conducted by
Sasha Lessin, PH.D  
& assisted by his wife and beloved
 Janet Kira Lessin 

      Wedding Fantasy by Sharon Forbes

      Ceremonies to celebrate life, for any situation involving the union of souls; weddings, vow-renewal ceremonies, commitment ceremonies for lovers of any kind: traditional, polyamorous, gay or lesbian.  Formal, informal, ritual or tantric.  You may want to make your commitments to each other, receive blessings from each of your guests, create your most romantic mood and have the most fun while your sacralize your vows.  And as a State of Hawaii Officiant for the Department of Health Dr. Lessin also conducts wedding ceremonies for State of Hawaii marriage licenses .  

      Combine your wedding or commitment ceremony with tantra CLASSES or INTENSIVES. Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin greet you in their Temple of Tantra.  In a secluded mountain rainforest overlooking Maui's spectacular North Shore, the Lessins lovingly facilitate you as you delve deeply, rediscover romance and taste tantalizing tidbits of tantra.  In powerful, provocative days of self-discovery, you and your beloved master new techniques to elevate your lovemaking, uncover chakra blocks that inhibit total bliss, create caring communication to enhance your lives and become conscious beloveds that honor, adore and support each other on all levels.     

     For those about to renew their vows, the Lessins help you return to love.  Rediscover the passion you once had.  Nurture one another again as friends and lovers. Create unity consciousness, transcend separation, find loving oneness.  Uncover core issues, reveal unspoken withholds and resentments that have alienated you from one another, blocked you from true intimacy and kept you distant, silent and troubled.  

     New relationships or old, Janet and Dr. Sasha specialize in creating a safe, sacred space for you to delve to the depths of your souls, discover yourself and concretize your relationship.  Utilizing tantra, hypnotherapy, voice dialogue, pastlife regression therapy, gestalt therapy, shamanic healing, psychic intuition and lots of love, we support you totally in your process.  Our Specialty is spiritual emergence and other unconventional techniques which many times help those when all else has failed        

    The Lessins can help you discover out-of-the ordinary, off-the-beaten-track locations, musicians and situations for your ceremony.  You choose; waterfalls or mountain tops, romantic or adventurous, glamorous or amusing, costumes or nude.  Bring your ideas and we'll help you make your special dreams come true.

     So before your ceremony discover the tools to enhance your relationship and make it sweet forever as you enjoy tantra (Tantra), relationship counseling sessions (Healing, or educational relationship classes Learning) with Janet and Sasha to get your union off to a perfect start.  Disarm potential difficulties before they harm your relation.  Develop effective, honest communication skills to ward off difficulties and enhance your relationship.


     Honeymoon at the Temple of Tantra, a romantic tropical hide-a-way.  Deepen your love even further with a Private Tantra Session.

     Create greater intimacy with incredible new lovemaking skills that you can perfect and take home with you to insure an orgasmic, blissful life together.

     Ceremonies and weddings: from $175.  Tantra and relationship enhancement coaching sessions: $150/hour. Music can be arranged with advance notice at additional costs.  Email: schooloftantra@aol.com  for more information.  


Janet & Sasha Lessin
married again! September 20, 2000











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Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii  96793
(808) 244-4921 (Maui office)

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