Synergy Newsletter September 2004 - Part II
Published by Janet Kira Lessin, P.T.S.. and Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D.
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Continued from Part I

12WORLD ORGASM DAY - AUG 12, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

School of Tantra
      B.  World Tantra Association
World Polyamory Association
      D.  World Peace Association
      E.  Enki Speaks


Loving More: The Poly Tantric Lovestyle, A Personal Account by Janet Kira Lessin is an autobiographical testimonial of Janet's experiences with polyamory and tantra. Hold onto your hats for a wild ride! Polyamory may not be the easiest lifestyle, but it's sure fun. The ups and downs of relating with more than one certainly keep things lively. Never a dull moment. Combine polyamorous relating with tantra and you're soaring to new heights.  

Janet's style of writing is heart-opening, full of emotion and exhibits a level of honesty rarely achieved by most yet desired by all. Janet and her husband, Sasha, love one another deeply, passionately, completely, a level envied by most yet achievable if that's truly your heart's desire.  

Chapters: Explore Loving More; Women Get Most from Tantra and Polyamory; Equality, Respect and Reverence; Fear of Sex; Living Tantra and Polyamory; Truth, Trauma and Transition; External Relationship Energy; Poly for the Vulnerable Inner Child; Tantra Touches Releases Imprints; Are We Really Mono-poly?; Perils and Pearls of Polyamory; Goddess Gifts Goddess; Two Women and a Man; Two Men and a Woman; Bisexuality is a Touchy Subject; Couple Dating: Couples, Two Couples; Living and Loving Together; Four Men and Two Ladies; Poly Pilgrims Progress; Ride the Rhythms of Relationships; Pitfalls of Polyamory; Still Tantric After All These Years; Still Poly After All These Years


Couples, break out and have fun at Club Tantra. Singles, join one of our groups and find a date to bring to the Club Tantra.  Our formatís unique with fun mixers, tantra demos and coached practice following by an intimate party. Many rave about this experience. This is our most successful event now in our 7th year. Weíve expanded to three locations: Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii and New York City. Our highly-trained professional staff supports and encourages you to maximize your experience. You enjoy learning tantra in a safe, playful atmosphere. 

Club Tantra combines the best of Tantra, Polyamory and Lifestyles which we call TANTRA SWING!  We're a club that's devoted to sensual parties featuring tantric techniques, structured sensual energy, sharing and communication opportunities followed by free-flowing lifestyle relating for couples and singles (gender balanced). 

This novel approach combines positive eroticism and gentle loving energies elevates lovemaking to a high level creates a safe, comfortable environment for newbies while sensual enough for experienced polys, tantricas, swingers, playcouples and lifestylers.

Club Tantra is a private, by invitation-only club.  YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO ATTEND.  All Members must fill out a MEMBERSHIP & PARTY REGISTRATION FORM, sign it and return it to us along with your payment.  Only Club Tantra Members may attend Club Tantra events.

Locations:  Maui, HI:  This is our primary location. Club Tantra Parties/Classes are most Saturdays from 7- midnight pm in Maui.  We have Club Tantra when two or more couples register.  If we don't get two couples and you wish to have private instruction, private classes are available as a option for Saturday evening.  Private instruction cost $150 per hour.  Oahu, HI:  We live a hop, skip and a jump from Oahu. When we get 20 or more couples interested in a Club Tantra Party, we book a flight and go to it.    New York, NY:  Our New York parties are hosted by Anton.  See, for more information.  Indicate your location on your MEMBERSHIP & PARTY REGISTRATION FORM when you apply for Club Tantra Membership.  

Membership, Hawaii:   In Hawaii, Club Tantra annual membership fees of $50 per couple or single must be renewed each year. Anton in NYC has his own membership policy, so you must speak with him directly. Your Club Tantra dues must be current to be admitted to the parties held in Hawaii.  Club Tantra Parties cost $50 per couple, $50 single men, $25 single women for the first party then $100 couples, $100 single men and $75 single women thereafter until your renewal time.  We charge less for single women as we get far more single men contacting us and we want to encourage single women to attend.  If you're a single man and wish to connect with one of the single ladies interested in
Club Tantra, increase your odds of getting admitted, pay to admit a single lady to the party you attend.  Ladies love generous men.  Let us know if you wish to take advantage of that offer.

10.  CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS AT THE SCHOOL OF TANTRA: Certification: Coaching, Counseling and Teaching Your next Right-livelihood?

At the School of Tantra you recognize and consciously synergize seven levels of consciousness: belonging, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, vision and spirituality. Then you help individuals, couples, groups and humanity accept, coordinate and integrate the seven levels. The School of Tantra offers five certification programs, programs for practicing and teaching tantra, uplifting relating, ancient anthropology, existential reflection, childhood regression and pastlife rescripting. Each level has a one-week of school and thirty to forty hours confluent homework assignments. The homework directs you into deeper levels of self-knowing and ability to encourage others. You practice guiding others in tantra, compassionate communication, existential analysis, Bija Yoga practice, regression therapy and integrating knowledge of Sumer.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS: Earn certification in one or more of the professional fields we offer. Take charge of your life. Get on a positive career track: graduate from a School of Tantra Program. Earn, in the shortest time possible, right-livelihood in a field that genuinely interests you.

Tantra Certification Program - Practitioner, Coach, Instructor, Lecturer & Professor
Relationship Certification Program - Practitioner, Tutor, Coach
Existential Certification Program - Practitioner
Pastlife & Childhood Regression Certification Program - Practitioner & Coach
Ancient Anthropology Certification Program - Reader, Tutor, Lecturer & Instructor

A.  TANTRA PRACTITIONER, COACH, INSTRUCTOR, LECTURER & PROFESSOR Learn to teach All-Chakra Tantra, a path of consciousness expansion in which you learn principles to facilitate security, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, shared vision and spirituality within yourself and between lovers. Understand the principles of confluent education for teaching tantra. Learn to create and facilitate for individuals, couples and groups, tantra lessons that simultaneously teach the ideas, provide behaviors and access emotions. Practice facilitating Active Listening, Imago Management, Better Bonding, Relationship Fitness Training, Straight Talk, Tantric Lovemaking and Dreamwork Facilitation.

B.  CERTIFIED RELATIONSHIP PRACTITIONER: TUTOR & COACH Learn how to listen to clients in a way that lets them feel felt and hear, understand and empathize with each other. Teach them to hold each other and find out what hurt and what they can do to make it better now. Show them how to practice kind yet authentic confrontation and grow from feedback. Help them experience inner voices and watch how they trigger complementary voices as they relate. Assist them in choreographing the dance of their subpersonalities. Prepare to teach Relationship Fitness Training, where lovers balance roles, feelings, expression, understanding and touching and talking. Learn to teach clients tantra and how to bring all levels of their consciousness into relations, open all energetic centers (chakras)Ėhealth, sex, power, love, talk, intelligence, intuition and spirituality.

C.  CERTIFIED EXISTENTIAL PRACTITIONER: Relate existential philosophy to personal and interpersonal counseling. Learn to help clients reflect upon their being-in-the-world in terms of the subjective/objective and universal/individual continua (bipolar personality theory) and in terms of field theory, centering, and the hierarchy of levels of consciousness derived from phenomenological reduction. Help clients live from the existential ideals derived from field theory and reflection, constitution responsibility, self-disclosure, negation, anxiety and pain, finitude, non-being and death, reflection and epoche, inwardness, subjectivity and self-reliance, uniqueness and individuality, eternity and unity consciousness, freedom from guilt, affirmation of life, commitment and cathexis, reality, encounter and love, flexibility and adaptability, the flowing existential moment and futurity, growth and self-transcendence, and polarity, dialectic and contradiction. Apply techniques of clinical philosophy, logotherapy, gestalt to yourself and your clients.

D.  CERTIFIED PASTLIFE & CHILDHOOD REGRESSION PRACTITIONER & COACH: Teach those you counsel how imprints--from life history, womb-life, pastlife imagry and archetypal scripts--influence their lives now, dictate the ecology of their inner voices, dominate their bodies, project into their dreams and direct their spiritual aspirations. Learn how to direct them to modify imprints and scripts to suit their life today and tomorrow. Apply the reprogramming technologiesĖholotropic breathing, pastlife hypnodrama, primal and Fischer-Hoffman processes, psychosynthesis, voice dialogue centering and existential analysis to their emotional and spiritual growth.

E.  CERTIFIED ANCIENT ANTHROPOLOGY READER, TUTOR, LECTURER, INSTRUCTOR: Learn to teach the dynamic new Ancient Anthropology of Zecharia Sitchin, as interpreted by Dr. Lessin and Dr. Neil Freer. Zecharia Sitchin archeologically documents events, from the atmospheric crisis on Niburu--(the solar system's far-orbiting tenth planet), which propels the noble Enki and 600 miners and 300 shuttle crewmen to Earth 445,000 years ago for gold for Niburu's atmospheric shield--to the withdrawal of the Niburans from Earth after a nuclear disaster, 4,000 years ago. In this program, you learn to clearnly communicate the evidence and facilitate students' creation of a new paradigm unfettered by the"godspell", the yearning for the return of our overlords.

For more information write or call 808-244-4103 to register. To see more on our programs, go to and click on Education.


This year catch the Lessins on Penn and Teller on Showtime in an episode called Yoga, Tantric Sex, etc. that highlights the New Age: With tongue in cheek this show attempts to make fun of everything, but in my humble opinion the hosts end up looking the most strange. Donít Penn and Teller like anything? Weíre not sure if theyíre serious or not but we decided to meet them somewhere in Oz.

Sasha and I enjoyed being on the show and despite it all Sasha got off a nice two to three minute blurb without interruptions or editing. I loved it! I think he did an excellent job, was brilliant, articulate and looked quite handsome as well. Sometimes thatís about all we can hope for is a good camera angle when we agree to these shows and the footage we shoot falls prey to clever editors. Why do we do these shows? Well because we realize some of the audience out thereís rather sophisticated and they "get it". A light bulb goes off, and soon theyíre searching the net for more! We love providing the catalyst for people waking up.

The showís going to repeat for the next six months, but unfortunately most of the air dates are late at night. Hereís Penn and Tellerís web site where you can get the full schedule:  If you've missed the show, be sure to catch us on Penn and Teller's annual composite DVD.   

12.  WORLD ORGASM DAY - AUGUST 12, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

August 12, 2004 take the time and focus on what you love, what gives you joy and bliss. Every August 12th Mother Earthís biorhythms align and she experiences a huge orgasm. With the Earth at her most open itís truly a magical time when we can join Gaia in her ecstatic state, activate the hundredth monkey phenomena. United in orgasm we humans can affect the morphogenic field with positive affirmations and return to the Conscious Timeline of Love and Light away from Big Brotherís New World Order. Itís simply a matter of focus and intention. Make love, enjoy your orgasm (whatever that means to you, as long as it gets you high and happy on life). Enjoy our simultaneous orgasms we give one another wherever we are in whatever way that turns you on. If you're not comfortable with sexuality, activate your own ideosyncratic epiphany that day, all day. Join us in sacred ritual, meditation, prayer, dance, song on August 12 and create magic, shift reality, turn to a world of love, light, peace, freedom, happiness and win for all.


The Lessins seek conscious adults to join us in paradise in a conscious, tantric, naturist, polyamorist, meditative, psychospiritual community nestled in a Maui jungle.  We envision several locations on Maui and sister-communities all around the globe.  You must be kind, honest, loving, open-minded, spiritual, neat, clean, tidy, quiet, reliable, responsible, financially-secure, non-tobacco smoking, environmentally-conscious, sex-positive.  You must be committed to work on and heal your family of origin hangups to join this experimental community and create a new model for extended family. Together we create right-livelihood, fun things to generate income that don't feel like work.  We base our new-paradigm community on love and support for one another, kind, open and authentic ommunication, tantra, intentional family and intimate friendships.  Accommodations vary from  tent sites to yurts to private bedroom with shared bath and kitchen to small, private apartments. Members work weekly in community garden and grounds. 

We hope to acquire more land to expand our community, both here in Maui and in various around the world.  We envision each location will house about 100 full-time members and will have a healing/educational center and visiting facilities for guests and students.   We see our communities as havens of sex-positive, progressive, open-minded, spiritual, creative, joyous individuals interested in art, gardening, music, dance, play, relationship choice and healing.  Community activities include emotional support groups, workshops, parties and hosting. Applicants trained in healing arts, music, construction and gardening would help lots. For application call 808/244-4103: leave name, address, phone and fax.

14.  PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH THE LESSINS - Dr. Sasha Lessin has had a private psychotherapy practice for over 30 years. Janet joined Dr. Lessin in his life and they began a joint practice in 1997. The Lessins offer private counseling, tantra education, couples tantra, relationship counseling, therapy, coaching and classes in person or on the phone. They use an incredible wide variety of psychotechnologies and communication modalities to facilitate your process.  See PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING & PERSONAL GROWTH COACHING for a full list.  They charge $150/hour but will work with you if you are economically challenged for an energy exchange that feels like a balance of reciprocity.  Call 808-244-4103 to reserve your time.


A.   School of Tantra - Moto: Lessins Lessons in Love. Email: The School of Tantra is located in Maui, Hawaii with branches in your home town. The School of Tantra can be experienced in person in Hawaiian paradise or in your home through phone sessions, virtual instruction or private sessions when our teachers travel to your part of the globe. Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin, Ph.D. offer tantra instruction and 5 certification programs: Tantra, Relationship Counseling, Existential Philosophy, Pastlife & Childhood Regression Therapy and Ancient Anthropology. The Lessins have a private counseling practice with over 30 years experience. In their practice they feature private and group therapy, counseling, coaching, healing using tantra, various communications methods and a wide assortment of psycho-spiritual technologies to best serve you and accelerate your healing and educational process. 808-244-4103.

B.   World Tantra Association: Moto: Love Eros Agape Amour. The World Tantra Association presents tantra conferences, workshops, seminars, playshops, events, parties, counseling, education, coaching, therapy and experientials where we feature our favorite tantric practitioners, healers, facilitators and educators, highly-trained, experienced and skilled ready to take you to the next highest level of your personal evolutionary process. With tantra you learn, grow, expand, evolve and heal, transport you and your beloved to seventh heaven while bringing heaven to Earth and joy to all those around you. 808-244-4103, email:

C.   World Polyamory Association - Moto: More Loving Loving More. Email: The World Polyamory Association present conferences, workshops, seminars and events that support relationship choice and offer healing around relationships and human sexuality. Polyamory, a high spiritual path, offers multiple mirrors to accelerate personal growth, expand horizons, create greater intimacy and deeper connections and transport humanity to the next level of cosmic, conscious connections with more than one. 808-244-4103. .

D.   World Peace Association - - Moto: Peace in our lifetime. Email: The World Peace Association hosts conferences focused around presenters devoted to peace, information designed to bring peace into reality and you, the ambassadors of love unified in peace and harmony to save the world by showing us the way. The Faces of War section reminds us of the sacrifices of those who have come before us, laid down the foundation and paid the ultimate price. 808-244-4103.

E.   Enki Speaks: Moto: Enki, Humanity's Father. Email: Athropologist, Dr. Sasha Lessins, offers his interpretations of Zecharia Sitchinís books and the translations of ancient Sumerian, mythology and modern unexplained phenomena. 808-244-4103.

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