taught by
Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. 
& Janet Kira Lessin

This class, Delight Dionysus, is best taken after the triad or tribe has completed at least one of the How to Really Love a Woman seminars and/or Adore Aphrodite private classes including sufficient practice and processing time.

    When they have, the women who received feel loved, heard, understood and full.  She has bared her soul, been completely open and vulnerable.  You, the Giver, have shown that you can be there for her totally.  You gave fully, undemanding and without expectations of reward and in return she learned how to meet you, her beloved and devotee at her sacred shrine.  She shared her love, emoted her pain and you were  there unselfishly for her, helping her reconnect with her body.  Now she's free.  Her divine inner Goddess emerged and together you rode the Shakti wave of orgasmic pleasure and bliss.  

     For some, amrita--the divine nector--flowed and you tasted its sacred waters.  For others, the promise of future episode inspires the new-born Goddess and she feels loved and adored.  Perhaps, someday, she will flow. If not, this is fun and complete in itself.  After all, the goal is goalessness.
     From her center, with her full heart, she feels complete for now.  It's time to honor you, her beloved, her devoted knight. 

     This class is similar to the one for couples and singles yet differs in that the energy of the group can now be harnessed and shared elevating all to an even higher level combining the love and devotion of many focusing it on one in the middle.

     Your teachers, Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Janet Kira Lessin--a loving, committed, devoted couple--explicitly demonstrate and coach the givers on how to fully pleasure a man.  Students may practice this lesson privately or practice it with Janet and Sasha coaching.   Preview Dr. Lessin's instructions below. 


       Men, lie on your back. Now you're the Receiver.  Giver, rest a hand on his heart and dedicate the focus on him to his healing and the healing of all men. Then let him set his intention in receiving your love.

       Give him a massage. Then lay your hands on and bless each of his chakras.

       Giver  treat the Receiver to the following strokes about five minutes each. Encourage the Receiver to make sounds, give verbal feedback and pulse his anal sphincter whenever he feels uncomfortable.

Press along his wand with your hand or thumb and index finger. Scratch wand lightly. Pat and slap it lightly. Throw it from one of his thighs to the other and from one of your hands to the other.

Point the tip of his wand toward his navel, hold the base in one hand and, with the heel of your other hand, press wand from tip to base, them from base to tip. Slide your hands and pull the wand; vary strokes from hard to feather-like.

Lubricate your hands. Hold the base of his wand with one hand and twist the other around the wand in a corkscrew motion. Alternate hands.

Point his wand toward his navel and alternate pressing the tip with your thumbs. Trace circles on the tip and each part of the shaft.

Point wand toward his feet and caress it from tip to base.

Roll the wand between your hands. Tickle and scratch his jewels. Lightly hold each testicle separately.

     The Receiver should exercise ejaculatory control while he’s the focus and throughout the rest of the ceremony, until the final climax.

     To avoid squirting before you’re ready, Receiver, identify your sensations the moment before ejaculatory inevitability–your sensations just before your seminal vesicles and prostrate empty. When you feel ejaculation’s imminent, avoid pelvic thrusting. Shift your attention to the Giver's eyes and breathe deeply.

     After inhale, move your chin back toward your throat, keeping your neck straight and long. Then exhale. While empty of air, pull your belly in and up toward your throat). Tighten your anal sphincter and pubococcygeal muscles–pretend you’re stopping urination or preventing vacating your bowels. Imagine pulling energy up from your rosebud and genitals, up through your spine, out the top of your head and into the Giver's crown (instead of out your wand as ejaculate). When you inhale, imagine you’re pulling energy into your genitals from the Giver. Imagine you and they circulate love energy.

     Breathe together.  Adore the Receiver with your eyes while you hold his wand. Caress his wand, jewel sack, jewels and perineum with your fingers, hands, breasts, lips, tongue, genitals and other part's he might find pleasurable or interesting. Touch, hold, then massage each inch of his perineum and rosebud (the entrance to his cave).

    Receiver says what he feels, remembers and imagines as a Giver holds his wand in one hand and, with the ring finger of the other hand, traces the door to his cave. If the Receiver’s tense but wants to continue, Giver tells him to control the pace, pressure and depth of digital penetration by pressing his cave onto the Giver’s finger.

     When the finger first enters the Receiver’s rosebud, Giver and Receiver remain motionless for a few minutes. Maintain eye contact and breathe together. Encourage the Receiver to emote, giggle and make sounds. Make sounds with the Receiver. Giver sends love to the Receiver though the finger in the Receiver’s cave and through the hand or mouth on the Receiver’s wand.

     Then Giver begins a gentle, "come-here" motion with the ring finger. Fondle the front inner wall of his cave, pulling gently from the pubic bone toward the jewels. Move your finger like a windshield wiper over the front wall of his cave. Trace circles and figure-eights on the wall. Alternate speed, depth and pressure of your stroke. See, in his eyes, the effects of your touches. Say, "Tell me if any place I touch inside you feels pleasurable, hurts, burns or feels numb." Remember the spots he finds pleasurable.

     If you notice a painful, numb or burning spot, ask the Receiver to close his eyes and notice his fantasies, memories and associations. Encourage him to express his emotions as he shares. Ask him how he'd re-do the scenes he associates with his pain.

    When Caroline, my Giver, massaged my cave three months after Joan, my wife of twenty years abruptly left me for a younger man, I was able to release all the tears I’d held in.

     Giver says, "If you’d lived the way you preferred, how would your life have been different? How would you be now?"

     Then, Giver, move your finger back and forth from the spot that had the painful association and a pleasurable internal spot, till he reports both spots feel good. Tell him to remember, in situations that remind him of his painful imprints, that he could live from his re-done scene, with it's growth pattern, rather than the self-limiting program associated with the story he recalled. He has, remind him, choice.


One student $150 - 1 hour, Two students $225 - 1 1/2 - 2 hours, Three or more students: $300 - 2 - 2 1/2 hours.  
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