Heighten Your Holos by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.
In breathwork you breathe to music and get holos--experiences, images and insights so you grow.  Holos, properly integrated, can cure your psychic, emotional and physical ills, so you enjoy, know and love more.  Stanislav and Christina Grof designed Holotropic Breathwork to access holos.  Breathwork blends psychology and sacred studies with deep breathing, evocative music, hypnosis, focused bodywork and art therapy.

In Holotropic work, you evoke inner experiences and express them your way.  If you're healthy and happy, Grof sessions expand your awareness.  If you suffer, breathwork helps you heal.

Breathwork and the rites in this book free your most loving capacity.  The breathing and contemplations are safe, easy, practical ways to discharge any pain or anger you may hold from personal or empathized experiences.  Grof breathing leaves you placid and able to contribute more to the world.

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Books of the Dead : Manuals for Living and Dying (Art and Imagination) by Stanislav Grof

The art of dying and the posthumous journey of the soul have been depicted by many cultures.  Dying before dying, or practice in dying, has been sought throughout history, not just to overcome fear and give help at the moment of deathh, but to transfigure the quality of life.  Stanislav Grof considers some of the most striking and important of the so-called "books of the deat": ancient Egyptian funerary texts; the Tibetan Bardo Thodol; Maya and Aztec myths of the death and rebirth of the Hero Twins and the Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl.  From Europe come Christian visions of the soul's journeys, the danses macabres, and imagery of mortal decay that recalls Tibetan practices.  The "books of the dead" are universally relevant as maps of a terrain that each of us will one day traverse.

Paperback - 96 pages (June 1994)
Thames & Hudson; ISBN: 0500810419 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.27 x 10.98 x 8.00

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Beyond Death : The Gates of Consciousness by Stanislav Grof, Jill Purce (Photographer), Christina Grof (Photographer)

The concepts of the afterlife in different cultures display striking parallels; their images of Heaven, Paradise, Hell and Purgatory and of the posthumous journey of the soul would appear to be archetypal, arising mot from the particular cultural context but from a death and rebirth process inbuilt in human nature.  Stanislav and Christina Grof has assembled vivid documentation from many religions and cultures: Christian, Jewish, Moslem, ancient Greek, Persian, Eqyptian, East Indian, Tibetan, Pre-Columbian, and various preliterate societies.  They draw illuminating parallels with the accounts of those who have survived clinical death, and the death and rebirth episodes experienced by schizophrenic patients and by those who have passed through psychedelic states induced under controlled conditions and explored in experimental psychiatry.  The traditional depictions of the afterlife can act as guides to assist the dying, while confrontation with death during life can lead not just to loss of the fear of death but to a more satisfying way of living--an ancient wisdom that modern psychiatry is only now rediscovering.

Paperback (April 1980)
Thames & Hudson; ISBN: 0500810192 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.31 x 10.97 x 8.03

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Beyond the Brain : Birth, Death, and Transendence in Psychotherapy by Stanislav Grof

BEYOND THE BRAIN seriously challenges the existing neurophysiological models of the brain.  After three decades of extensive research on those non-ordinary states of consciousness induced by psychedelic drugs and by other means, Grof concludes that our present scientific world view is as inadequate as many of its historical predecessors.  In this pioneering work, he proposes a new model of the human psyche that takes account of his findings.

Grof includes in his model the recollective level, or the reliving of emotionally relevant memories, a level at which the Freudian framework can be useful.  Beyond that is the perinatal level in which the human unconscious may be activated to a reliving of biological birth and confrontation with death.  How birth experience influences an individual's later development is a central focus of the book.

The most serious challenge to contemporary psycho-analytic theory comes from a delineation of the transpersonal level, or the expansion of consciousness beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Grof makes a bold argument that understanding of the perinatal and transpersonal levels changes much of how we view both mental illness and mental health.  His reinterpretation of some of the most agonizing aspects of human behavior proves thought provoking for both laypersons and professional therapists.

- 466 pages (January 1986)
State Univ of New York Pr; ISBN: 0873958993 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.86 x 8.89 x 5.85

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