Janet Kira Lessin, P.T.S* & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.


Celebrate love and passion in a weekend of sacred sexuality and polyamorous experimentation.  Enjoy playful tantric energy exchanges, partnering, lovemaking, sharing and compassionate communication. Explore your expectations, boundaries, desires, limits, wants, needs and what you need  to feel safe and relaxed.  Honor and respect each individual in our group as we negotiate and reach agreement, then mix and merge--single to single, couples with singles, couples with couples in every variation. 

Our blend of tantra and modern transformative, spiritual sexuality exercises with Jungian psychology gives you hands-on experiences, reverent relationship rituals, inspirational demonstrations, fun-filled fantasy fulfillments and coached coupling. Choreograph the dance of yin and yang at each chakra. You raise your consciousness, improve pairing and model more love. Connect deeper with your partner or find new love. Passion in Paradise climaxes in an ecstatic play party, ideal for beginners as well as experienced polys, tantricas and lifestylers. 

First Saturday 9AM - 5PM & Sunday 11:30AM - 5PM, Monthly

  June 2-3, 2007 - Single - $295.00
  June 2-3, 2007 - Pair - $395.00
  July 7-8, 2007 - Single - $295.00
  July 7-8, 2007 - Pair - $395.00
  August 4-5, 2007 - Single - $295.00
  August 4-5, 2007 - Pair - $395.00
  September 1-2, 2007 - Single - $295.00
  September 1-2, 2007 - Pair - $395.00
  November 3-4, 2007- Single - $295.00
  November 3-4, 2007 - Pair - $395.00
  December 1-2, 2007 - Single - $295.00
  December 1-2, 2007 - Pair - $395.00
  January 5-6, 2008 - Single - $295.00
  January 5-6, 2008 - Pair - $395.00

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Cut lose and play passionately at the School of Tantra’s Passion & Poly Play in Paradise. Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin teach you to choreograph the dance of yin and yang at each chakra for personal growth, transformation, self-examination and sweet loving with your lover. Take turns as Receiver and Giver and enjoy supporting and pleasuring your partner(s), physically, emotionally and spiritually, in a safe, loving, supportive group. Free yourself from limiting programming acquired from earlier experiences. Train your partner how to honor, hear and heed, to mirror, validate and empathize with you. The Lessins teach you to gift and touch each other tantrically and how to stimulate each others’ sacred sexual sectors satisfactorily. Go deeper than ever before, past limits that keep you from true intimacy, transcendence and seeing past your skin-encapsulated selves to fully feel your oneness.

The focus of this playshop is fun while you explore limitations, expectations, cultural conditioning, programming, resentments and all things that hold you back. The Lessins help you quickly clear chakra blocks, eliminate fears and open channels to unity consciousness using tantra, effective psychotechnologies and the latest, user-friendly communication methodologies.

      You learn how to balance your Giver and Taker. If you give too much you burn yourself out. If you take all the time no one can stand being with you. Discover how giving and taking are two sides of the same coin, one and the same, and bring all your relationships into harmony, especially your intimate ones. Create partnerships, equal, stable, calm, as you become more conscious of your fears, prejudices and negative bonding patterns that hurt yourself and those you love. Take the Golden Rule, (do unto others as you’d have others do unto you) to a higher level. What you give’s what you get. Experience oneness with your sweetheart(s) and merge into unity consciousness. As one, you become a two-headed amoeba. As a group, you expand and become a multi-headed person. You feel your beloved’s needs, wants and desires as fully as your own. When you feel what your sweetheart feels, you minimize wounding, maximize love.  From this expanded space you grow, reach out, experience more. 

Discover truth and free yourself. Learn how, in this playshop, to express yourself openly, fully and authentically, tell your personal truth and set yourself and everyone around you free. With honesty, all become who they really are, not facades to please everyone else and avoid disapproval.

Cleared, open, honest, you really play; you rediscover the total abandonment of a child. Fully feel tears and laughter as you and your partner connect and reconnect. Experience pleasure you’ve known was possible, but didn’t know how to obtain.

Singles develop skills necessary for partnering. Couples connect deeper than ever before. Friendships grow, deepen. Love blooms, evolves to new heights, incredible unimagined configurations.  The skills and knowledge you acquire at this playshop are invaluable and something you’ll use the rest of your life. As the world evolves to more love, you'll be prepared to love more.