Personal History

Born July 9, 1940, New York City. Citizenship: U.S. Reared in Torrance, California; Father's occupation: Attorney. Residence: UCLA campus; Vanua Balavu, Fiji; Eugene, Oregon and (since 1968), Honolulu, Oahu and Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii.

Married to Janet Kira Lessin since 1997.


2004 - now: Head Tutor and Vice President, World Polyamory Association

2003 - now: Co-Founder with Janet Kira Lessin, World Tantra Association

2002 - now, Dean of Instruction, School of Tantra (

2003 Dean of Social Relations, International University of Professional Studies

2002 (February-March) Trainer, Maui Community College PACE class entitled Conscious Loving Communication Skills

1996-2002 Dean, School of Counseling, Maui, Hawaii

1988-now Psychotherapist in private practice, Hawaii.

1994-now Instructor, Strong, Stretched and Centered Fitness Instructor Trainer

1993-now Instructor, Maui School of Yoga Therapy

1985- now President and Dean of Instruction, School of Counseling Psychology; Head Tutor, Lessins Unlimited.

1980-1985 Dean, University for Humanistic Studies, Hawaii.

Professor, University for Humanistic Studies, San Diego and Hawaii. Taught Transpersonal, Humanistic, Developmental and Existential-Phenomenological Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Counseling Theories and Strategies, Personality Theories, Humanistic Education, Humanistic Applications, Sexuality Counseling, Communication and Consciousness, Personal Adjustment, Survey of Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology, Transformation of Self and Society, and Current Trends in Psychology and Holistic Health.

1980-1984 Professor, Professional School for Psychological Studies, San Diego Taught Existential-Phenomenological Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Counseling and Applications of Humanistic Psychology.

1985 Adjunct Faculty, Union Graduate School.

1984 Instructor, William Lyons University, San Diego. Taught Therapeutic Theories and Applications, Existential-Phenomenological Psychology.

1977-1980 Instructor, Psychology, Maui Community College. Taught Survey of Psychology, Psychology of Personal Adjustment and Confluent Education Seminar. Initiated Confluent Co-teacher Program. Conducted life Skills Program for high-risk learners.

1979 Lecturer, Antioch West University Master's Degree Program. Taught Psychotherapy, Personality Theory, Human Sexuality.

1972-1976 Lecturer, Social Sciences, Leeward Community College, Hawaii.  Taught Psychology, Human Sexuality, Anthropology and Growth Facilitation Training Seminar.

1973-1976 Encounter Group Leader, Anthos Growth Center, New York City. Conducted Primal-Gestalt Awareness and Sexuality Sessions.

1971 Director of Counseling, Waikiki Drug Clinic, Honolulu, Hawaii.

1970-1971 Assistant Professor, New College, University of Hawaii. Taught Gestalt Therapy, Sensory Awareness, Encounter, Varieties of Religious Experience, Human Sexuality.

1968-1971 Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of Hawaii. Taught Anthropological Applications to Contemporary Problems, Political Anthropology, Ethnographic Field Methods, Social Anthropology, Peoples of Polynesia, Cultural Anthropology. Supervised Ph.D. Dissertations.

1966 Reader, Comparative Society and Comparative Religion, University of California, Los Angeles.

1964-1965 Adjunct Research Assistant, Displaced Communities Project, University of Oregon. Conducted ethnographic field research in Fiji and Tonga.

1963 Reader, Cultural Anthropology and Comparative Religion, University of California, Los Angeles.


Degrees and Certificates

1990 Graduation, Advanced Professional Holotropic Breathwork Training.

1988-1990 Three-Year Holotropic Therapy Certification Advanced Professional Holotropic Breathwork Training, led by Stanislav and Christina Grof. Certification as Holotropic Breathworker, September, 1989. Instructors include the Grofs, Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Richard Tarnas, Ph.D., John Mack

1986 Hypnotherapy Certification, Irving Katz Hypnotherapist Training Program.

1981 M.A., University for Humanistic Studies (Counseling Psychology).

1987 Instructor Certification, Viniyoga, Maui Yoga Therapy School.

1971 Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles (Anthropology).

1964 M. A., University of California, Los Angeles (Anthropology).

1961 B.A. (with Highest Honors), University of California, Los Angeles (Psychology).


1993-present Advanced student, Dr. Roger Woolger's Certification Program in Jungian Pastlife Therapy.

1991-present Teaching Staffer, Dr.s Hal and Sidra Stone's Voice Dialogue Summer Camps. seminars with the Stones, including 6 1-week residential seminars: Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves Teacher Training and four two-week Summer residential summer intensives.

1990 Sex, Death & Transcendence; Association For Holotropic Breathwork International's First Annual Conference (Presentations by Stanislav Grof, M.D. and Christina Grof. I co-facilitated large group Holotropic Breathwork sessions).

1989 Holotropic Breathwork & Addiction. Stan and Christina Grof, Jaquelyn Small (Albuquerque).

1988 The Transpersonal Vision, 1988 International Transpersonal Association Conference (Santa Rosa). Monitored Stan Grof's Pre-conference Holotropic Breathwork workshop for 200+ breathers. Attended lectures by Terrence McKenna, Seymour Boorstein, Kenneth Ring, Albert Hofmann, Soygal Rinpoche, Ram Dass.

1988 Opening Doors of Intuition Convention. Attended various workshops, including all presentations by Stanislav Grof, M.D., (San Francisco).

1985 Confluent Education Convention, Honolulu.

1985 12th International Human Unity Conference, "Living the Vision," Oahu, Hi.

1983, 1984 Tarot: Western Symbolism and Metaphysical Review of One's Lifepath, taught by Jayne Sturgeon (Maui).

1983 Psychodrama, a series of courses taught by Irving Katz, Ph.D. (Maui).

1983 Writers' Workshops: three one-week workshops taught by Theodore and Jayne Sturgeon (Maui).

1982 Neurolinguistic Programming, courses taught by Greg Brodsky, M.A. and Ray Hadwick, Ph.D. (Maui).

1982 Rebirthing, taught by Kent Bullock, M.A. (Maui).

1978 Psychological Fitness Training, led by Joseph Hart, Ph.D., Richard Corrierre, Ph.D. and Steve Gold, Ph.D. (Los Angeles).

1977-1986 Participated in various workshops at Association for Humanistic Psychology conventions in Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

1977 Intensive Journal Workshops, led by Fern Bruner, Ph.D. and Nancy Strode, Ph.D. (Honolulu).

1976 Effective Education, led by William Glasser, Ph.D.

1974 Daemonic Release workshops led by Rene Tillich, Ph.D.; Honolulu).

1973 Movement Therapy workshop, Anna Halprin (Honolulu).

1970-1971 Gestalt Therapy workshops led by Dick Price, Jim Simpkin, Ph.D., Julian Silverman, Ph.D. (Esalen Institute, Big Sur).

1970 Exploring Madness, led by Julian Silverman, Ph.D. (Esalen Institute, Big Sur).

1970 Esalen Two-Week Residential Program, including Gestalt Movement (led by Gabrielle Roth, M.F.A.), Sensory Awakening, (led by Bernard Gunther) and Gestalt Therapy (led by Dick Price and Julian Silverman).

1970 Psychosynthesis, led by James Fadiman, Ph.D. (Esalen, San Francisco).

1970 Gestalt Therapy, led by Elaine Kepner, Ph.D. and Lois Brian, Ph.D. (Esalen, San Francisco).

1970 Humanistic and Confluent Education, led by Aaron Hillman, Ph.D. and Rosemary Hillman, M.A. (Esalen, Big Sur).

1970 Gestalt Therapy, led by Walter Kepner, Ph.D. (Honolulu).

1970 Marathon Encounter Training, led by Fred Stoller, Ph.D. (Rancho Santa Fe).

1969 Roles and Encounter, Led by Jack Gibb, Oahu.

1967 Group Dynamics Training, led by William Gellerman and Harry Frankel, UCLA.

1964-1971 American Anthropological Association Conventions, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Additional Graduate Courses

1986 The Yoga Sutras, taught by Gary Kraftsow, M.A.

1984 Eastern Spiritual Traditions, taught by Gary Kraftsow, M.A.

1982 Crisis Intervention Training, taught by Leonard Licht, Ph.D.

1979 Antioch West classes on Maui: Family Therapy (E. Auerswald, M.D., Psychopathology (Irving Katz, Ph.D.), Domains of Psychology (Irving Katz, Ph.D.) and Dance Therapy (Joan Kelly Lessin, Ph.D., M.F.A.).

Honors and Awards

1980 Ten Year Certificate of Service, University of Hawaii

1967-1968 National Institute of Mental Health Predoctoral Fellowship in Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles.

1966-1967 Woodrow Wilson Fellowship in Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles.

1963 Election to Phi Gamma Mu, Social Sciences Honorary Society.

1962 John Randolph and Dora Haynes First Year Fellow in Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles.

1961 Graduation with Highest Honors in Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles.

1960 Dean's Honor List, University of California, Los Angeles.


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