Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.


"Isis, Astarte, Deanna, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna." Channel the Goddess, Ladies, and discover divine elixir; amrita, the birthright  we deny.

   Most women feel alienated from the second chakra (genital and reproductive organs, repositories of sex, sensuality, reproduction energy. Cultural conditioning, patriarchal attitudes and religious supposition cripple our sexual power. We disown our sexuality, vacillate between loving our sexuality and despising it, dance between inner judgments of "Good Girl" and "Bad Girl." We punish ourselves with conflicts of "right" and "wrong."

  Our genital chakras create humanity, create life. Most of us live today on this planet because at least somebody–the man--had an orgasm. Hopefully two somebodies–a man and a woman–orgasmed. Sadly, that is not always the case.    

The sexual chakra connects root chakra (anus: base, health, survival, security, money, foundation, material grounding) to the power chakra (solar plexis: power, assertion, digestion, boundaries). Energy must flow freely from base chakra, through sexual chakra, to power chakra for us to enjoy health, sex and power.

We experience blocks to energy in these chakras as pain, fear, instability, disharmony and sadness. If we block our sexuality, we invalidate ourselves as individuals and create imbalance between us and men. Even in the New Millennium we remain second-class citizens.

In some African countries, people still mutilate a girl--amputate clitoris and labia so she never experiences sexual joy and pleasure. Muslims still burn women if they show flesh in public and kill them if they make love before marriage. We must stop these abhorrent practices, practices rendering us chattels of men.

Patriarchy–men ruling--spawns personal frustration and, ultimately, war and planetary rape. Matriarchy, as practiced in the domains of Inanna/Ishtar and her followers also led to wars and, when she departed, to ritual murder as well. Patriarchy and matriarchy both oppress a sex and lead to lethal conflict with accompanying environmental destruction.

Only deep partnership respects consciousness of both sexes, satisfies both emotionally, mediates disputes fairly and can save Earth. Women must claim equality in love and sex. All-Chakra Tantra gives the direct experience of male/female union satisfactory to both.

For a man to love a woman, he must feel safe sharing vulnerability. He opens his heart only after sex–second chakra connection--with her. For a woman to love with a man, she must feel heart-chakra love from him. Then, and only then, can she feel safe sharing sex with him.

      Inanna ruled the Indus Valley (India) and was one of the last, fully empowered women on this planet.  She created tantra for her society as a method to meet men on their ground so they could tame, nurture, cultivate and civilize them.  She enabled men to return from the angers of war to a peaceful, loving space, using sexuality to connect to the feminine where through women, he could find himself, regain unity consciousness, transcendence and oneness.  

     On a global and archetypal level, it is through the feminine Earth Mother, Gaia, and by harnessing all her energies of sexual wonderment; the birth throes of the planet (volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms), that we can come to peace, harmony and love and be invited into the Universal Federation.  

      On a personal level, as a woman who has reclaimed her sexuality and discovered that herein lies the power that I have so long denied myself, I can attest to the eloquence of tantra.  By being a fully empowered woman, accessing and utilizing all of my chakras, I have attracted and created a partnership relationship.  If I can do it, you can do it and the partnership can begin for all of us globally.  And as a student of tantra, by doing the work for yourself, changing yourself, you create the life you deserve and can change others.  

    Janet & Dr. Sasha guide women to their healing and greater intimacy utilizing their special brand of TANTRIC PSYCHOLOGY.  Tantric Psychology is a combination of a myriad of psychological methodologies (mastered by Dr. Lessin in over 30 years of intense study and implementation in his practice), consciousness raising practices, spiritual growth techniques, psychic intuition, yoga, human sexuality exploration, relationship studies, anthropology revisited and tantra. 

    The Lessins lead you to the headway of the path where you can begin your journey to return to love.  Rediscover passion  create those intensities you can only imagine.  Nurture others as friends and lovers. Discover unity consciousness, transcend separation, create loving oneness.  Uncover core issues, reveal unspoken withholds and resentments that have alienated you from others, blocked you from true intimacy and kept you distant, silent and troubled.  Move safely into authenticity, honesty, personal integrity and learn how you can once again sing your true song loud and proud.

    This unique approach is the most effective way to enable women to achieve the life-transforming effect they desire to carry back home into their every-day lives. When you love tantrically; come together with lovers twice daily, move energies, connect intimately, set your daily intention, you slow down life and give yourself permission to stop and smell the roses.  Tantra becomes a lifestyle of love, romance, poetry, spirituality, devotion, dedication, commitment, harmony and bliss which you carry into your daily life and to your job, family, friends, community, country, planet country making all seem right with the world.     

     Celebrate the Goddess in three, five or seven sacred tantric days. Your sessions with the Lessins in paradise are based on the classes listed below and those listed in HEALING and LEARNING.  Your Intensive is customized  to your individual,  personal situation.

      Adore Aphrodite for Ladies - Honor the Goddess, learn How to Really Love a Woman.
      Delight Dionysus for Ladies- Heal his hurts, explore vulnerabilities, master ejaculatory control. 
      Share Shiva & Shakti for Ladies -  Awaken kundalini, clear chakras, merge into loving oneness.
      Tantra Etiquette for Ladies - Basics of tantra


$995 REGULAR Package includes: 9 hours of instruction (Maui, Hawaii)

$1495 DELUXE Package includes: 14 hours of instruction (Maui, Hawaii)


REGULAR: $2995 package includes: 19 hours of instruction

DELUXE $3995 package includes: 29 hours of instruction

REGULAR: $3495 package includes: 25 hours of instruction

DELUXE $4495 package includes: 35 hours of instruction

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 Note: Intensives are instructional and begin with psychological and emotional evaluations followed by spiritual growth techniques, then tantra.  Your teachers, Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Janet Kira Lessin, a loving, committed, devoted couple, explicitly demonstrate techniques.  School of Tantra Students may attend sessions to assist.  Students may opt to watch demonstrations or practice what they learn in class with another student (either privately or with Janet and Sasha coaching).  








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