Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin welcome you to Maui's paradise and the ancient art of loving one another in more kind, loving and conscious ways.  We guide you to the depths of your heart's desire as you unravel the mystery of yourself and discover the exciting, often challenging dynamics of your bonding patterns.  Sweet or sour, your patterns provide the food for the griss mill, the keys to your conscious evolution and avenues to explore which lead you to your own personal paradise which you take with you wherever you go.  The Lessins lovingly facilitate you as you delve deeply into ancient mysteries, uncover and reprogram junk parts of yourself and your relationship,  rediscover romance,  co-create positive outcomes and taste tantalizing tidbits of tantra, whole person relating that rocks your world.  In powerful, provocative days of self-discovery, you and your beloved master new techniques to elevate your lovemaking, uncover chakra blocks that inhibit total bliss, create caring communication to enhance your lives and become conscious beloveds that honor, adore and support each other on all levels.

Perhaps you're in a relationship and things no longer click like they once did.  You know you love each other but you're no longer connected, you barely speak and when you do, the tone is hardly what you might call kind.  

      Maybe you're not really comfortable with workshops or you've tried them and they got you only so far.  As soon as the high wore off, you forgot all that you were there to learn.  Counseling helps a bit, but it's sporadic and intermittent and you just can't seem to carry it into your life. The therapist is nice, yet you feel you need to go deeper than that to get to the root cause.  You know there's something else.  You know there has to be more.  You want that magic you once had and you feel deep down that it's totally possible.  You're right.

      The Lessins help you return to love.  Rediscover passion you once had.  Nurture one another again as friends and lovers.  The Lessins help you return to love.   Rediscover passion you once had.  Rise above feeling separate and again find your loving oneness.  In the intensive, you uncover core issues.  You reveal unspoken withholds and resentments that alienate you, block true intimacy and keep you distant, silent and troubled

     The Lessins specialize in creating a safe, sacred space for you to delve to the depths of your souls, discover yourself and concretize your relationship.  Utilizing tantra, hypnotherapy, voice dialogue, pastlife regression therapy, gestalt therapy, shamanic healing, psychic intuition and lots of love, we support you totally in your process.  

    Heal your love.  Feel your love.  Enhance your happiness.  Become bliss.  Intensives can be customized for your specific needs or follow the three formats listed above.









1371 Malaihi Road
Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii  96793
(808) 244-4921 (Maui office)

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