Coach Catharsis, 
Encourage Her Ejaculate

Female Receives: G-Spot Massage and Sexual Healing

   Sayonicolt - Christina Camphausen

(excerpted from Adore Aphrodite: How to Really Love a Woman
 by Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin)

    A Receiver may block pleasure, orgasm and ejaculation. If she tenses, numbs or burns at your touch, encourage her to free associate, to remember touch, sex and times that traumatized or closed her down emotionally and sexually. She may have past life memories or fantasies. She may yell, cry, laugh or make strange sounds.

    Tell her, "Let your feelings out, Sweetheart."

    Hold her while she screams, sobs and says what she needs to say to each person she thinks hurt or neglected her.

    If she’s angry at you, say, "Say it louder. Let me know how mad I make you." Stay centered.

    Ask her to fantasize and roleplay redoing the painful, humiliating or inappropriate scenes that traumatized her; keep your fingers lightly on the area that stimulated her catharsis. Enact the part of her father, mother or boyfriend the way she wished they were in the scene she recalled.

    When she relaxes again, move your fingers to and from the area that stimulated the painful memories and an area that felt good when touched. Let your fingers stimulate these two areas till she says she enjoys touch both places.


    When she recognizes, releases and creates alternative outcomes paired with pleasure, she’ll likely orgasm (spasmodically contract her vagina). She may simultaneously ejaculate--dribble or squirt (a few cubic centimeters to several ounces) amrita, divine nectar clear or slightly milky, sweet- tasting, alkaline fluid from her urethra.

    Breathe with her; stroke her, make sounds with her. When says she feels like she’s about to ejaculate, say, "Push out on your uterus, like you’re delivering a baby."

    Don’t pressure her to ejaculate. It’ll happen when she’s ready--if not this date, then on subsequent dates in the weeks or months to follow.

    When she does ejaculate, tell her, "You’re beautiful," "I love you," "You’re coming into your power," and other affirmations. These affirmations imprint powerfully as she ejaculates.

    Gather some of her amrita on your left hand. Taste it. Say, "Yum." Dab some on her lips so she can taste how sweet it is. Keep your right hand in her yoni. Hold her close.

    After several minutes, with added lubricant, very carefully (to prevent tearing the now-desiccated tissue), withdraw your fingers. But keep your hand on her yoni, outside. Lie next to her and hold her tight.

    Make no demands, (explicit or implicit) upon her to satisfy you sexually. On this date, she’s the Receiver. If she wants other sexual experiences with you and you’re amenable, give them; but let her initiate.

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