(a), the Tantra Theosphical Society are tax deductable